COM0015 Blog Post #4 – Out of the Box

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During the past few months, we have learned a lot about social media and marketing. Additionally, we have gained a lot of knowledge about different approaches and strategies for success.

In the last few weeks, I have learned how important it is to listen on social media. It is my current goal in my current position as a Marketing, Social Media, and Graphic Design Specialist to focus more on this area. In addition to communicating what’s happening throughout the world through social media, we can also see how to keep up with our competitors so we can be one step ahead of them. In addition, it allows us to network with people from all over and be able to engage and promote your brand. 

Analytics was also one of the areas that caught my attention. Prior to taking any of these social media courses, I had a basic understanding of social media analytics. I feel that after further discussion in this course and with others, I now have a better understanding of how to grow your brand on social media platforms and utilize the tools available on them to listen to your audience. Consequently, this will assist you in putting together a social media strategy and setting goals so that you can distinguish yourself from your competitors. Additionally, you should make sure you are collecting the right data from each of your social media channels so that you can make sure your content is engaging and that your followers are getting what they want. Also, this ties in with one last area that I also find very useful as a Marketing & Social Media Specialist, and that is Keywords, Google Trends, as well as dashboards you can create to track these things.

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In this course we have learned about different tools that one can use to help you properly execute a social media strategy. In my current job as a Marketing and Social Media Specialist, I am responsible for collecting and compiling the right information for the organization. Therefore, I must stay informed about social media within the industry and how new trends, tools, and principles can be applied within my position.

Through this course, I have gained a great deal of knowledge that I can apply to my career path and freelance business, and I am grateful to know how to utilize social media and what tools are needed to implement a social media strategy in order to build awareness of our brand and make us stand out from our competitors. 

COM0015 – Blog #3 Professional Networking Now and in the Future

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Being a Marketing & Social Media Specialist at my current job, as well as running a freelance photography and graphic design business, I find networking essential. Whether you are making new connections for your career path or your personal life, it is always nice to be able to gain new knowledge, meet new people, or to potentially advance your career.   

In terms of professional networking, I will continue to build it both in person and online. Currently, I work for a municipality, and I frequently use LinkedIn to network with other professionals in the same field. Furthermore, it allows me to stay on top of other potential opportunities that may arise in the municipal area. Additionally, I believe it is extremely important to network on social media and join communities where you can effectively build your professional network. Due to this, I always join online communities that I feel could benefit from my freelance work, especially in the photography industry.

The key to in-person networking is to engage with people and deepen your relationship with them. As of now, I tend to check online for local events that are taking place within Durham Region to see what is happening and what may be beneficial to me. Since you never know who you will run into, I also carry business cards with me at all times.

As we all know, COVID has made it difficult to attend events in person. That being said, in the next 6 – 12 months I am going to make it a priority to get out in the community and network. Whether it is attending seminars, or attending local events at my local Board of Trade, I am going to make myself a priority and be sure that the community within my profession know who I am.

A great article that I came across while writing this blog is 3 Ways To Build Your Professional Network And Make Meaningful Connections. I highly recommend taking a few minutes to read it and see how you can benefit from networking and make it more meaningful to you.

COM0015 Blog Post #2 – Strong and Weak Organizations

As we have learned throughout these courses, social media strategies can be very difficult, especially when trying to create good content. If a company uses social media tools correctly, it can allow them to communicate directly to its target audience and build its brand.

As someone who enjoys staying active, Nike & Fitbit are two companies that I follow closely and think have impressive social media strategies.


Nike has no problem thinking outside the box when it comes to activewear and staying ahead of its competitors. Unsurprisingly, they are using social media to their advantage with over 281 million Instagram followers and over 35 million Facebook fans. In addition to using short videos and influencers, this company stays on top of the latest social trends. Additionally, they ensure that their content stands out from their competitors by being fresh. Using athletes as brand ambassadors not only allows them to showcase their brand but also promotes them so that they can reach local followers and sports fans on social media. Furthermore, they cover a wide range of sports rather than focusing on one. Additionally, they share brand ambassador stories that motivate and inspire their target audience to continue to pursue their dreams.

Nike's social post
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As we have learned in previous courses, you need to stand out against your competitors, be consistent on social platforms, engage with your audience while listening to them, and be sure to follow the latest trends happening online.

Fitbit's Instagram post

This is precisely what Fitbit does on its social media platforms. They do a great job listening to their audience and ensuring that they are engaging in every comment to have a conversation and involve their customers with their brand.

Image from Fitbit’s Instagram

Besides creating engaging content such as videos, challenges, and health tips, Fitbit also constantly asks its audiences for feedback. Any feedback, whether positive or negative, is always handled promptly by them. As a result of this, Fitbit is also able to gather data that will be used to improve their products in the future by providing insight to their team so they can include it in future releases.

Titika Activewear is one business that can unquestionably benefit from advice on using social media tools to their fullest potential. In my opinion, they have a lot of very flat content on their social platforms. They are very content-heavy and actively promote their products, but they don’t seem to be keeping up with the most recent social trends. You want to stand out from your competitors and give your audience a reason to choose you over the competition, as we have been learning throughout these social media courses. If Titika focused on features like how their products are durable, has four-way stretch, is breathable, and is shape-holiding, I believe they would differentiate themselves from their competitors.

Which active/fitness brands are dominating social media, and which ones do you think need to up their game?

COM0015 Blog #1: Tools and Sources

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In my current job as a Marketing and Social Media Specialist, I am responsible for collecting and compiling the right information for the organization. Therefore, I must stay informed about social media within the industry and how new trends, tools, and principles can be applied within my position.

Hootsuite and Facebook Meta Business Suites are two of my favorite listening and monitoring tools. I prefer both tools because they are simple to use, allow you to respond directly on both platforms, and allow me to measure multiple social channels. One issue with Hootsuite is that once you schedule a post, you cannot go back in and change it if something is incorrect. As a result, I’ve decided to rely more on Hootsuite to track Twitter and schedule posts through the Facebook Meta Business suite. Hootsuite is also useful for keeping track of your competitors and seeing what they are tweeting. Both tools make it very simple for me to collect the data I need to compile my monthly reports for my employer.

Facebook and TikTok are two sources I use for work. Since I work for the government, it’s hard to find sources. I follow many Facebook pages and groups from other communities to stay up to date with their posts promoting recreation, fitness, and events. This is a great opportunity for me to see how I can better our content across our social platforms. A great example of how this improved our analytics is that our posts looked more professional. By varying the style of our social content, we increased our overall engagement across our social platforms.

Lastly, TikTok is a source that my association uses to try and better understand what teens want to see. Working for the government, one of my jobs is to find new ways that we can push content to this age group. TikTok has helped us explore new ideas for programs that we can offer teens and given us some ideas on how we can push content in a delightful way rather than it being boring.

Social media provides a variety of tools for sharing content, enhancing awareness, boosting conversions, and offering services. Using social media tools, organizations can monitor multiple social platforms at once. As a result, one can keep track of brand mentions, relevant keywords, hashtags, and trends, which can help one gain a better understanding of their business and their competitors. 

COM0014 Blog Post #7 – Reflection

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As a result of taking this course, I have gained a better understanding of the importance of conducting market research. Knowing the interests, topics, and websites of the communities you’re targeting will not only help you make your pitch, but will enable you to stand out from the crowd.  

Additionally, we discussed the importance of storytelling and how it can be told in a variety of ways. Songs, dances, and even artwork can all be used to tell a story. Creating content that tells a story makes it easier for your audience to understand what you’re saying. Communicating is an integral part of our lives, and sometimes we forget how to do it. It is important to keep your writing simple and straightforward in order to provide a solid structure to your content. If you keep these points in mind, you will be able to communicate effectively with your audience and reduce the likelihood that they will lose interest in what you are saying. Poorly written stories will cause your audience to disregard you and leave a bad impression. Your purpose in telling your story is to stand out and be heard.

To give my audience a better understanding of who I am and what I do, all of my content in my own business as well as my everyday job will be guided by a story. By doing this, both jobs will also stand out, which will hopefully result in more traffic to the websites, resulting in more conversions and sales.

COM0014 – Blog #6: Do You Know My Story?

Photo of my dog and I

I am sure you are wondering who am I and what do I do?

Hey, I am Brittney and I am 33 years old and live in Ajax. When I am not working, I spend time spoiling my beautiful dogs, Stella & Benson. As a multi-hat wearer, I am constantly juggling tasks and responsibilities. Presently, I work for The City of Pickering as a Marketing & Social Media Specialist, part-time in retail, and own a photography and graphic design business. My independence and keenness drive me to strive to do my best in everything I do. When it comes to work, school, and my personal life, I always go the extra mile.

In the past year, I have faced lots of challenges. The past six months have been full of changes, including getting out of a long-term relationship/calling off an engagement, getting ankle reconstruction, and learning how to handle my mental health. Through all of these curve balls, I have learned that life doesn’t always go as planned, but if you start to look for the positive, you will find your way.

This leaves me where I am today, despite the challenges I have faced this year, I have had a lot of success. My photography business has taken a back seat since I had surgery in April, but that has not stopped me. As a single woman living alone, I am in need of income to pay the bills, so picking up an ongoing graphic design client was definitely beneficial. In this way, I have realized that I wake up every morning not only to do better for myself but to give my dogs the BEST life possible. As well as that, I have been taking these courses part-time to enhance my skills, with the hope that I will not only be promoted at my current job but also have the opportunity to use what I have learned for my photography and graphic design business.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have had a passion for photography and an eye for creativity. I’ve always been a creative person at heart, whether I was painting, drawing, creating graphic designs, or photography. So, it is no surprise that I’ve turned my hobby into a thriving business.

What is next on my journey is unknown to me, but what I do know is that I’m ready for whatever is ahead. Don’t worry about tomorrow, just live now!

COM0014 – Blog #5: Personal Brand – This is Me!

Image of me

Ever since I was a little girl, I have had a passion for photography and an eye for creativity. I’ve always been a creative person at heart, whether I was painting, drawing, creating graphic designs, or photography. So, it is no surprise that I’ve turned my hobby into a thriving business.

As your photographer, I strive not only to capture your favourite moments but also to make the experience fun and enjoyable for you. The quest for the perfect shot gives me the chance to live life on the wild side. In most people’s eyes, I am a social butterfly who is energetic, outgoing, and
passionate about what I do. As a photographer, this is extremely important since you need to be confident when photographing your clients, as well as have the ability to interact with them.

My experience as a photographer for non-profits and large corporations spans over 9 years. In contrast to my competitors, I place the needs of my clients above my own. My clients are therefore able to choose from a range of affordable packages, and I work closely with them to determine their budget-friendly options.

As Smart Business Trends states,If you work just for money, you’ll never make it, but if you love what you’re doing and you always put the customer first, success will be yours.” – Ray Kroc.

This is exactly what I do!

COM0014 – Blog #4: B2C Case Study on Royally Fit

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My blog was inspired by a difficult time in my life, and I chose to focus on a business that helped me at that time. It was only a few years ago that I struggled with loving myself until I discovered this amazing group of women who gave me the inspiration I needed to love myself unconditionally,

Royally Fit is all about helping women feel good about themselves, and inspiring other liked minded women around you to live the best life they can. Women run this business, and they engage with their audience on social media beautifully. On their social media channels, they also make great use of repetition and imagery to build their brand identity and convert their target audience into joining amazing women who inspire you to feel your best. The reason I know this is because I was one of their target audiences, and they converted me into a member and helped me feel more confident.

On both Facebook and Instagram, Royally Fit does an excellent job. Their ability to tell a story and empathize with their audience is impressive. Through their content, they help women lead a healthier lifestyle that fits with all kinds of like-minded women.

In my opinion, their approach to social media works well because they listen and engage with their audience. In this course, we have learned that it is critical for businesses to engage with their customers as this not only builds relationships but also enables them to establish their brand online. Royally Fit has done a wonderful job in both marketing its product online and motivating its target audience to act.

Building a brand provides opportunities to tell the story of the message to their audience. It is this factor that distinguishes Royally Fit from its competitors.

COM0014 – Blog #3: Grow Your Business By Knowing Your Audience

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Being in the photography business, I understand the difference between Business to Consumer (B2C) and Business to Business (B2B). Due to the highly competitive nature of the photography industry, I am always striving to build stronger relationships with new and existing customers.

It is extremely competitive to be a freelance photographer and photographers around the world are constantly seeking ways to maintain and expand their clientele. Social media is a strategy I use as a business owner to build brand awareness, connect with the world, track my competitors, and build relationships with my clients.

The majority of my target audience is family. This may mean they may be single married, divorced, in a relationship and or have children. In terms of social platforms, I currently use Facebook and Instagram, which we have already learned are great tools for a business.

In order to run a successful business, it is important to listen to your audience and understand what they are saying. For the past year or so, I have been implementing this strategy. I have been listening to my audience’s comments about offering some other affordable options by offering mini sessions to them four times a year at a lower rate. As a result, I am also improving the service I am providing.

Increasing my target audience on social media can be achieved by posting more frequently to my channels. It is common knowledge that the more you engage with your audience, the better the outcomes are, both for the business and the audience. Also, I would like to implement email marketing to my existing customers. In addition to gaining a deeper understanding of what my customers are seeking, I can also develop a long-term relationship with them through this tool. Additionally, I can share valuable information with them such as promotions on photography packages or when a special mini session is held for a set price at a certain location.

The tools we learn in our courses have already been put into practice for my clients, but as with any business, there is always room for improvement.

COM0014 – Blog #2 – Tell Me A Story

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Do you have a story that you’d like to share with the world, but don’t know where to begin? Whether it is a hidden talent or something personal, if you want to make a story, you must first understand how to tell a story and this requires the right structure and format.

Today, the web makes it easy for you to be heard and acknowledged. We have learned this week that storytelling can be told in a variety of ways. There are many ways to tell a story, including singing, dancing, and even creating artwork. Now you can tell stories instantly through social media, regardless of whether you reach one, two, or more than a million people. 

Communicating is an integral part of our blogging process, but we sometimes forget how to do this. You should always keep your writing simple and straightforward, and ensure that it has a good structure. By remembering these points, you can communicate effectively with your audience and reduce the chances of them losing interest.

A critical first step to developing any communications strategy is assessing your target audience. This applies to all types of writing, and it is especially important when writing a blog, posting on social media, or running a campaign.

Poorly written stories will likely cause your audience to disregard you and leave a bad taste in their mouths. That’s a pretty good argument, wouldn’t you say?