Waze or No Ways!

Give me the address and I will put it in Waze. Waze is an awesome app for directions.

            man sitting in his car reading a map.

By michael spring

Thank goodness we don`t have to spread those maps out across our car seats anymore to find how to get to our destination. We just plug in our address and start driving.

Waze will give you updates on:

  1. Car accidents –If you notice the traffic backing up it will alert you that there is an accident on the highway.
  2. Alternate routes-It will tell you the best and fastest route to get to your destination.
  3. Speed traps-now that you are confused and maybe late you might be speeding a little. Waze got your back and will let you know where the speed traps are located.
  4. Gas station-if you are running low on petro Waze will let you know where you can find the nearest station.
  5. Cities for Commuting-if you are new to a city Waze will help you understand what kind of city it is for commuting.

We were going to our kids hockey game. We got into a traffic jam where there was obviously an accident. At the time we were not using Waze and he was sure we would be late for his game. I said to him not to worry because everyone else would also be late.  Guess what I was wrong everyone else was on tim because they used Waze and it gave them an alternate route.

It didn`t take us too long to download the Waze app.

Waze app

Have you used the Waze app before?

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A Newfoundland Must!


Newfoundland is famous for its Newfoundland Screech! Screech is really Jamaican rum. Most locals have had a nip or two of screech in their time but if you are a “Come from Away” it’s a must to get screeched in. Screeched in ceremony.

One of the best places to get screeched in is at Christians Bar on George Street in St. John’s. It is pretty popular so you do need to make an appointment. To make the appointment you must go there with the person or persons that are going to become Honorary Newfoundlanders. I’m not sure how he does it but when you introduce yourself he will be able to call you by name for the whole length of the ceremony.

Once you arrive a traditional Newfoundland song is playing. Usually I’se the B’y. Everyone gathers around the large bar and the owner is dressed in Newfoundland fishing hat called a Sou’wester. He thumps a boat oar on the floor to get everyone’s attention. He then fries up a large, thick slice of bologny (newfie steak) and everyone gets a piece. You must eat it!  He proceeds to give some facts about Newfoundland.

  • Newfoundland is the youngest province in Canada
  • Moose are native to Newfoundland but there are no skunks, deer, or snakes on the island.
  • Newfoundland didn’t join confederation until 1949.

And many facts about Newfoundland! Whatever he wants to tell you that night!

Once that is all done he will say, “Is ye a screecher?

 You have to say, “Indeed I is me ol cock and long may yer big jeb draw” and kiss the cod and down a shot of screech!


At the end they sing We’ll Rant and We’ll Roar Like True Newfoundlanders and you will get your Honorary Newfoundlander certificate! You now have permission to party on for the rest of the night. Would you be bold enough to try it?


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Facebook: If you ever go to Newfoundland and want a good time go down to Christian’s and get screeched in. It’ a blast!

The Fab, Not So Fab and Alarming features of Social Media

Everything in life has it’s negatives and positives! That’s life! Let’s start out with the fabulous things about social media! One of my favourite’s is Facebook. Facebook has allowed old friends to connect on a regular basis. Facebook allows us to connect with aging and often lonely parents. Post pictures! My mom has an Iphone and Ipad that she can use to send a picture to me of the beautiful ocean right outside her window. Although she is not too savvy on it and in her words when she is frustrated-“this old stuff”. You can also do a live broadcast thru facebook live/livestream. Ah, there’s just so much!

Social media has brought the business world leaps and bounds. After all it is much easier to talk to multiple people at once and get answers promptly. With Google translate you can also talk to people in different languages. If you want to find an answer to a question or information with a quick google search you have it! Advertising is much more cost effective on social media platforms. People love to use Youtube to upload video’s, etc.

Now, some of the not so fabulous things about social media. I think we are missing that face to face communication. From past experience, sometimes idle chit chat coupled with work made for a great work environment. You also got to find out a little about their family. What they did on the weekend! Employees especially at larger corporations are overwhelmed with so many emails they feel like their day never ends. It does not get much better at home! it has become increasingly difficult to shut off the cell phone at night and shut down your brain, causing people to be sleep deprived. Getting lost in the facebook world is another problem, sometimes an hour has gone by and you don’t even realize it. Some of our older generation even feel like they are losing their independence because they are computer illiterate.

I know my mother in law is struggling now especially because she is not social media literate at all. With this COVID19 she is not able to go to the bank to pay her bills. I actually have to pay her bills on the computer for her. She is grateful but still wants to be self sufficient. https://bit.ly/300VLKA

Then there’s the alarming! Harassment and cyber bullying is quite prevalent right now amongst youth. Kids not getting invited to parties and seeing all of the fun their friends are having on social media. As a parent that is very hard to sit back and watch your kids being left out like that! I am not sure what I would do if I found out that was happening to one of my kids? What would you do?


Not sure why kids think this is acceptable! #dontleveanyoneout


Hey folks! If a senior is struggling with social media take a few minutes to help them. To you it means nothing – to them it means the world!

Save Money on Everyday Purchases!

Who doesn’t want to save a buck? I always loved browsing thru the weekly flyers looking to see what was on sale at our local stores, Walmart, Longo’s, Home Hardware, Home Depot, etc. Groceries and household items are expensive these days. A friend mentioned Reebee. After questioning her on it decided to download the APP.

Benefits of Reebee!

  1. You can browse any flyer in your area or anywhere in Canada if you change the area code to whatever area you are in.
  2. Make your grocery list.
  3. Share your list with your significant other and they can add to it as well.
  4. Once you type an item in the list you can do a search to see which stores in your area has it on sale. For example: if you want bread it will give you all of the stores that has a sale on bread and their prices. If you area savvy you can also price match at Walmart.
  5. Flyers are available at one minute after midnight on their due date.
  6. No more wasting paper printing flyers.
  7. Just use your phone when you are in the store shopping and tick the items off the same as if you were using a paper copy. http://Reebee


Click on your Reebee app and start making your list – Happy Shopping! You’ll be suprised how much money you save! It truly is amazing how the digital age has changed the world.

Facebook Post

Friends and family if you are serious about saving money on your groceries and other household items try out the Reebee App! It’s a winner for sure. I saved $50.00 on my groceries this week!