Now Sixty and Looking For a Job COM0011


I am still out there looking for a job. I have had a couple of interviews and now am waiting to see if I will get another interview for the job I really want. I have sent many resumes out and have had no response to them after months of sending out these resumes, it becomes disappointing to say the least. I can’t even blame my age as they have not met me, and my resumes show me going to college in 1995 which I did.

I am still hoping that I will get the job that I really want and continue on with the life style that I like. I am very lucky to have a supportive husband and thanks to unemployment supports I have been getting paid every two weeks. The job loss has not been so bad, but the unemployment will run out and I want a job before that.

Looking for a job is new with the internet as I can go on and go to many job banks to look for jobs, this does make it easier than the old days. I have it on my Facebook that I am looking for a job so if someone is on my Facebook they will keep me in mind.

Still, finding a job is a job in itself, you need to ask friends if they have heard of any openings. This has been some of my best leads for a job. Staying on top of the job market by going through the paper, checking the job banks and just always keep your ears open for any new business opening up. Also to be open minded on jobs that may be a little different in what I have ever done before.

I am still very optimistic that the right job is just around the corner for me. Doing this course has opened up my eyes to what I can do and what I need to do to continue on with the new work force out there. I am not ready to retire, I may never be ready to retire, and I enjoy working and meeting people.

So I will continue to look for that job, and keep educating myself for my future job. Life does not retire at sixty it just looks for a job that fits the person and the age.

How Powerful Social Media can give us a voice C0M0011

The hostage taking in Australia and in France are the most watched social media going in the last couple months. In real time you are finding out how many people have been killed wounded or still being held.

We watched and hoped that the people being held in Australia would be set free and no one would be harmed. Knowing that the only way to set the people free was to shoot the hostage taker, was very apparent. The hostage taker was known to police and was radical with his religion and his beliefs.

When the Muslim woman took off her hijab on the bus so she would not be hassled by people on the street, an onlooker saw what the lady had done and ran after her to tell her to please keep her hijab on this was not her doing. Then the onlooker went on Twitter and told the Australian people to be open minded and to understand that one person with radical beliefs is not everyone’s beliefs. With the onlooker sending this message to all of her country men on Twitter, she told the world. Which I heard on the six o’clock news.

The courage of this one bystander to say, follow your beliefs and I will stand by you. Also letting the world know that she was standing by the beliefs of this woman. When the bystander sent her feelings on Twitter she did tell the world what she thought.

Doing the right thing is not always easy but one small act in life is what makes this world a better place. Now with social media we can hear the worst of what people have done, but also hear what good people are capable of.

News in Real Time COM0011

I am not a person who comments on current events and it has taken me some time to express my feelings on the soldier who was killed in Ottawa, Ontario on October 22, 2014. Also the soldier who was killed on October 20th 2014 in Quebec, whom was just as much of a loss. With both of these deaths you found out about it with in minutes after the police were involved. CNN had coverage from start to finish, on Facebook people were expressing the loss of our soldiers and the loss of our innocence for this country. I was following along on Facebook and saw messages by the police to not to give out any information that could cause a loss of an arrest of any other person that may be involved.

Ten years ago we would have to turn on the TV at 6:00 pm to find out anything that was going on, now a days you can follow the news in real time. Now you can get information from Twitter, Facebook and other forms of social media.

We are in the know so quick that sometimes it doesn’t even seem real. You hear so many different versions of the same story. An example of this was when Corporal Cirillo died they were looking for two killers not one.

In many ways it is much more interesting to follow the news in real time than five hours later after the fact.   But it must be very hard for the family of the slain victim who will see it on their computers and phones along with the TV broadcasting.

What do you think, is it easier to know what is happing in our backyard in real time?

Com0011 Where is the work?


I’m still looking for a job. I have sent out so many resumes I can’t believe it. I am now on the count down on when my unemployment is finished, that does worry me. I can’t believe how bad the job situation is in this area. I have sent resumes to Ottawa, Perth, Smiths Falls, Carleton Place and other towns, no luck.

Ontario is one very hard province to find work and even when I get that interview will my age be a problem? I am sure it will have some impact, but maybe I will be surprised and it will be good not being in the child rearing age. I can hope that will be the case and that someone wants someone who will be on time not miss work, and will give 100 percent to the job. Not saying younger people don’t have these valuable qualities, but having a young family can take away some of the focus from the job.

I have had to look for jobs before, but I have never felt that my age would be a factor. I am sure if you are younger and looking for a job as myself, you are thinking “this is my time, get out of the work force and give me a chance at a job”. I have just found out life does not work that way and I am not ready to stay at home and read all day and eat bonbon’s while all my friends are still working. I am bored and still need to work. I’m on my second marriage and two more years of paying a mortgage, and oh, I like to travel and buy things that I will need a job to pay for, or plan B, win the lottery. Work is still part of my life, I miss the people I work with, and for.

I still want to be a valuable part of the work force. So here I will still be looking for a job and pay taxes, and feel that I am contributing to the country I live in, and the people I love.

Is this Christmas? com0011


Christmas for many people is just two weeks away. For stores, this is when they can help their bottom line. For many people out there, this is one of the most stressful times in the year. We talked about the blue collar worker who do well just paying the bills and putting food on the table. So adding the extra burden to buy presents for family and their children is even harder.

You have all the hype from Christmas commercials with gifts from cell phones to laptops that every child must have. Every gadget that will make life easier and every child must have. But do they really need these gadgets, and will they make life easier?

First the cell phone that every teen must have, great gift for under the tree, but is it? The struggling parents puts the money aside to get this gift, but with the buying of the gift come fee’s to set it up and to get the right plan for this phone. You need texting of course, and minutes, and hope they never go over the minutes HA HA. The gift that just keeps on costing and the joy will be gone with the first bill.

The laptop every student needs, how else are they going to succeed in school, so that is what we are told! This is another large investment, times have changed and looking it up in a book is a little out of date. So the laptop is bought, now you need a warranty for this device and don’t forget you need the internet, another charge each month. Nothing is simple and that is what is making Christmas so difficult. We can’t give simple gifts as we did twenty years ago. The computer age has taken over the air waves and something as simple as a gift to give to child at Christmas is causing stress. Because you know your children’s friends will be getting gifts just like these. This just makes it harder to not buy these for them at Christmas, not that the gift is affordable. With all the advertising on TV and radio we have made gift giving very expensive, it is now devices that each and every child wants.

So parents do their best to get these for their children at any expense. Do they need them? I will leave that up to you to decide, I’m not sure they really do.

New Age COM001 POST 4


Looking for a job in the new age, many years ago you went to the unemployment office looked on a wall board to find a job. Now you go to a private agency and go online to find a job, no boards and many sites to look for the job of your dreams. You send a resume and a cover letter to a person who never sees you, and they pick the one who has the most qualifications or the best embellisher.

I have been looking for a job for the last five months and have not been very successful. I am an office admin with good skills and good customer service. I am now seeing that things have changed in the last ten years and it is social media that is now at the forefront. It changes the way you look for a job. You can go to sites like LinkedIn or Ontrac that have job postings.

The newspaper is now not always the best place to find a job now that it is very expensive for a company to put an ad in. So now you go to sites like (LinkedIn) to find a job, so many changes have happened in the last ten years. I decided to take this course to have some more skills which can be added to my office admin.

Looking at social media sites from Twitter to LinkedIn, I can see this is the new age. I am looking forward to learn it and pick up new skills.

I have one question to anyone reading this, do you really get the best person for a job by sending in a cover letter and resume by e-mail? I know they do the interview and pick the person they feel will fit for their companies. How many great fits are they missing by not doing a face to face? I understand the companies are very busy but that is not new, the technique has changed that is all in my opinion.

Dreams of Blue skies



Family weddings can be fun and a lot of work. It starts out slow but the month before it becomes a circus. My daughter was married this summer, at our home. The wedding was outside the meal was outside and the music was also outside. The bride and groom decided this is what they wanted last January, before the summer of the rains.

Last time we looked for dresses my daughters and myself went to a bridal store to order the dresses. Things have changed quite a bit in the last seven years, kilts were ordered online from Scotland. You went online to see how to measure the kilt the right way, and put in an order, a week later you had a kilt. The wedding dress was bought at a store, but many pictures off line were taken into the store to compare with the selection of the wedding…

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Assignment 2, blog (1) 60 and looking for a job

employment cartoon

In June on a Monday, the worst day of the week, I was called into the office by the manager. The human resource lady was also there. Right away you know there is a problem. I have never had a problem with the job. I really enjoyed the job and the people I was working with, and gave my all into the job. They informed me that with the new computer system they had spent months to put in, my job is not needed anymore. My last day would be Friday. I have been replaced by a computer, not just another person with better skills sets. Not someone who can help answers question like; when will the nurse be coming in to see me, or where are my meds? Now they will get a voice message to leave a number and someone will get back to them.

After the shock that my job was done, I looked at the silver lining as it was the start of the summer. I have never had the summer off. I would look for a job and be back to work by August, and that would be great. I have never been out of work but have changed jobs over the years but not having any problems finding work. How hard could it be? Life is funny not the LOL kind, but the twisted kind of funny.

First I found out the unemployment office is now called the employment office. I guess to make you feel more secure that you will find a job and not go broke. That is funny considering you are only getting half your wage. Now don’t get me wrong, getting paid for looking for a job is great, but working on half your wage isn’t so great. So I applied for benefits and asked where I could find out about any jobs coming up to apply for. To my surprise you have to go to another place to apply for a job. The Employment office is not going to help you find employment.

I said life is funny in a very twisted way. When I was in applying for my benefits, I also picked up my paperwork for the Canada Pension which I will get in December. Not everyone has a pension to retire on, and I am one of those people. Even if I was able to retire now, I am not ready to stop working. I enjoy the work and having a goal to work for.

Finding a job is very different now a days, and it is a whole new experience which I am going to LOL when I get the job that I want. Life can be a little twisted sometimes, but you just have to roll with it.