A Playground Right In Your Backyard

COM0011 – Blog #4

As an avid hiker, I’m always looking for new places to explore near me. In Ottawa, I believe that there’s a misconception of the city; many claim that the area is “boring”, and that there isn’t much to do around here. News flash: that’s not true. I’ve recently discovered a new application, AllTrails, and it totally changed my perception of this government town.

Image by Rido Alwarno via Pexels.

So, What’s It All About?

AllTrails is a free network that allows people to discover new trails, beach spots, on/off road driving, and so much more. It was officially launched to the public in 2010, and has since then grown immensely in popularity. On this platform, people can create a profile, follow others from the same city as their own, post their reviews and pictures of their experiences on the trails they’ve completed, and even comment on each other’s postings. It’s kind of like the Instagram and Facebook of ardent outdoorsy folks.

When searching for a desired type of activity to do on the application, AllTrails has made it extremely easy for people to do so, thanks to their detailed list of filters. You can choose the difficulty of a trail you’d like to take on, its length, attractions found on the trail, the suitability of it, and even its elevation gain. You can find the full list of filters here.

Image by Dkenned5 via Creative Commons.

My Personal Experience

I’ve been using the platform for about a week and a half now, and I don’t think that I’ll be shying away from it any time soon. It’s user friendly, can be used on a computer or a mobile device, and really gives you an in-depth description of each trail. Having a dog can make it difficult to find paths that we can both enjoy, as I’ve noticed that many treks won’t allow your canine to tag along with you. In that span of time, I’ve already visited 4 new hiking grounds, and none of them have let me down so far. It’s incredible to think that this whole time I thought that Ottawa was so limited in terms of nature and paths. AllTrails has clearly proven me wrong, and has allowed me to get a taste of how great and beautiful my city really is.

Have you ever heard of AllTrails before? If so, which track have you been on, and how was your experience using the application and/or website?


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Changing the World One Nude At A Time

COM0011 – Blog #3

The last two weeks have been quite heavy on most of the global population. Between the murder of George Floyd, the Black Lives Matter protests, and excessive police brutality throughout these events, it’s clear that the world needs to drastically change. People have been raising funds for numerous organizations, such as Black Lives Matter, The National Bailout, Official George Floyd Memorial Fund, and Black Visions Collective. Celebrities, as well as regular people, have been using their social media platforms to increase charity and awareness on the matter. Although it’s been successful, I’ve noticed that individuals have been turning to a newer platform to entice people in doing so: OnlyFans.

File:Logo of OnlyFans since the launch in 2016.png
Image by OnlyFans Company via Wikimedia Commons.

OnlyFans allows users to post the content of their choice, ranging from simple day-to-day activities to adult rated postings. While the website did start off on a more innocent note in 2016, it has gained a lot of recognition since, and people started using it to gain extra income by publishing more carnal ventures. The follower must pay a monthly subscription to the earner’s page to have access to their exclusive posts. Users like Matthew Camp (@matthewcamp/OnlyFans) have been able to supplement their income by thousands of dollars a month. After an interview with The New York Times, Camp mentioned that he can make up to $1000 in a night, and more than $10,000 monthly. Seeing how much fundraising potential the platform has, numerous people decided to join the program as a means to raise money and awareness for the current global events.

Two young women, Sabrina (@sadsleepygirl23/Twitter) and Rax King (@RaxKingIsDead/Twitter), have collectively raised over $27,000 through their OnlyFans subscribers to be donated to multiple associations. A friend of mine, Mustang (@feetmama69/OnlyFans), decided to take action as well, and started attracting prospect subscribers to her OnlyFans page by donating 100% of her subscriptions for 5 consecutive days to the Peoples City Council Freedom Fund. She was able to raise $873.

Mustang shares a screen capture of the funds raised through her OnlyFans subscribers throughout the last five days, and the donations given to the Peoples City Council Movement. Tuesday June 9, 2020. @mustang_mama69/Instagram.

Many people have been taking the initiative to raise awareness and funds to donate, but OnlyFans has clearly been one of the leading platforms in doing so. I mean, who wouldn’t want to pay for a (cheap) subscription, knowing that it’ll be going to organizations that will help change the world for the better, in exchange for nudes? Insider held an interview with Goddess Hunter (@hunternyc_/Twitter), where she expresses the following statement: “I’m just using my privilege and my platform because it’s the least I could do. […] If people send me money, they can send someone else money. Financial domination in sex work can work to benefit others as well”.

You can find a list of different operations where you can donate your money for the ongoing events here. I’d love to know if this ingenuity would persuade you to donate and if not, what would?


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Use Social Media To Your Advantage – Supplement Your Income Today!

COM0011 – Blog #2

Canadian Bills/Coins
Image by Anita Hart via Flickr.

Thanks to the current COVID-19 pandemic, I found myself in quarantine at home, and without a job to go to everyday. Time was getting long, I had no set routine, and I was wondering if there was a way for myself to make money online to add to my current earnings. Being an avid and daily social media user, I decided to conduct some research and see which online platform would allow me to use my skillsets and turn it into money from the comfort of my own nook. I was aware that completing online surveys was a very common way for people to make extra cash, but I wanted to find something that would permit me to be creative while making supplemental bucks. I’ve decided to share my top three findings with you, as I knew I was probably not the only one that was starting to get indulged with boredom and mildly stressing out for money.

Speak Your Mind, Start a Blog!

Almost every website that I’ve visited have mentioned kicking off a blog as a means to make your wallet a bit thicker. You usually don’t need any sort of relevant experience, but you must enjoy writing and doing research. Many of these sites have recommended to dig deep into your interests to further create a unique and informative online journal.

The beauty of blogging is that you can express yourself in any tone that suits you best, you can write about pretty much anything, and other readers are able to connect with you by commenting on your writings. It’s a great way to discover different perspectives, opinions, new tips, and even additional information on subjects that interest you.

Lucky for you, I was able to find a basic (and free) step-by-step guide to get started on your blog. There are also numerous Canadian (yes, Canadian!) affiliate programs to help you boost your new extra income. I’ve listed a few of them below to help you get started:

Let’s Get Creative

If writing isn’t your forte, don’t worry! If you’re more of an experimental and inventive person that enjoys creating things with your very own hands, then selling your artwork online may be your calling.

Websites like Etsy and Ebay are platforms that make it possible for regular people like us, to sell our handcrafted gems easily, and online. You can find all sorts of homespun items: jewelry, home decor, clothing, furniture, etc. The possibilities are endless.

So, what’s the catch? Most of these global marketplaces are free to join, but these platforms make money by charging the seller a percentage on the transaction fee of the item’s price and delivery rate. For example, Etsy will take 5% of your earnings, and if you use the Etsy Payments, they’ll gather an additional 3-4% and CA$0.25 toll when you’ve sold an item (Learn How To Sell/Etsy).

Knowledge Is Power

I think this may be one of my favourite ways for anyone to make money online. As Ownr says, “teaching English online is a relatively new hustle”. So, why not use your English skills, and transfer them to children that could benefit from them? There are numerous platforms that are available to anyone, and most of these websites only ask for their teachers to have the following requirements: have a stable internet connection, have a functioning camera and microphone for video chats, and be fluent with the English language (written and spoken). For some of the programs, it is essential that you have a college or university degree.

File:Professor Teaching a Student GIF Loop.gif
GIF by VideoPlasty

Most of the students online come from all over the world, and they’re simply looking to refine their anglophone vocabulary; hence why the requirements to become an online tutor are so flexible.

According to Ownr and Savvy New Canadians, these are the most successful websites for both the teachers and students:

Get Working!

Again, there are so many ways for anyone to supplement their income during this pandemic. I simply wanted to explore ways for myself, and for you, to turn your hobbies into extra cash, all through various online platforms. If you know of these operations or even different ones, I’d love for you to leave a comment, share your experience, and which platform worked best for you!


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“B” Stands For “Bats” … Or “Bryan Adams”?

On Tuesday May 11 2020, vegan Canadian singer/songwriter, Bryan Adams, posted a video on his Instagram page showcasing one of his older songs, “Cuts Like a Knife”. The tune was beautifully played and sung by Adams while playing his acoustic guitar. The caption he added to his post, was not very well thought out. It consisted of suggestive racism, profanity, and simply unacceptable behaviour. He made it clear in the beginning of his [written] caption that his intention was to let people know that he’s angry at the world because he won’t be able to perform at the Royal Labert Hall (boohoo) thanks to the pandemic. He states: “Tonight was supposed to be the beginning of a tenancy of gigs at the @royalalberthall, but thanks to some fucking bat eating, wet market animal selling, virus making greedy bastards, the whole world is now on hold, not to mention the thousands that have suffered or died from this virus” (@bryanadams/Instagram). After this revolting post, I wanted to explore the following thoughts: Was this a good way to represent the vegan community? Was his apology, which was written through yet another Instagram caption meaningful, or was it just a publicity stunt to get people off his back? What’s the future holding for Bryan Adams now? 

Veganism and Its Influence

Vegans, like many other communities around the world, strongly believe in their lifestyle; no animal-derived products (meats, eggs, fish, dairy product). Many will avoid processed foods and opt for a healthier and greener way of eating and living. Vegans are also known for being very opinionated on this cause and they have, on multiple occasions, strongly expressed their thoughts when it comes to meat-eating. Let’s take a look at PETA, for example. People for the Ethical Treatments of Animals (PETA) describe their movement as “the largest animal rights organization in the world, with more than 6.5 million members and supporters”. This is an organization that claims to “oppose speciesism, a human-supremacist worldview”. Sounds like a peaceful organization, right? Unfortunately for PETA, they are very contradicting when it comes to their mission statement. The institution commented on Bryan Adams’ controversial Instagram post very misleading thoughts and possibly untrue facts.  

People for the Ethical Treatments of Animals’ comment on Bryan Adams’ (@bryanadams) Instagram post on Monday May 11, 2020. @peta2/Instagram. 

Supremacy is described to be “the state or condition of being superior to all others in authority, power, or status” (Oxford Dictionary). Claiming to oppose such an act (human supremacy), and yet, commenting on a post and supporting that individual’s misinformed, racist, supremacy-like and unhallowed thoughts seems quite confusing and unprofessional of this establishment. To have one of the largest firms that’s against animal-cruelty, human-supremacy and speciesism, publicly (and proudly) reply to Adams’ contentious Instagram caption, only seems to indicate that the vegan community wasn’t very sympathetic of the people that were directly affected by the Canadian celebrity’s false facts and accusations.  

Sorry Not Sorry

Although Bryan Adams posted an inflaming caption attached to his guitar playing post on Instagram, he did come back to the social media platform the following day, with an “apology”. He opened his statement by promoting yet another song of his, “Into the Fire”. Here’s what followed: “Apologies to any and all that took offence to my posting yesterday. […] I have love for all people and my thoughts are with everyone dealing with this pandemic around the world” (@bryanadams/Instagram). It seems, to me at least, that the singer/songwriter’s attempt to express regret about his previous posting was very, very weak.  

Canadian celebrity Bryan Adams’ apology to his previous Instagram posting.
Tuesday May 12, 2020. @bryanadams/Instagram 

His insolent apology appeared to still try to validate his opinions shared the day before: “[…] I just wanted to have a rant about the horrible animal cruelty in these wet-markets being the possible source of the virus, and promote veganism” (@bryanadams/Instagram). Not only was he still trying to corroborate his thoughts from the preceding day’s post, but he’s still suggesting the cause of COVID-19 had sparked from China’s wet-markets (which has YET to be confirmed by scientists). To add the cherry on top of his “apology”, he closed off his statement by, once again, promoting his music and talking about his “would-have-been” performance at the Royal Labert Hall. Oh, and look at the hashtags; I think that says enough about how meaningful his apologies to the world were.  

The World Speaks Up

So, what’s going to happen to Bryan Adams now? Unfortunately, he blocked everyone from being able to comment on his post of May 11 (weird, right?). Thankfully, the rest of the world was quick on their feet, and multiple screenshots of the comment section were saved and posted on multiple social media networks, broadcasting stations, and even news channels. Most of the world’s remarks were unsupportive, negative, and quite funny actually. Celebrities, doctors, and regular people were all partaking on sharing their piece of mind with Adams.  

Dr. Wing Kar Li (@karliwithakay) shared the following thought on her Twitter account: “Bryan Adams’ racist xenophobic tirade has been up for 10 hours now. Damage has been done.” 

“If Bryan Adams wants to blame my people for the pandemic then at the very least we get to blame him for making our elementary school dances tedious and tortuous,” wrote @JenSookfongLee. 

Canadian professor of law at the University of Alberta, the Research Director of its Health Law Institute, and current Canada Research Chair in Health Law and Policy, Timothy Caulfied shares his opinion on Adams’ moot Instagram caption. @CaulfieldTim/Twitter. 

These are only a few of the tweets and Instagram comments that were posted on multiple different social media networks since Adams’ post (negatively) blew up.  

What’s the future holding for the Canadian singer/songwriter’s career now? Does he deserve to be forgiven for his elicit post and poor apology? Did the vegan community and other members that support the movement react properly to what he said? Should celebrities be appropriately held accountable, considering the fact they have an enormous influence on people’s opinions? I personally believe that everyone’s entitled to their own beliefs and school of thoughts, but I also stand by the fact that there are appropriate times, places, and ways in doing so. Unfortunately, Bryan Adams failed miserably in doing so.  


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