Dylan Mulvaney, Makes Men Hate Beer?

In Early 2022, there was a creator who documented the first 365 days of their transition into womanhood. Dylan Is a 26 year old influencer who since their first post on the platform, TikTok has made it a goal to be kind and always show support for the LGBTQ community because they did not have a strong role model when they were growing up. Biologically, Dylan was born a male but started to take their transition seriously by undergoing surgeries to change their facial structure or even by surgically removing their reproduction organs . They have achieved so much positive goals through their platform even by sitting down with the President, Joe Biden to talk about the importance of trans rights but earlier this week, it seemed like the male population had it out for Dylan due to a sponsorship she was involved in. Bud Light decided to collaborate with Dylan to make some lighthearted jokes about the male norms such as joking about the meaning of March Madness because during march, was her 365 celebration of being a girl. To celebrate her progress, Bud Light created a can with her face on it which I thought was a great start to the gender norms of drinking beer by placing a female activist on a mostly male product but a lot of people were disgusted. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/she-s-on-bud-light-cans-and-all-over-the-internet-who-is-dylan-mulvaney/ar-AA19ztba

Kid Rock, was one artist who was enraged with the idea of Dylan being supported by the company and show their anger by shooting cans of the beer saying they will not buy the brand due to the support of Dylan. Other transphobic American’s went to social media to share how enraged they are with the sponsorship and are going to attempt to boycott Bud Light by not buying the beer in an attempt to try and shut down the company. But this is not the first time beer brands have supported the LGBTQ community. Check out this article about other companies who have shown their support with bright colors https://www.hitc.com/en-gb/2023/04/06/5-beer-companies-that-support-the-lgbtq-community-in-2023/

Personally, I think that this is a beautiful step in giving the trans community the support they deserve when in most lights, America tends to shame the trans community who only the reason of them becoming comfortable in their own skin. Do you think that Bud Light made a great decision in working with Dylan/ Or do you think this was a tasteless idea?

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Is TikTok The New Shopping Channel?

So, I have a confession to make and it is something I have tried to ignore for years but it is an addiction. TikTok’s show up on my For You Page saying how possibly a product a creator has used has changed their life and I need to try it . Then I am scrolling on Amazon or a random online store to try and find that exact product so I could join the bandwagon of trying the newest addiction. I fell a victim of trying some of these products that TikTok advertised to me because it is so easy to access the newest trends with the introduction of linking websites or amazon wish lists of creators favorite items.

Popcorn better then Cineplex?!

Ecolution Patented Micro-Pop Microwave Popcorn Popper. Picture: Amazon Australia.

The first product I knew I had to give a try was this silicone popcorn maker. I saw this early 2020 maybe because the algorithm heard me mention that I was craving movie style popcorn and microwaved bags were not doing the trick . I found countless reviews for this product while using the hashtag, #PopcornMaker that also had over 119 million views! The idea behind this device is you can measure your kernels using the lid due to a measuring cup in the lid but while the popcorn is popping, you can add butter to the top of the lid and while the kernels cook, the butter drips down so every kernel gets an even amount of butter. If I had to rate this item, it would be a 6/10. It works great but there are so simple issues I have with the product. The first thing would be the safety hazard of the steam because when it comes out of the microwave? it is so hot that I have almost burned myself at least four times so if you were planning to purchase this for a child , I recommend supervision while using this product So, the main question you might have is the taste worth it? Honestly its good but it doesn’t replace the salty butter taste from the theatre but how did i fix that? you can BUY BOTTLES OF POPCORN BUTTER. I don’t think the price is fair because it is quite expensive for the device but if you were to pull this out at sleepovers? You would be the coolest kid in school! Want to check this out? use this link 🙂https://rb.gy/zaeh

Weighted Hula Hoop

Salfur Iron Weighted Hula Hoop. Picture: Amazon Australia.

This item is something that I did not think I would enjoy but now has become something that I use in my daily routine. The weighted hula hoop is connected by little inch markers that has a weight that spins around the outside evenly distributing weight so it works out you core, back and even butt. I love this product because the idea of working out can seem exhausting and not enjoyable but, even using this for 3o minutes is equal to you running for an hour! I can watch Netflix and workout which is amazing . I would rate this product a 8/10 because it gave me an opportunity to fall in love with working out, you don’t even get the sore feeling after working out and it is such a small item that storing it after use does not take up any extra space. Check out this item and start your new workout journey!https://tinyurl.com/3djuz6ne

What are some products TikTok made you want to buy?

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Keep Calm All 2023

When it comes to mental health, I am a strong advocate in getting the message across all of y social media platforms and even with my loved ones. I found in 2020 when I was in the worst mental state of humanly possible , I was constantly looking for ways to better myself. One day when I was on TikTok, I saw a link to an app called Calm. This is an app where you are able to look up breathing exercises to help with anxiety , stories to help you fall asleep and even guided meditation . In an article written by Health Line, https://www.healthline.com/health/mental-health/calm-app-reviews#what-it-is They explain that this app has been around since 2012 and has a userbase of over 100 million users that they help with the terrifying idea of trying to remain calm. I want to touch on some of the best parts of this app that I hope you will be able to benefit from in 2023.

Photo used from https://agustinusnathaniel.blogspot.com/2021/03/35-top-pictures-calm-app-cost-2020-calm.html

Bedtime Stories From Your Favorite Celebrities

There is truly so many things you can do with this app but, one of my personal favorite things to do is look on the bedtime stories. And yes I am FULLY aware that I’m 22 years old and get excited about bedtime stories but did I mention my stories are being read to me by HARRY STYLES?! When the pandemic was at the peak, There was a massive rise in mental health issues such as anxiety and depression due to the lockdowns so what did calm do? Personally the best idea that has ever been implemented into a self care application, they hired many well known voices and faces to read bedtime stories’ on the app. Matthew McConaughey and Bob Ross are some of the other names that calm used to read their stories . Even though, there is no connection to the celebrities , there is just a comforting and emotional connection that you feel when you can lie down and fall asleep to their voices telling you about peace and serenity . Harry Styles is a big part of my self expression because I grew up loving, One Direction and just being able to feel a closer connection in a time where I feel the most anxious is something that is so comforting and can instantly bring down whatever negative feelings I was having.

The Paid Subscription

If only everything in life was free but then we wouldn’t get the excitement of getting behind the paywall. You can get Calm for a seven day free trial then you can chose to pay $14.99 every month or $69.99 once a year . Usually I am never interested in spending money on something to benefit my mental health unless its a bubble tea or a slice of pizza but with all you can access with the paid plan, I had to give it a go. One of the features I love about the paid app is the different calming videos and nature sounds you get access too. I am an avid watcher of ASMR but I found when looking on YouTube, I would go down the rabbit holes of the recommended pages finding the perfect mix of sound and visual stimulation. Now I am able to just find the ideal video in less then 5 minutes because Calm shortens the search for me with the app. I also love how I am able to have access to so many different meditations for waking up, feeling overwhelmed or even getting ready for bed so I go into all of my routines with a clear mind and a positive attitude.

I can’t be selfish and not give you access to this app so check out this link on a laptop or smartphone to see what is your favorite idea when it comes to the Calm app https://www.calm.com/. Also what do you think should be added to the platform?

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Cancel Culture ruining lives?

So, what is it?

When we look into the ideas of social media, we mostly see the positve outcomes whether that be fame and fortune or a way to get your opinions across to a large following. But what tends to happen when your loyal supporters go against your view points or decide to pick you apart for your old actions? Definded by Meriam Dictionary , cancel culture is the practice or tendency of engaging in mass canceling as a way of expressing disapproval and exerting social pressure. In the last five years, this idealization has seemed to become more popular as we see many beloved names in comedy, music and social media get what seems like to be bombarded with negative view points that can be trudgemntal to some big names. In the earlist days of 2014, the term canceled was mostly used by black members of the LGBTQ+ community when they dissaproved of another persons actions wether it was homophobic, racist or even sexist. Lets dive into how the scale of cancelation can be looked on and how some people can make a redemtion arch.


It is common when a celebrity gets canceled on twitter for a hashtag to follow all about the consequences of their actions . One example of this is about the author JK Rowling. Known for her excellent book saga of Harry Potter that stole the heart of millions world wide. But in 2020, she found herself in deep waters when it came to her opinion. Let’s look into the tweet that caused an uproar in June 2020

The Jk Rowling tweet that started the mountain of backlash https://bit.ly/421c5Jo

This single tweet was retweeted over 95,000 times and got 46,000 comments from many people in the LGBTQ community. Fans were disappointed with Rowling’s opinion on Transgender rights hinting that only women who menstruate are identified as a “true woman”. some of the tweets under this post were proving valid points and trying to educate Rowling on her black and white views. One user by the name of @GirlsGoneWild writes, “Why do you continue to double down on this!? You have fans who menstruate and do not identify as girls or women. They look up you! They love you! Your books helped them become brave and better versions of themselves! SEE them. HEAR them. Stop erasing them!” Just because you are not menstruating does not automatically put you into a box that you have to be a women. Trans females don’t have the organs to have periods but that does not make them any less of a woman. With a majority of her fans being apart of the LGBTQ community , they felt like her opinion was TERF  (trans-exclusionary radical feminisim) making non binary and trans people fit into the social standard of a woman. Her tweet caused her to have multiple death threats , called awful names and the fans tried to boycott her Harry Potter books by not buying them so she did not get any income from it. The hashtag #RipJkRowling, started to trend due to her “career dying”. As I am a member of the LGBTQ+ community I personally think her opinion was tasteless and her managing team should of looked over the tweet so her income did not get affected.

Who Got Back On Top?

Even Though the idea about cancel culture is the goal for someone to never see the face of the earth again, there has been one case which I think they were able to avoid a full cancelation. Logan Paul, influencer, boxer, actor, podcast host and sibling to the problem child , Jake Paul. Rising to fame in the late 2010s, Logan was at one point, the fastest growing channel on Youtube gaining millions of fans all over the world. I remember I was in my law class in highschool when the news about Logan being canceled broke the internet. Logan was in Japan for a trip and while he was there, he was filming in the “Suicide Forest” known for the sighting of dead bodies. He looked at a tree and saw a hanging body and got his cameraman to record the dead body while he laughed. Being one of the few hundred thousand to see this video when it was posted , I was under the impression that this was a prank and caught myself laughing until news articles came rushing in criticizing his morals . Logan lost over a million fans and was backed into a corner losing two movie deals that he was about to release and became a laughing stock of the internet. For a long period of time, he was deemed as canceled until his holy grail came in the shape of his two friends and their garage. Impaulsive is one of the only reasons Logan was able to still get any press after his beyond stupid mistake. He went to having small creators at the time like Jojo Siwa on to then getting people like grammy nominated artist Kehlani in the short span of three years. Yes many do not enjoy Logan still but he has earned a lot of respect for still pushing after most of society made him feel like a sore thumb . Since 2018, he has gone on to be apart of the WWE , make a electrolyte drink that is in high competition like Gatorade and win over the hearts of people who would not give him the time of day. Logan was able to bounce back because from day one, he only ever wanted to create and give people something entertaining. He has mentioned the toll mentally a cancelation has on a person due to the harsh words, strangers heckling you in the street and even losing people in his life that swore they would never leave his side . But in the silverlining of it all? He never gave up and is somehow grateful for his experience. He needed the reality check that his ego was even too much for him to handle at the age he got popular and now is attempting to take a more humble approach when it comes to living his day to day life.

The hosts of Impaulsive http://bit.ly/424Dv0W

So , do you think the reasons Jk or Logan were canceled are reasonable answers? Or do you think society has just became too sensitive ?

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