Strong and Weak Organizations

Two very good organizations

This time we need to analyze multiple organizations related to social media.
First of all, we need to analyze two organizations that are very good in my opinion: Chanel and Dior. When it comes to the name, I use the word “household” to describe it, which seems to me very appropriate. No matter which country, even regardless of age, we all know the brand. Now we can analyze the reasons: the promotion of these two brands is very strong, whether it is using social media or star endorsements. In the aspect of social media, Chanel and Dior’s advertising content is fresh to remember, and the high-end and elegant image sense fully satisfies the visual effect of consumers; in the aspect of star endorsement, Chanel and Dior will pay high price to invite each famous star to endorse their products. Attend various activities or show Chanel and Dior’s products in TV series and movies. In the above way, every consumer or potential consumer will have a cognition in memory. Consumers will inadvertently learn about these two brands through various channels, and gradually learn more about the final purchase of these brands. Even those who have never owned Chanel and Dior will be familiar with the brand, greatly improving the popularity of the two brands. We know that the most important thing for a brand is its popularity. (Chanel)

Organizations that are slightly deficient in social media

After analyzing the excellent organizations, let’s now analyze a group that has some shortcomings in social media – Charles & Keith, which is commonly known as little CK. Different from Chanel and Dior, little CK takes the civilian route, which is the so-called good quality and low price, with very high cost performance. Fashionable and elegant enough. It is because of the high cost performance, so for small CK, the market atmosphere is very wide, and there are many consumers. Why do so few people know such a good brand. The biggest reason is that the propaganda is not enough. We often see advertisements of various brands on various social media, but we rarely see advertisements of little CK. We also often see that when star online celebrities attend activities or recommend products, they recommend brands such as Chanel and Gucci, but we rarely see advertisements of little CK. Why such a good brand has such a low popularity is because it does not make good use of social media to promote and enhance its own popularity.

Organizations that benefit from social media

Finally, we want to analyze Coca Cola, an organization that has benefited a lot from the good use of social media. As we all know, Coca Cola is an American brand and its main drink. With so many brands in the world, how does a beverage brand stand out? There is no doubt that Coca Cola is very effective in using social media to promote the company’s brand and products. To take the simplest example, I’m a Chinese, but from small to large, Coca Cola advertisements are broadcast on our TV. An American brand can broadcast advertisements to promote its own brand and products in any country. Secondly, Coca Cola always appears in TV plays or movies. With a long history and strong publicity ability, this very simple beverage brand can always be so well-known, regardless of time and place. Coca Cola has long been a part of our lives.

These are some of the organizations I analyzed. If there is any supplement, please share with me.

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