Social Media: Pros and Cons

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Social media is a wonderful modern source of communication,  getting and sharing information, receiving feedback, attracting attention to one`s personality as well as goods and services that businesses produce or sell. Thanks to a wide range of social networking platforms and mobile devices all these actions and opportunities are right at our hands.

But as the old proverb says “any stick has two ends”, Social media has its advantages and disadvantages too.

So, let’s get a closer look and define some major  Social Media Pros:

1. Connect the world.

With the Internet and  Social Networking we can connect and reach almost any person or group of people at any destination of the world.  Nowadays people travel easily for job purposes, family matters, immigration processes, political reasons and many others, and it`s important to stay in touch with their relatives, colleagues, consumers and followers. We also can virtually “visit” any exotic or hardly inhabited place on Earth just for fun or researching reasons, thanks to all those bloggers and vloggers and guides. The places we would never go in reality because of financial or health issues and others. And  it`s just great!

2. Instant communication and information discovery.

Social Media allows us to stay connected 24/7 and not to be attached to home phones or mail. We receive and answer messages  whenever and wherever we are. And another  good point is that we can get news and information right away when it gets into Media from the reliable sources we choose by ourselves.

3. Entertainment. 

Social Media is a wonderful place to have fun and rise up your mood when you feel down, or just want to relax and distract your attention from hard issues.

But, unfortunatelly there are Social Media Cons:

1. Information overload.

By some moment we start realizing that we are overwhelmed with the information, news and ads we are not interested in. So we also have to review our followers and “friends” we do not communicate and have no interest in.

2. Social pressure and cyber bullying.

Social Media pressure is sometimes worse than that at  school or office setting. Some people become a social target of bullying and it, in the worst cases, may lead to ruining one`s life, depression and solitude.

3. Distraction and health issues.

The mobile phone is our “everything” these days. People are so literally “tied” to their devices that sometimes they pay much more attention to what`s going on the phone and forget about those who they have conversation with. And a terrible fact that a lot of accidents on the road happen while driving and calling or reading (and even texting) messages,  shows that people get distracted when they should be highly concentrated.

Distraction at work can lead to procrastination. And for those who spend too much time with computers and devices the sedentary lifestyle progresses, while sleeping quality gets worse, because people stay online more than they should,sacrificing their natural recovery necessity. I am concerned about children and youngsters most of all. Because it`s quite hard to make them understand  why they can not spend so much time in the Internet.


My view on the topic is that, although everything in this life has white and black sides, we should follow our beliefs and use the information and the tools that we have only for good. Social Media gives us a variety of opportunities that can help start and promote a buisness, a project, a club for common interests and so on. We should use these advantages for construction not distruction. So, this is our personal task  to be responsible and respectful in every sector of our life including Social Media.

What do you think? It would be great to read your ideas regarding the issue.

I found the following sources usuful for reading about Social Media and its trends.