Personal Reflection – COM0014 Post #7

Why is story telling important for creating great digital content?

Story telling is the life blood of any company or personal identity. Without it and without it done right others will never get a true picture of who you are. By engaging others creatively and consistently you are setting up for a great relationship between you and them. Without this you run the risk of others not knowing you and your true story which can lead to misconceptions and inappropriate judgement’s.


But how will your content be guided by your story?

I think it is important to begin at the beginning of your story, where it all began. As you continue with your story it is a very good idea to keep aware of what others are saying who are like you and what your audience is drawn to when you right. If you get more comments and shares on emotionally hitting articles than historical facts, keep writing in the same style. Remember your story doesn’t have to change rather you just need to adapt to what works for your audience. Through in a photo or two as well to keep it fresh and inviting.

What kind of stories do I want to tell?

I hope to tell stories that people are so drawn to they feel inspired to keep the conversation going. Stories should engage you and make you think. The best stories should connect with you in some sort of way. I hope to write stories that will make people feel emotional about any situation I write about by making them empathize or sympathize with the story they are reading.

Do People Know Your Story? COM1104 – Post #6

The job market is a scary place out there today, wouldn`t you say?

There are more qualified, or even over qualified people, looking for jobs today than ever before. In the field of Marketing, it can be brutal and if you don’t know someone or don’t have an outstanding resume it can be passed by in an instant.

Many questions pass through my head on a daily bases… Am I good enough? Can I make it in a bigger role than the one I’m in? Can I compete with new graduates? Nevertheless, the greatest fear and question I have is am I selling myself short?

Becoming comfortable in a role has always been a downfall of mine. Rather than comparing and contrasting myself to others, and what they offer, I need to remember to look within. There are so many things I have accomplished and I do have many great qualities and abilities to contribute to the Marketing work force.

Everyone takes a different path to get to where they want to go. Some have a faster path and more direct, while others may take a bit of a round about one to get there. What I think I need to remind myself is that no matter how scared or questioning I can be of everything I am not alone.

No one is perfect and if I never push myself to try, I will never know true success.

Personal Branding – COM0014 Post #5

In an ever growing and evolving world of Digital Media Marketing I am a friendly, passionate, creative and determined professional ready to meet any challenge head on.

While colleagues may be further ahead in their careers I have taken a different path to get where I am and where I want to be. This doesn’t mean that I am not focused on a career like other people it means I have many responsibilities and obligations I think are just as important as a career in Digital Media Marketing and I am willing to venture down different paths to get to my main goals.

Colleagues would say that I am a strong willed and resilient individual. A Marketing career has not come easy to me and I have faced challenges in my work others in the past could not handle. Some would say that I greet these challenges with an ever smiling face and upbeat attitude that has served me well in the past.

I am most proud of never giving up on situations or myself. Events can sometimes be over powering and even when I really want to give up I think better of it and feel accomplished no matter what. Life is going to try and kick you down but it’s all about how you deal with the situation and what you take out of it that matters most. Things are not always as I assume they are but if I try to learn something from every situation then that’s all I can ask of myself.

Target audiences – COM0014 Post #3

Target Audiences for the Carefor Chocolate Competition

choco post 3

This is an annual competition and fundraiser for Carefor Health & Community Services that crowns the restaurant, caterer, or bakery that is voted to have the best chocolate dessert in the National Capital Region. Funds raised go to ongoing operations and facility upgrades for our Adult day programs, respite facility, and our retirement residence for women living with dementia.

Primary and Secondary Target Audiences

Target Audience = Women aged 35 – 55

  • Active in the community and aware of challenges faced by our aging society.
  • Married with 1+ children
  • Lives in the suburbs and commutes to work
  • House hold income $90,00+
  • Health conscious eater who still loves and enjoys eating chocolate

Secondary Target Audience 2 = Women aged 25 – 35

  • Government worker
  • Single with no children
  • Lives in an apartment or condo
  • · Annual income $50,000+
  • · Chocolate lover
  • · Loves to be socially active with her friends

Content Strategy

What content do we have?

  • Photos
  • Articles
  • Supporter posts and tweets
  • Pinned photos, articles, recipes

Where will we use this content?


  • 7 in every 10 internet user has a Facebook account
  • 72% of Carefor’s page likes are women
  • 20% of the women are aged 25 – 35, 16% are aged 35 – 44, 16% are aged 45


  • 18% of internet users use twitter
  • 31% of twitter users are aged 18 – 29
  • There is no significant difference between gender, household income and education


  • 20 million users
  • 21 % of internet users use Pinterest
  • 80% of users are women aged 26 – 54
  • Moms are 61% more likely to use Pinterest than any other social network

What networks will be our priority

  • 5 hrs a wk.  = Facebook  = Up to two posts a day
  • 5 hrs a wk. = Twitter = Up to three tweets a day
  • 1 hr a wk.  = Pinterest = Up to two pins a week

Blog Post 2 – Storytelling and Communication Styles

2047710-vector-primitive-figures-looks-like-cave-paintingStory telling is a tradition that goes back as far as privative times, yet is still as relevant and necessary in today’s age of social media. To be a good story teller one must understand basic communication styles enabling the story teller to take the reader on a journey, and inspire them to form their own ideas and opinions on what is written.

What are some basic communication styles?

  1. Begin with the end in mind – It’s very important to know what kind of experience you want to take your reader on and where you want them to end up. Think about if you want your reader to learn, be inspired, or just entertained by the end of your writing and what call to action you want them to have in the end i.e. comment, question or repost.
  2. Don’t burry the lead – Remember to put the most important and eye catching information in your opening paragraph. A reader’s attention span is very short and if you don’t grab their attention right away you will have lost them completely and they will move on from your writing immediately
  3. Clarity and conciseness – Keep your writing clear and to the point. The easier it is for the reader to scan and read what you have written the more likely they are to dig deeper into it.
  4. Grammar, spelling and punctuation – If your writing is poor and full of grammar, spelling and punctuation mistakes your credibility is gone and the reader will no longer trust you.
  5. Passive vs. active voice – Using an active voice rather than passive one makes for a more clearer and interesting read.

Ultimately most people are not born story tellers. Practice makes perfect and the more you write the better you will be come and the easier it will get. Storytelling is an art form and if you wish to do it never stop trying. For more ways to learn how to be a better writer check out Inspired Mag: Business Writing for the Web – 27 Ways to Write Better, Alan Martin.

What I did on my summer vacation – COM0014 Blog #1


Map of Albania

Albania, Not Just a Country on a Map

Have you ever heard of the country Albania?

Most times when I talk about the country with people they might have heard of it but couldn’t even hazard a guess where it is, but for me, Albania has become a second home.

Why is that? You might ask.

Albania is where my husband is from and where we try to vacation once a year to allow us to see all his family while getting the chance to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Located on the Adriatic Sea Albania sits nestled right above Greece and just below Montenegro. A third world country filled with fresh foods, untouched nature and amazing people. Its culture is something I have never experienced and dates farther back anyone can remember.


Beautiful Shkoder, Albania

Last August I was fully engulfed in this rich culture as my brother-in-law was preparing to and got married while we were there visiting.

The maybe two or three day wedding event that occurs here in North America is nothing compared to the 9-day party that happens in my husband’s home town of Shkoder, Albania when a couple marries.

What happens during these 9 days of merriment?

  • Day 1

    Decorations outside the grooms home.

    Once all decorations and invitations have been purchased, a mere days before the week begins, it’s time to decorate the house. Streamers and bows are placed everywhere on the outside of the property so that everyone passing by knows a wedding is soon approaching

  • Days 1-7

    Gathering outside the house on wedding day #1

    Every day and night loud traditional wedding music is played and family from all over visits. Some family comes all day long while some visitors stay for a shorter time. But all are there to see the beautiful clothes, shoes purses and accessories the groom to be has bought for his bride. At the end of every night those who have returned for dinner eat, drink and dance until late in the night.

  • Day 5
    A few days before the weddings begin three chosen men go on behalf of the groom to the brides home where they present the purchased items to the brides family. There they sit talk and agree upon the union. This really is a formality as the wedding plans have been under way for a very long time already.
  • Weddings? Its there more than one?
    The answer is Yes. The groom and the bride both have weddings. The first wedding is the brides with around 300 family and friends and about 40 people from the grooms side and the following day is the grooms turn for his 300 family and friends and 40 people from the brides side.
  • Day 8
    The brides wedding began on Friday where we showed up at the banquet hall for 10 pm. We ate, danced and celebrated with her family until 1 am. Once we were able to leave and get into bed at home, it was around 3 am Saturday morning.
  • Day 9

    My husband and I in our traditional dress ready to pick up the bride

    This was the last day of festivities, but before we can get to our party we have to head out bright and early around 8 am, driving over to the brides house singing and dancing asking her to come join our family.

  • Once we have “coerced” the bride out of her house and away from her family she is now officially part of our family and we drive off in our motorcade honking and singing towards the city.
  • Once we make it into the city we stop at a Mosque

    Inside the Mosque

    where the couple plans on marrying religiously. This was such an amazing experience for me since I am Catholic and have never been in a Mosque or experienced a Muslim ceremony.

  • After the Mosque we continue on our way to a beautiful restaurant high on a hill where the couple will get there wedding photos taken. Those of us in the party drive there and wait for the happy couple to finish up… Hopefully quickly as we are all very tired and dehydrated from the previous nights festivities.
  • Once picture taking is finished we all head back to the family house. This is when more singing and dancing occurs and we welcomed the bride into her new home. There are a few more traditions here like the bride putting bread under arms while she walks through the door, candies thrown on the crowd and honey put on the door frame by the new bride. No one really knows why they do this just that it’s tradition.
  • Finally after a bit more dancing inside the house around 3 pm the days festivities are finished and we can rest until the night party begins at the banquet hall around 7 pm.
  • Our party is nearing the finish line and since its my husbands brother who got married we are expected to be dancing non stop at the wedding to get the party goers up and moving. Between dancing, eating and dancing more the evening ends around 2 am and we are able to go home and sleep.

Dancing into the night

It was a long wedding festivity and nothing like I had ever seen, but I was so greatful to be a part of their tradition. It was truly something I will never forget but honestly hope I do not have to be a part of again for at least a little while 🙂

Next vacation will hopefully be much quitter and restful!



COM0011 – Blog Post 6 – Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps – Increase revenue and engagement in 5 steps


Going are the days were people look up your website online to see what you are about and to interact with you. Today’s market is an app based market. Although it can be hard to get consumers to download your app it is very easy to get them to delete you.

People are over whelmed with millions of different apps to choose from. You need to stand out amongst the masses to be the top downloaded app. Making sure that your app is appealing, and engaging will help win them over and encourage them to use your app versus another’s and endorse yours as well.

Here are 5 steps to follow to make sure you are not deleted and forgotten about forever.

  1. Build Trust to Onboard Effectively

It’s all about making a great first impression. Have an initial splash page to guide users through your app’s top features. Also motive new users to create an account. Having accounts make the check-out process on your app much smoother and encouraging to use.

  1. Provide Value to Encourage Engagement

Send relevant and valuable marketing messages with personalized recommendations based on ‘last brand viewed’ or ‘most recent purchase’.

  1. Inspire Urgency to Drive Mobile Conversion

They are now engaged and it is time to encourage a purchase. Creating a push and in-app message encourages an immediate conversion and making it specific to each user and what is in their cart will grab their attention.

  1. Offer Social Proof to Cultivate Brand Loyalty

Encourage sharing special VIP campaigns or special promos to transform your customer into a brand advocate.

  1. Find the Right Rhythm to Retain Users

Remember not to over message your customer. Build your push strategy around each user’s habits.

COM0011 – Blog Post 5 – Remarketing with Facebook

Remarketing with Facebook  Like

Facebook is an ever growing and changing social media. Gone are the days where we just wanted to connect with the people we used to go to school with to share photos to reconnect.

Facebook has evolved into a highly sought after marketing tool that allows companies to connect with the specific audience they want to reach.

But what if companies did get their one chance to interact with those individuals and they have already visited the brand websites through Facebook?

New rebranding features have now been rolled out on the social media tool allowing marketers the chance to remarket to their audience.

  1. Multi-product ads – This allows the marketer to display 3 products within a single ad that looks like a slide show.

multi-product ads

  1. Custom Audiences – This includes three new capabilities:
    1- In Ads Manager and Power Editor businesses will be able to build new kinds of audiences
    2- Using Audience limits enables targeted segments for different products
    3- Ability to select targets based on past activity history on their websites.

custome audiences

As a user of Facebook how does this make you feel?

Do you feel violated with these changes, since these capabilities are only available by tracking your usage or do you welcome the information coming directly to you without having to spend time searching for it?

I know that for myself, since the multi-product ads have rolled out I have been guilty of clicking on them more than once out of curiosity.

I think that it is a nice change, in our face paced society, to not have to seek out this information and have it come directly to us.

COM0011 – Blog Post 4 – Making Social Media Measurable

6 Ways to Make Social Media Measurable

How do you know your social marketing is working or not? How do we measure it correctly? Here are a few things to look at when measuring social media.


1. Campaign Visits
– Using a source like Google Analytics allows you to track number visits and page landings on your social profile.

2. Interactions
­– These are the number of times prospects interacted with your social profiles i.e. signing up, voting, liking, etc. By comparing interactions with the number of campaign visits you will be able to better understand how engaged visitors are.

3. Shares – Shares are like interactions but even better. When your audience shares and re-tweets your posts, you will begin to see the momentum.

4. Resulting Clicks
– This is when people are responding to shares/re-tweets by visiting your site. People are more likely to check things out that their family has already endorsed resulting in more engagement.

5. Registration
– These are people who have landed on your site and who have then filled out a form to receive an offer from you.

6. Influencers
– By using your existing network you will want to create an even bigger one. Determine who your biggest influencer are and focus on their social networks to help widen your reach.


How do you measure up?





COM0011 – Blog Post 3 – Getting it done right with #Hashtags

hashtag hashtagGetting it done right with #Hashtags

When thinking about the fundamentals of social media for business: awareness, action, authenticity and trust, the same types of things need to be thought of when it comes to hashtags.

Some simple rules to live by, so that your campaign or brand story can get the most out of #hashtags.

Awareness – Keep in mind, is your hastag to help organize content or to tell a specific story? Remember to use the hashtag to stay on topic and relevant to your brand identity or mission.

Action – Make sure that you provide consumers with the ability to participate in a brands story for a longer time. Making hastags too specific to one event, limits the life of the hashtag and the time your consumer spends with your brand.

Authenticity – Check to make sure your hashtag is unique to your brand. You do not want to lose your brands message amongst all other conversations.

Trust – Test your hashtag ahead of time to make certain the message you want to give and receive through it is the correct one. You want to be a reliable source that has the best interest in the consumer.

How did you measure up? When it comes to your next campaign remember these four tips to help you reach your ultimate potential.