Listening Plan and Content Strategy

I am a pet lover and I like small animals very much, I own a dog, a Labrador, and I gave her a name that seemed very rich to me, called Bugatti. I love her very much. But because this is the first time I have a dog, I don’t know how to get along with Bugatti, and I don’t know her habits well. I was afraid that she would get sick. I was afraid that because of my carelessness, she didn’t like me, so I used to check the information online most of the time. It ’s been a long time, and now I ’m still a dog owner. I often post my experience on social media platforms to share and share with you.

About My Audience

In fact, this question is very simple, because all the content I published is related to pets, so in my opinion, my audience can be divided into three categories. The first type has no pets yet but intends to have a small pet, to gain experience by reading some materials in advance; the second type has pets, but would like to share with other pet owners, they can be found in my article Or exchange experiences in the comments section below the post; the third one, like me, may be considered a peer; in my opinion, my audience can be roughly divided into the above three categories. But no matter what the purpose is, as long as everyone is a pet-loving pet-loving person, we can share with each other very frankly, and even we will share our pet’s cute or naughty moments.

As for what networks my listeners come from, I think I can briefly say. I will publish my articles or posts on popular websites. Because my articles or posts are related to pets, I will also publish my articles on some pet websites. For example, I may post articles about pets on Twitter with some practical photos, which will be easier for my readers and listeners to understand. Second, I will also post some beautiful pictures on Instagram. And some videos about pets, attracting my readers and listeners through the cute appearance of pets; or, I will post some long videos on Youtube, similar to vlog, to share with you how I get along with my pets daily. So, my audience may come from Twitter, Instagram or Youtube.

What Social Network Are They A Part of?

Who Is My Competition?

When it comes to competitors, I think we can start from two aspects. The first aspect is my peers. There are many people who love animals. They also record their pets every day like me, and then post them on social networking sites to share with others. Maybe to the listener, she or his pet is more cute, her or his expression sounds more humorous, and her or his experience is more than the experience of other publishers and even has a more unique expression. To attract more listeners. For me, it may be my competitors. In the second aspect, the emergence of new topics has caused the audience to divert their attention. Interesting new topics allow them to spend more time to comment and share, so At this time, some listeners will devote a small part of their time to the topic of pets. These two types, for me, may become my competitors.

What Networks Are They Part of?

I think my competitors will come from various websites. With the development of society, there are more and more social network platforms. We are familiar with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, and even Google search, which can all become my competitive logarithmic network platform.

What Content Do I Have?

Speaking of what I share, I think about pets, I have a lot of content I want to share with you. First, the most common, how to take care of pet cubs; how should we educate our pets when pets make mistakes; what foods are suitable for pets and which foods are not suitable for pets; how should we get along with pets, or Said, how to make our pets more dependent on us and have a strong sense of security and belonging to their owners and their homes; in terms of care, some pets are very afraid of water, or very afraid of hair dryers, is there any way to keep pets in the bath and Quiet during the drying process? What symptoms indicate that the pet may be uncomfortable, etc. These are my sharing content. When I publish and share my content, I may use Power Point files, PDF, etc. I will categorize and label my content, which will help my audience to watch more and more. Easy to find what they want.

What Type of Content Will I Be Creating?

Through the course, I learned that we should use different types of content on different social media platforms. For example, on Youtube, I will post a long video and share my vlog with pets through video; if it is on Twitter, I will use Power Point speech and other methods to publish a content about pets; or, If it is Instagram, I will take some beautiful pictures and share them with everyone by recording a certain moment of the pet; or on Google search, I will clearly label my content and use data The methods show-what to do if your pet is sick, what type of dog food is more suitable for pets, how to take better care of pet cubs, etc.

Where Will I Use This Content?

I use this content on various social media network platforms. Because I am from China, I may post my content on Weibo, WeChat public account, Post Bar and other Chinese social media network platforms; I am now in Canada, so. As far as I know, some very common social media network platforms in Canada, I have mentioned many times in the above, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Google search, etc. I will also use it on websites about pets My content.

What Networks Will Be My Priority?

Twitter and Youtube will definitely be my first choice. I remember before that, I had counted relevant data, and Internet users using Twitter and Youtube were not a minority. I will use the content form of the Power Point speech to add some pictures to show the audience what I want to share; take small videos every day, clip these videos together and publish them on Youtube. The number of users of these two social platforms is very large, which is conducive to the dissemination of the content I share. In my opinion, more people may see the content I share, thereby helping more people.

When Will I Publish Content?(Calendar)

I may edit my content during the daytime, and in the evening or on the weekends, I will post my content on the social media network platform. Because many listeners need to work during the day and don’t have time to pay too much attention to what the social media network platform has posted, only at night or on the weekends, they will spend a lot of time relaxing themselves.

How Will I Measure My Success?

There are many ways to measure success. First of all, I will observe the daily views, comments and sharing times of articles or posts I published. Based on these data, I can see how many people care about the topic of pets every day and how many people are waiting. The more I share, the more successful I feel. Secondly, I will check the comments in the article or post to see how many people will get help because of my article. The more people get help, the more successful I will be. The above is the criterion for measuring my success.

Twitter: Listening Plan and Content Strategy

Facebook: Listening Plan and Content Strategy

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