GoPro Taking Over Social Media (COMM1)

GoPro cameras capture great quality footage, offering up to 4K resolution and up to 120 frames per second. They are small, easily wearable, and almost indestructible.

GoPro has a huge presence in social media outlets, not only its videos on YouTube go viral in minutes but their Twitter and especially Facebook accounts are filled with fans and followers that love and respect the brand. GoPro’s Facebook account has almost 8 million “likes” and over 1 million Twitter. The GoPro YouTube channel has a little under 3 million subscribers and over 625,000,000 video views, comprised of sports fans, thrill seekers, photography buffs and just about anyone with a social media account. Sharing is everything for this kind of content. Those numbers are important for the success of GoPro’s digital marketing strategy. By posting engaging content on a regular basis, the company is able to demonstrate value in becoming a subscriber.

On top of that, GoPro systematically goes through the viewer comments on YouTube and answers any product questions that come up.  In other words, GoPro is using YouTube as an active system of customer and prospect engagement all while on Social Media.

One of the factors that has contributed to the Facebook success is how close they are with their customers, not only do they provide a sense of community for those with a GoPro, but at the same time provide a huge platform for user to share their content, which in return transforms into free advertising. On the website and on their Facebook, GoPro offers daily giveaways of everything they make to a lucky draw winner, all that is required to enter is an email address and minimal personal information. Strategies like this ensure that the customer has a positive view of the brand and most importantly keeps the customer coming back to constantly check on content and on new products being offered, not to mention the word of mouth awareness generated by campaigns like this.

While companies trying and compete with the revolutionary GoPro camera are spending thousands of dollars on commercials and print ads , GoPros Social Media presence had made them a billion dollar company.

The New Age Of Media (COM0011)

My grandfather worked for the Toronto Star for over 30 years. Today he wouldn’t recommend anyone to follow his footsteps why, Social Media.

The way we get ours news has changed, instead of waiting till the morning to read the paper with a cup a coffee we get up to the minute updates on our smart phones from Twitter, Facebook, or News apps push-notifications. By the time morning falls what is the paper is already known and the next story is on our minds. The police even use Social Media posting pictures of missing people or of suspects asking for the publics help. Getting the message out faster is what draws people to websites like Twitter and Facebook being able to spread news with one post to a few people or hundreds. In pop culture Social Media is huge, connecting with celebrities interacting with your favourite athletes can happen all at the hands of the platforms they use to connect with people.

Traditional news outlets become increasingly less relevant to the digital generation, Newspapers are on their way to extinction and Social Media is to blame or to thank.

social media

Everyone has had to adapt to Social media newspapers, businesses, and consumers it has changed everything. The days of buying expensive yellow pages ads are over. The way companies advertise is predominately digitally based. Interactive social network websites will spread your message instantly. Businesses can concentrate on qualified clients by taking advantage of community sites that do the profiling for you.

Everyday before I go to bed I check my phone for the latest news, before I get up I do the same. Our lives are revolved around Social Media whether we like it or not!