COM0011 – Blog Post 4 – Making Social Media Measurable

6 Ways to Make Social Media Measurable

How do you know your social marketing is working or not? How do we measure it correctly? Here are a few things to look at when measuring social media.


1. Campaign Visits
– Using a source like Google Analytics allows you to track number visits and page landings on your social profile.

2. Interactions
­– These are the number of times prospects interacted with your social profiles i.e. signing up, voting, liking, etc. By comparing interactions with the number of campaign visits you will be able to better understand how engaged visitors are.

3. Shares – Shares are like interactions but even better. When your audience shares and re-tweets your posts, you will begin to see the momentum.

4. Resulting Clicks
– This is when people are responding to shares/re-tweets by visiting your site. People are more likely to check things out that their family has already endorsed resulting in more engagement.

5. Registration
– These are people who have landed on your site and who have then filled out a form to receive an offer from you.

6. Influencers
– By using your existing network you will want to create an even bigger one. Determine who your biggest influencer are and focus on their social networks to help widen your reach.


How do you measure up?





3 thoughts on “COM0011 – Blog Post 4 – Making Social Media Measurable

  1. This is an excellent summary that clearly defines the differences and benefits of each metric. Depending on the goals of your social media campaign, you could determine where to focus your efforts. PS: I like the graphics, too. They make it really easy to understand – “Oh! It’s one of those!”

  2. Each metric is a great way of measurement and I completely agree with you, once you determine your campaign goals you will be able to see which one or ones will work the best for you! Thank you 🙂 I know that I am a very visual person myself so I hoped everyone would enjoy the graphics just as much!

  3. I certainly appreciated how you simplified the metrics in your post. I have yet to use social media analytics but I certainly hope to in the future. I find some posts over-complicate these metrics so I thank you for the breakdown and the visuals and making it easy to understand.

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