Professional Networking Now and in the Future

Professional Networking Now and in the Future

What is your parent strategy for developing your professional network online and in person?

Career development strategy is a key step to realize one’s career potential and get the dream job. For us who are new to the workplace, the establishment of strategy is very important. First, we need to control our career. It is very important to examine one’s strengths, weaknesses, motivations and values; secondly, to understand one’s competitive advantages and to search for all possibilities and opportunities; thirdly, to develop professional knowledge. Understand what you are best at; fourth, build your network and analyze your current options. Once you start building your expertise and planning your network, you should pay close attention to the tactical options you can gain in the short term. Finally, we should be good at reflecting on ourselves and summarizing ourselves. The above five points are my strategy, and in my opinion, very important strategy.

What activities and commitments are you making in the next 6-12 months to continue the development of your networks?

So how can I continue to develop my network in the next 6-12 months? First of all, I have to learn to show myself. Self presentation is a great guide to expanding your network. Through writing, speaking, organizing activities from me to show, attract people and expand contacts. Second, give or ask for help. Make full use of the existing network, and establish contact with his friends through the degree of separation of friends, such as giving some small gifts, helping others to build networks, inviting them to dinner, etc. Extend your network to your team or department or even outside your industry. Give valuable, helpful and pertinent suggestions to the other party to meet certain needs or solve certain problems in a specific and thoughtful way. Remember: everyone has a place to help others. Seek out what the other person is good at, make clear and specific requests politely, make others feel comfortable, and let him evaluate how much time, energy or resources will be spent. Before asking for help, you should talk about the reasons and praise them. Finally, learn to maintain relationships. This kind of relationship maintenance is not to wait for the time when we need help to maintain the relationship, but in normal times, we will maintain the relationship intentionally or unintentionally. This is how I will continue to develop my relationships in the next six months.


If you have any other good strategies, please share them with me.

Do You Know My Story?

What is my greatest achievement?
In fact, from small to large, I am not a very good child. I failed to make my parents proud of my achievements, and even sometimes my parents often worried about my study. In my life, maybe my independence is the only thing that makes my parents proud. So what’s my greatest achievement? I think it’s through my own efforts that I raise a puppy, healthy and healthy, grow up with it and watch it grow up.
I like dogs very much, but because my parents are busy with their work and don’t have time to take care of them, I didn’t have the first dog in my life until I went to university. It’s called Bugatti. It’s a Labrador. As a new dog owner, I really have no experience. I don’t know what a dog needs. I only treat the dog according to my wishes until my trainer pointed out my mistakes later. I look up the information very actively every day. Take a look at what dogs can’t eat, what dogs like to eat, and what they eat will make Bugatti healthier. In addition, I am inseparable from my dog every day. I will take it everywhere I go. Even if I cook at home, it will follow me all the time. When it was six months old, I sent it to school to learn some skills.
The first thing I do every morning is walk the dog, then go home and prepare breakfast for Bugatti. I will sit next to Bugatti and eat with him. At noon, we take a nap together. After dinner in the evening, we take a walk together. It’s anxious when I’m not around.
It came to me when it was one month old. At that time, it was only three or four Jin. Now it is more than one year old and more than sixty Jin. I watched it grow up, its life is all me, which is my biggest achievement in my eyes.

Personal Brand

Recently, I feel that my greatest accomplishment is to buy a lot of facial mask and record every effect to help you do the evaluation.
Recently, I always stay at home because of the epidemic situation. I always play mobile phone every day, and I can’t protect my skin well. But I realized the seriousness of the accident some time ago, so I bought many mask in Sephora. After a lot of selection, I suddenly thought that I bought the mask which was very hot recently, and then I made an evaluation for you. I told you by my personal experience which product is suitable and which product is not suitable.
My assessment makes me think that I stand out in an instant. Dry skin, skin allergies and other symptoms are around women all year round. Sometimes, some women want to buy products, but they don’t know which one suits them. Not the most expensive is the most suitable for their own, we must suit the case. My assessment has helped many women around me.
Sometimes, some women will find out which product is suitable for them, but the results are all advertising. Advertising will definitely show the best part of the product itself, but the women who look for the product can’t get help. It’s what they look forward to most.
I bought a lot of facial mask and skin care products. First of all, I will take photos of these products so that my friends can see the appearance of the products for purchase. Second, I will present the advantages and disadvantages of these products in front of you at one time, and note which people are suitable and which are not. Next, I will write the price and purchase channels next to them for your purchase. Finally, I will put each product’s The usage is also written down to fully help consumers make better use of these products. Everyone thinks it’s very useful after reading my assessment, which is the thing I’m most proud of.
After writing the evaluation of each product, I will publish it to my social media accounts for everyone to watch.
If you also have better suggestions or want to share skin care products with me, I am very welcome. thank you.

Strong and Weak Organizations

Two very good organizations

This time we need to analyze multiple organizations related to social media.
First of all, we need to analyze two organizations that are very good in my opinion: Chanel and Dior. When it comes to the name, I use the word “household” to describe it, which seems to me very appropriate. No matter which country, even regardless of age, we all know the brand. Now we can analyze the reasons: the promotion of these two brands is very strong, whether it is using social media or star endorsements. In the aspect of social media, Chanel and Dior’s advertising content is fresh to remember, and the high-end and elegant image sense fully satisfies the visual effect of consumers; in the aspect of star endorsement, Chanel and Dior will pay high price to invite each famous star to endorse their products. Attend various activities or show Chanel and Dior’s products in TV series and movies. In the above way, every consumer or potential consumer will have a cognition in memory. Consumers will inadvertently learn about these two brands through various channels, and gradually learn more about the final purchase of these brands. Even those who have never owned Chanel and Dior will be familiar with the brand, greatly improving the popularity of the two brands. We know that the most important thing for a brand is its popularity. (Chanel)

Organizations that are slightly deficient in social media

After analyzing the excellent organizations, let’s now analyze a group that has some shortcomings in social media – Charles & Keith, which is commonly known as little CK. Different from Chanel and Dior, little CK takes the civilian route, which is the so-called good quality and low price, with very high cost performance. Fashionable and elegant enough. It is because of the high cost performance, so for small CK, the market atmosphere is very wide, and there are many consumers. Why do so few people know such a good brand. The biggest reason is that the propaganda is not enough. We often see advertisements of various brands on various social media, but we rarely see advertisements of little CK. We also often see that when star online celebrities attend activities or recommend products, they recommend brands such as Chanel and Gucci, but we rarely see advertisements of little CK. Why such a good brand has such a low popularity is because it does not make good use of social media to promote and enhance its own popularity.

Organizations that benefit from social media

Finally, we want to analyze Coca Cola, an organization that has benefited a lot from the good use of social media. As we all know, Coca Cola is an American brand and its main drink. With so many brands in the world, how does a beverage brand stand out? There is no doubt that Coca Cola is very effective in using social media to promote the company’s brand and products. To take the simplest example, I’m a Chinese, but from small to large, Coca Cola advertisements are broadcast on our TV. An American brand can broadcast advertisements to promote its own brand and products in any country. Secondly, Coca Cola always appears in TV plays or movies. With a long history and strong publicity ability, this very simple beverage brand can always be so well-known, regardless of time and place. Coca Cola has long been a part of our lives.

These are some of the organizations I analyzed. If there is any supplement, please share with me.

B2C Case Study

Today, I’d like to introduce Fenty beauty’s online sales electronic service.
How does Fenty Beauty use social media
Through the investigation of Fenty Beauty in this period of time, we can draw the following conclusions: first of all, Fenty Beauty has published a large number of videos on youtube, including the introduction of the brand, and some Internet Celebrities use the videos to recommend products to fans; secondly, on social media such as twitter and Facebook, use the account of the official website to publish articles about products and discount activity time.
Analyze the interaction between Fenty Beauty and customers
In social media platforms such as twitter and Facebook, I found that the staff would record how many people are paying attention to the brand on a monthly basis. Every day, the staff would reply to doubts about customers and help them out of difficulties. In case of problems such as express delivery, the staff will actively help customers solve them.
My personal opinion
I personally like this brand very much, and I have bought many cosmetics of Fenty Beauty from the Internet. First of all, I want to say that in my opinion, it is also very important, that is, the after-sales problem. At the same time, I also saw in the message on the official website that the staff were very active to help solve the problem; secondly, the product quality problem, after buying many times, almost no dissatisfaction occurred to me. I think the friendly attitude of the staff is very important, which is very helpful for the staff to communicate and share with customers on the social network.
Some questions about me
Due to different materials, some products of Fenty Beauty will be damaged after customers receive them. Although this is related to product materials, in order to avoid this situation, can staff come up with some better express ways to avoid these problems?
Ask readers for their opinions
Although the logistics speed of express delivery is very fast, but the delivery speed is very slow. Is there any better way to solve this problem? Also, have you ever encountered this phenomenon, the same product, but in different websites, the price is different. In such a situation, is there any better solution?
Thank you very much for watching my blog. If you have anything you want to share with me, welcome.

Target Audience

As a cosmetics salesperson, my audience is women aged 20-30.
About my strategy: I will find a lot of information on the Internet and ask women of all ages around me. For example, a 20-year-old girl is young and cute. For them, pure and cute is synonymous with them, so I will recommend eye shadow lipstick and other color that are more lively and brighter; or women who are about 30 years old, they need Mature beauty. Some women who have become mothers in their mid-thirties need to accompany their children every day in addition to work, so they have little time to dress up. I will recommend some convenient makeup methods to them and keep them busy. You can also become particularly beautiful.
About my tools: First of all, I will search about the hobbies of women on search engines such as Google. As a woman, I may also resonate in some ways. Secondly, on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, I will carefully observe the women’s usual collections, articles likes, etc., as well as some comments in the Youtube video. I will collect it and make a summary.
Finally, I like to study cosmetics. If you have any good suggestions or questions you want to ask, please feel free to discuss and share with me.

My Personal Story

Hello everyone, my name is Haowei Sun, and of course I have an English name, Andrea, I come from China. Now I want to share my story and my experience with you.
Before coming to Canada, my internship in China was an English teacher. Because our school is a private school, in addition to teaching and educating people, I have another task, which is to help the school recruit students. In the daily life of the school, actively prepare lessons every day, and then give students lessons, give full play to their strengths, and satisfy the students’ longing for knowledge. During the winter and summer holidays, we will represent the school and go to various places to recruit students. First of all, we will make photos, videos, and school profiles that we have accumulated at school into a brochure, and then publish them on various social media. For example, we will use WeChat (from China’s social media platform) to publish the school’s promotional articles with personal accounts and clearly indicate the contact and contact phone number below; secondly, we will post on Weibo (from China’s social media platform) ) And other public social media platforms to publish various articles to help new candidates to solve problems and tell them about our school. At the same time, the school’s official website will also publish articles to try to let parents and students learn about our school as quickly as possible. We will also make the introduction of our school into ppt format and go to each school to explain.
These are my work and my life when I was in China. If you are very interested in Chinese culture, then I will be honored to share with you.

Tools and Sources

Two of My Favorite Social Tools
Since I have just arrived in Canada, I am not very familiar with some social media tools in Canada, but I am very willing to share with you, in China, my two favorite social tools. The first one is called WeChat; the second one is called Weibo.

Reasons to Like It
First, I want to share WeChat with you. In China, whether it is a child, an adult, or even an elderly person, when communicating with each other, WeChat is used first. We can use WeChat to chat, make voice calls, and make video calls. At work, you can set up discussion groups, so that people can easily arrange or receive tasks; secondly, there is a function in WeChat called friend circle, we can share our mood, selfies, videos, etc. in the circle of friends. Even some staff will use the circle of friends to publish advertisements to promote themselves. Some merchants will use the circle of friends to show customers their products, successful cases, etc.
Secondly, I want to introduce you to the role of Weibo Just like Twitter, people can publish articles on Weibo and interact with people with similar interests. At the same time, there is a function in Weibo called hot search list, we will know some important and new things through hot search list every day. About entertainment stars, or some news, we can see on Weibo.

News and Sources I am Most Interested in
First of all, I have to say that the news I have been following most recently is COVID-19. Because of the rapid spread of this infectious disease, people with resistance can even lose their lives. The second news I am concerned about is that the famous basketball player Kobe and his daughter passed away due to an accident some time ago, which makes me feel very sad and sorry.
Then, referring to the source, I check Weibo or BBC News on my phone or computer every day. Through these two social media tools, I can learn more about what I want to know.

How Does My Work Relate to the Social Media Tools I Mentioned
First of all, I mentioned WeChat. At the same time, I also said that the circle of friends in Weibo can make people send some advertisements, products and labor results in it. Well, every day, we will make good use of the circle of friends, publish some solutions to problems, some articles on certain important things, etc., so that others see products about our company, so as to choose our company.
The second is Weibo. Compared with WeChat, Weibo is more open. Even if you do n’t add friends, you can also see that helping others solve problems on Weibo and then promoting the company is also a marketing tool for us.


I am a very willing person to share. I like dogs very much. I come from China. If any of you are interested in pets or Chinese culture, please feel free to discuss and communicate with me. At the same time, I am full of longing for the culture of various countries, and I am willing to listen to the stories of others.

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What I Did on My Vocation

Before I kept a dog, I was a person who really enjoyed vacationing with friends. Find a free time, organize some good friends, do a good strategy in advance, and the next day everyone gets together to hang out, very happy and relaxed. But since I raised my dog, I started to like to take my dog out. I hope my dog can follow along, see more beautiful scenery and eat super delicious food.

Now let me share with you, the last time I had a vacation with my dog. My dog is Bugatti, a Labrador, she likes snow days very much, and she likes to play on the ice.

On that day, the sunshine was particularly good, just in time for Bugatti’s birthday. I bought a new skirt for Bugatti, and Bugatti was very happy. Originally, we did not plan to take Bugatti to vacation, but when I saw it looking out the window, I suddenly realized that Bugatti might really want to go out and play. But my mother said that it had just rained outside and it was really dirty. After hearing this sentence, Bugatti began to “duel” with my mother. Eventually, I compromised with my mother.

Help Bugatti take off the new skirt, prepare water and food, my mother and Bugatti, we set off. Just downstairs, I met Lucky, Bugatti’s little partner. Bugatti decided to play Lucky for a while before we set off.

After playing for a while, Lucky went home and we were ready to go. Since it was Bugatti’s birthday, and this holiday was also to celebrate Bugatti’s birthday, my mother and I decided to go to Bugatti’s favorite football stadium. It is now a holiday, so there are no students in the school, we can let Bugatti run and play on the football field as much as possible.

On the way to go, Bugatti was particularly happy, looking left and strolling right.

Along the way, Bugatti ran as heartily as a child. When I was thirsty, I ran back to my mother and me, beckoning us that she was thirsty and wanted to drink water, and my mother and I would take out Bugatti’s glass and feed her with water. Sometimes running too fast, we will use the “snack temptation” to call Bugatti back to us.

Soon, my mother, and Bugatti, the three of us came to the football field, originally thinking that Bugatti could finally relax completely again and play unscrupulously. As a result, the good times did not last long and the football field was locked. We can only watch outside, not play inside. Bugatti was extremely lost.

Bugatti looked at the football field in a particularly disappointing way. To comfort Bugatti, my mother and I took out Bugatti’s favorite snacks, and Bugatti became a little happier. Although we can’t play in the football field, we can visit the environment around the football field. Even if Bugatti can’t run unscrupulously, it can be seen that she is quite satisfied with the scenery around the football field.

In the end, my mother and I were particularly tired. We decided to go home, but Bugatti around us seemed to be unsatisfied. We decided to go home and fetch Bugatti’s favorite ball and let Bugatti play happily near her house. The dog’s wishes are really easy to satisfy.

In this way, before dinner, we ended our day’s vacation.
I am a person who likes dogs very much, because they have a long time to keep dogs, and there are many friends around them who are veterinarians. You can ask me a series of questions such as dog diarrhea. I will do my best to help you. Finally, I will share a link with you. This is the video I often watch on Youtube about dogs. I hope you like it.

Finally, I want to say that if you like dogs too, then hurry up and have a dog of your own. Dogs are very docile, and they are very loyal. No matter what happens, they will be with us without any turning back. Physically, we keep dogs, and spiritually, dogs keep us. To those who already own dogs, we must spend more time with them, because for them, we are their entire world.

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Listening Plan and Content Strategy

I am a pet lover and I like small animals very much, I own a dog, a Labrador, and I gave her a name that seemed very rich to me, called Bugatti. I love her very much. But because this is the first time I have a dog, I don’t know how to get along with Bugatti, and I don’t know her habits well. I was afraid that she would get sick. I was afraid that because of my carelessness, she didn’t like me, so I used to check the information online most of the time. It ’s been a long time, and now I ’m still a dog owner. I often post my experience on social media platforms to share and share with you.

About My Audience

In fact, this question is very simple, because all the content I published is related to pets, so in my opinion, my audience can be divided into three categories. The first type has no pets yet but intends to have a small pet, to gain experience by reading some materials in advance; the second type has pets, but would like to share with other pet owners, they can be found in my article Or exchange experiences in the comments section below the post; the third one, like me, may be considered a peer; in my opinion, my audience can be roughly divided into the above three categories. But no matter what the purpose is, as long as everyone is a pet-loving pet-loving person, we can share with each other very frankly, and even we will share our pet’s cute or naughty moments.

As for what networks my listeners come from, I think I can briefly say. I will publish my articles or posts on popular websites. Because my articles or posts are related to pets, I will also publish my articles on some pet websites. For example, I may post articles about pets on Twitter with some practical photos, which will be easier for my readers and listeners to understand. Second, I will also post some beautiful pictures on Instagram. And some videos about pets, attracting my readers and listeners through the cute appearance of pets; or, I will post some long videos on Youtube, similar to vlog, to share with you how I get along with my pets daily. So, my audience may come from Twitter, Instagram or Youtube.

What Social Network Are They A Part of?

Who Is My Competition?

When it comes to competitors, I think we can start from two aspects. The first aspect is my peers. There are many people who love animals. They also record their pets every day like me, and then post them on social networking sites to share with others. Maybe to the listener, she or his pet is more cute, her or his expression sounds more humorous, and her or his experience is more than the experience of other publishers and even has a more unique expression. To attract more listeners. For me, it may be my competitors. In the second aspect, the emergence of new topics has caused the audience to divert their attention. Interesting new topics allow them to spend more time to comment and share, so At this time, some listeners will devote a small part of their time to the topic of pets. These two types, for me, may become my competitors.

What Networks Are They Part of?

I think my competitors will come from various websites. With the development of society, there are more and more social network platforms. We are familiar with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and even Google search, which can all become my competitive logarithmic network platform.

What Content Do I Have?

Speaking of what I share, I think about pets, I have a lot of content I want to share with you. First, the most common, how to take care of pet cubs; how should we educate our pets when pets make mistakes; what foods are suitable for pets and which foods are not suitable for pets; how should we get along with pets, or Said, how to make our pets more dependent on us and have a strong sense of security and belonging to their owners and their homes; in terms of care, some pets are very afraid of water, or very afraid of hair dryers, is there any way to keep pets in the bath and Quiet during the drying process? What symptoms indicate that the pet may be uncomfortable, etc. These are my sharing content. When I publish and share my content, I may use Power Point files, PDF, etc. I will categorize and label my content, which will help my audience to watch more and more. Easy to find what they want.

What Type of Content Will I Be Creating?

Through the course, I learned that we should use different types of content on different social media platforms. For example, on Youtube, I will post a long video and share my vlog with pets through video; if it is on Twitter, I will use Power Point speech and other methods to publish a content about pets; or, If it is Instagram, I will take some beautiful pictures and share them with everyone by recording a certain moment of the pet; or on Google search, I will clearly label my content and use data The methods show-what to do if your pet is sick, what type of dog food is more suitable for pets, how to take better care of pet cubs, etc.

Where Will I Use This Content?

I use this content on various social media network platforms. Because I am from China, I may post my content on Weibo, WeChat public account, Post Bar and other Chinese social media network platforms; I am now in Canada, so. As far as I know, some very common social media network platforms in Canada, I have mentioned many times in the above, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google search, etc. I will also use it on websites about pets My content.

What Networks Will Be My Priority?

Twitter and Youtube will definitely be my first choice. I remember before that, I had counted relevant data, and Internet users using Twitter and Youtube were not a minority. I will use the content form of the Power Point speech to add some pictures to show the audience what I want to share; take small videos every day, clip these videos together and publish them on Youtube. The number of users of these two social platforms is very large, which is conducive to the dissemination of the content I share. In my opinion, more people may see the content I share, thereby helping more people.

When Will I Publish Content?(Calendar)

I may edit my content during the daytime, and in the evening or on the weekends, I will post my content on the social media network platform. Because many listeners need to work during the day and don’t have time to pay too much attention to what the social media network platform has posted, only at night or on the weekends, they will spend a lot of time relaxing themselves.

How Will I Measure My Success?

There are many ways to measure success. First of all, I will observe the daily views, comments and sharing times of articles or posts I published. Based on these data, I can see how many people care about the topic of pets every day and how many people are waiting. The more I share, the more successful I feel. Secondly, I will check the comments in the article or post to see how many people will get help because of my article. The more people get help, the more successful I will be. The above is the criterion for measuring my success.

Twitter: Listening Plan and Content Strategy

Facebook: Listening Plan and Content Strategy