Personal Reflection

Storytelling is a very important part of creating digital content, having a story keeps your followers engaged and are wanting to see what happens next. So they are looking for your posts, making sure they are checking your page, telling their friends. On the social media page I run, the story that I am telling is that the dealership wants to make a relationship with the customers before they come into the dealership. A lot of people feel stress when they walk into a car dealership, if it’s for service on their vehicle or if they are looking into buying a new car, it can be a stressful experience. With our page having the contests, it gets some of our followers to come in and have a non-stressful experience where they pick up their prize and they can glance around the showroom if they wanted to. Our goal is to have our story have a happy ending with the follower getting the prize, and them having a good experience at the dealership! Plus then they will tell their friends about the great prizes, it will help our social media presence grow (That’s just a plus)


Do you ever look back and think “Wow, my mom was right”, well that happens to me… a lot.. more than I want to admit. This moment, my moment that I am in right now with my work, my personal life, my dedication all has to do with my childhood. I grew up and was taught that I can do anything I put my mind to, I am able to do accomplish what I want, I can be as successful as I want if I am willing to do the work. Having these statements as part of my childhood has shaped me for the moment I am in and the moment that is about to happen, no matter what moment I know I am ready. Growing up in a family oriented family has taught me that not everything matters. By that I mean, so what if you didn’t get perfect on the assignment, so what if you have a bad day at work, so what if you make a mistake. Life is full of “so whats”, but what isn’t a “so what” is family and people you love. Those are the not “so what” you want to focus on, in this moment and in the next.

COM0014 – Blog #5: Personal Brand

1-brandHow I stand out from my competitors is that I am a very witty, and funny poster. By that I mean, I try to make each caption have someone smile. Making someone smile from a caption is my ultimate goal.

What I have done recently to make myself stand out is posting more on my personal page. With me posting more it makes me show up on feeds more recently.


Some of my colleagues say that my best trait is my willingness to learn new things even if they are outside of my comfort zone. During many of my jobs, I have been put in the position to learn new skills that were out of my comfort zone, being in these positions I use them as a positive experience to expand my knowledge on that certain task. I also get, compassionate and caring, I am very compassionate about anything that I care about, could be work, friends, or just with my personal life.

I am a witty, compassionate, and someone who tells it like it is. Usually, those three don’t mix well but with me its the perfect combination. (Well at least that’s what my mom says!)


Post 4 – B2C Case Study COM0014-F18

The company I chose to do my case study on is “Roadtrip and Trustfund” they are an Ottawa based clothing company located downtown.

The social media pages they have are:

Instagram: @roadtrip_and_trustfund

Facebook: @roadtripclothing

This company uses their social media platforms to show the new clothing they have stock that has arrived, connect with customers and to post social media wide store contests. The quality of their interaction is good! From what I found the interaction they have with their customers is better on their Instagram page than on their Facebook page. Earlier this month they did a social media contest and were having a sale, their interaction before this was great. The comments that they received on their posts, they would reply and make sure to mention the contest and the sale. Personally, I believe that was genius, they are confirming that their active users are well aware of what is going on in store. Their approach is working, they have a HUGE following on both channels, and each post gets a lot of action, with either comment on how much people love the clothing, and likes or hearts on the facebook photos. From reading more and looking into their pages, it has definitely made me want to stop by the shop!

What’s Your Dress Code?

Figuring out your target audience is pretty much as important as learning the dress code for an important event. I’m not talking about ANY event, I’m talking about the event that can change your career, the one you have been waiting to attend for months, the one you have nightmares about showing up naked to. That event.

Not knowing your target audience makes it very difficult to talk to your customers/readers, you need to learn, what their age is, what they like, and their gender. That is just the tip of the iceberg of what you need to know about your Target Audience.

For one of the companies I work for, Myers Orleans Chevrolet Buick GMC, our Facebook pages audience tends to surprise people as most of our followers are female. The automotive world is just a male-driven world that this is very surprising. Knowing this information helps me determine our “Social Media Calendar” which includes, my contests. I pick “weird holidays” from each month and have a contest for them.

In the decision of where to spend the money (example: to purchase a car) it is shown that females usually have the last say, so having them like a dealership is key. Even if they aren’t looking to buy a car now, we will for sure be in their mind when they are.

I also know that men are another huge target audience for some of the vehicles, with that knowledge we do contests for sporting events around Ottawa. With those contests, I try and have a more “Male Targeted” vehicle in the back.

Our target audience is also anyone who lives in the Ottawa, Orleans and around the area, with that in mind I keep all my contests local (By that I mean, for giveaways I will pick local restaurants in Orleans/Rockland, over a chain on Bank Street)

Chevrolet is also targeting the younger crowd with their new vehicles that are coming out, from Apple CarPlay, to more high-tech options that the young adults will want their hands all over. Knowing this we also post or videos on Youtube, our following isn’t that big but we are where Chevrolet’s target audience is, online.

To sum it up, you need to know your dress code.

COM0014 – Blog #2: Goals aren’t just for Soccer

These goals have to do with writing, and not kicking a ball.

When writing, you need to stop and think about a couple of key points of communication and storytelling before you pick up your pencil. These points will make you and your article stand out from other articles/writers out there.

Before you start writing your article,news post, or product description you need to think “what do I want my readers to do.” It could be, you want them to “like” your post on Instagram, “follow/like” your page on Facebook, or maybe just “tag” a friend on the article you wrote, from here you can figure out what style of writing you need to use, to accomplish your end goal.

No matter the length of your post, you need to capture your audience’s attention fast. With social media being at our fingertips everyone can, get to, read anything, watch anything we want within seconds. So how is YOUR article going to make them want to stop? Well, you have to capture their attention.

If there is one thing you take out of this article, it is that you need to think of what you want your call of action to be from your readers. Make sure you know what your goal is, think of a way to accomplish, and get that goal!


COM0014 – Blog #1: Mont-Tremblant

I always ponder about vacation, taking time off work, spending a weekend away. I am such a workaholic that I FEEL I don’t NEED a vacation. So after lots of discussion I agreed to a weekend away to Mont-Tremblant.

I’ve only ever been there once, it was in the winter, about 7 years ago. So, the only memory that really sticks out to me, is trying to ski. It didn’t go over well, you know in the movies where the person skiing ends up in the forest? You thought right, I ended up in the forest. Surprisingly I haven’t skied since, wonder why.


The first and last time I skied

No need to worry, we went in the summer. I never knew how pretty it was, it felt like you were on this little resort where you’re in a different word. Until you see someone you know because the world is actually so small.

Before we went, I did some research and wanted to plan out what our activities were going to be, I spent hours online looking into different things the village offered. Somehow, I missed it was “Mont-Tremblant Blues Festival”. We were skeptical at first to go, as we both don’t listen to Blues music, and that there was a VERY  high chance it would be sung in French and both of us are very English. But, we did it anyways! It was a pleasant surprise that both of enjoy Blues music, we were correct that most of the music was sung in French.

The next day, we woke up energized and ready to tackle the day… well tackle a hill. Both of us were amazed on how organized the Village is with their hiking trails, they have it down to the minute on how long a trail would take you. Which was fantastic, because I get really hungry around 11:30 am and no one wants that. So, we chose the hike that was best for my needy stomach and off we went. I believe we walked for about 10 minutes before finding this beautiful water fall, and as you’re thinking correctly, we took some pictures.


After the photos, we continued up the hill, during that time it clicked to us that we never realized how steep the hills at Mont-Tremblant are (Really shows that both of us aren’t skiiers.) With that being said, we made it to the first landing, took and picture and headed back down.


Overall, Mont-Tremblant is an adorable village, with lots to do, including shopping, dining, beaches, hiking, and activities for everyone. I had a great weekend away, maybe next time I won’t be such a pain in planning something, but I doubt it.