COM0014 -Blog# 7 Personal Reflection

Throughout this course, I gained knowledge on so many topics. Storytelling is the topic that resides with me the most.

I learned that storytelling is essential to create digital content because it is how we connect with our audience.

What’s Your Story?

I gained an understanding that storytelling is the foundation of communication and that stories are shared, in numerous ways.

To guide my content, I will use the inverted pyramid. In this course, I learned that it is crucial not to bury the lead since it is the most significant part of the story.

The Inverted Pyramid

Using the inverted pyramid, I will place the most valuable information at the start of the story, followed by additional information and then ending with the information that is good to know.

I will share the stories of healthy hair care practices with my YouTube audience. I plan on continuing to tell stories that engage my target audience.

Target Audience Analysis Template - Excel
Target Audience Analysis

This course has taught me many valuable lessons that I will apply when storytelling. I have learned that knowing my target audience’s likes and dislikes is just as significant as storytelling.

I am now aware that in order to tell good stories I need to know my target audience. Keeping my audience interested in mind will allow me to tell a good story.

COM0014 – Blog # 6: Do People Know Your Story?

Who is my super-fan? What do they want?

My biggest super-fan is my nephew Tristan. He is my biggest supporter when it comes to my YouTube channel.

Although he is just six years old, Tristan keeps on me to stay consistent posting my videos.

My nephew is an avid gamer who will stop playing his game to be the first person to watch my latest video, regardless of the length.

Tristan will go the extra mile to call me and give me his review of my video.

He will tell me what he likes and what he dislikes. Tristan will also remind me to get started on making my next video.

After watching, Tristan will tell his siblings and parents that I have a new video and remind them that they need to watch it.

Tristan encourages me to continue making content for my YouTube channel, regardless of what negative comments or issues I come across.

My nephew will even recommend products and content he wants to see on my channel.

Tristan has seen all my videos multiple times. He is even able to tell how old or new the videos are.

Tristan is my super fan because of his dedication to my channel. He has continuously supported my YouTube channel for the last four years.

COM0014 – Blog # 5: Personal Brand

My YouTube channel Chance4 Healthy Hair is my personal brand. Some of my characteristics that have set me apart from my competitors are my motivation to educate my viewers.

I have also provided my target audience with the information and encouragement to practise healthy hair care.

Recently the things I have done to stand out from my competitors are ensuring that my videos are of great quality and that they are straight to the point.

These changes have made a huge difference since most Youtube viewers don’t have the time to watch poor-quality or run-on videos.

Of late, I have also been engaging with my target audience more frequently than I did before.

My increase in interactions has allowed me to become a more familiar face within my target audience.

I believe that my colleagues would say my best trait is my organizational skills. I have always been able to find a way to organizes every and anything.

I am most proud of my positive outlook in life. Regardless of the situation, I am always able to find the light in the darkness.

Having a positive outlook has allowed me to help people see that they are not stuck in situations.

Since the Covid-19 pandemic, I have used my positive outlook to comfort family and friends throughout these difficult times.

I am proud that I have been able to assist my family and friends who have tested positive with Covid-19. I have done so by purchasing and delivering groceries for them as needed.

I am pleased that my family and friends continue to turn to me to help them see the positive sides of things.

Missing The Mark

The best way for companies to share their messages is by creating advertisements, such as commercials. 

We will be taking a look at Pepsi’s 2017 Live For Now controversial commercial, starring Kendall Jenner. 

Image by [Clarity Team] via [Clarity

Pepsi’s advertisement begins with someone opening a can of Pepsi. Then it shows a cello player playing on a rooftop. The ad then shows a group of protesters marching down the street. 

The ad then displays Kendall doing a photoshoot and the group of protesters marching by her. Kendall appears to be increasingly focused on the protest during her photoshoot. 

One of the protesters nods at her, signalling to join in. Kendall leaves her photoshoot abruptly and joins in with the protesters.

Not long after the protesters reach a police blockade. Kendall grabs a can of Pepsi and makes her way to the front of the protesters. 

Kendall then decides to approach the police blockade and hand an officer the can of Pepsi. The police officer takes the Pepsi and drinks it the protester begins to cheer and rejoice.

The Live For Now ad, made it seems like Kendall Jenner resolved the protest with a can of Pepsi.

Although it’s not clear what the protest was about, we can assume that it was about peace, love and joining the conversation based on the signs being held in the ad.  

What happens when the advertisement displays a different message than what was intended? 

After posting this ad, Pepsi had quite the backlash of unsatisfied viewers. Many viewers felt uncomfortable and started creating articles, tweets and video reviews about the ad.

Image by [Bernice King via [Twitter

Due to the backlash of The Live For Now ad. Pepsi had to remove it from the air and internet within 48 hours of posting.

Pepsi’s actions are a prime example of a company failing to research and connect with its target audience before making an ad.

Image by [Pepsi via [Twitter

As per Pepsi’s statement, they were trying to display their brand as a unifying product but completely missed the mark. 

Based on Pepsi’s statement the ad was meant “to project a global message of unity, peace, and understanding.”

After reading Pepsi’s statement, I can see how they believed that their ad displayed the message of random moments when people decide to let go, choose to act and allow nothing to hold them back.

My biggest issue with the Live For Now ad was that Pepsi made itself look like the cure for all social problems. This ad undermined real-life protests and police brutality. 

Based on the release time of the ad, it appeared that it was co-opting protest movements such as Black Lives Matter. Pepsi Live For Now ad did not sit well with social media users. 

Pepsi’s 2017 Live For Now Ad

Did you find Pepsi’s Live For Now ad to be controversial? Comment below.

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COM0014 – Blog # 4: B2C Case Study Fashion Nova

When I think of B2C businesses based on the distinct characteristics listed in the module the first business that comes to mind is Fashion Nova.   

If you are unfamiliar with Fashion Nova, they are a US based fashion retail company known for affordable and fashion forward product.

Based on Fashion Nova’s increase in popularity since 2018, it’s fair to say that their approach is working quite well. They have used sale strategies like running different sales promotions and having refer a friend program to increase their brand. Fashion Nova has increased it’s popularity by using Instagram to advertise their products.

Looking at Fashion Nova they have master B2C advertising in social media. They have done this by using celebrities, models and customers to promote products.

Fashion Nova encourages buyers to tag them in their instagram photos, to have a chance to be featured on their website. 

Since a lot of their buyers are interested in becoming influencers and models. Fashion Nova uses this knowledge to encourage their shoppers to continuously buy products to be featured. 

Fashion Nova is always running some type of sale. Their typical sale ranges from 20% to 80% off with some exceptions.

Fashion Nova started as a company selling women’s clothes but due to their popularity they expanded into selling men’s clothes and kids clothes. 

By all appearances Fashion Nova has a good quality of engagement with their audience. They have created a dedicated customer care twitter page, to answer any questions.

Has Social Media Created Viral Monsters?

The increased popularity of social media has caused many users to crave attention. The need for attention has grown tremendously, throughout all social media platforms.

Social media users crave attention so much that they are posting content with the hopes of going viral. If you are unfamiliar with the term going viral, it means content that spreads rapidly online within a short period of time.

In today’s society, everyone likes the idea of being famous. As there is no full-proof formula to go viral, social media users try to post original out-of-the-ordinary content. Going viral to social media users it’s like hitting the lottery. At the end of the day going viral really comes down to chance.

When creating content for social media, the greatest achievement is posting something that goes viral. If you go viral, it may be due to one of two things. Either somebody caught you at the right time or you created a post that went viral.

Everyone wants to stand out and get their 15 mins of fame. This need for fame has caused people to do dangerous and risky things.

An example of this is Tessica Brown, better- known as Gorilla Glue Girl. She went viral as a result of consciously using Gorilla Glue in her hair because she ran out of hairspray.

After using the gorilla glue, she was unable to remove it from her hair for over 30 days. Tessica posted a video on Tik Tok, asking for suggestions on how to remove the glue from her hair. I remember, seeing this video online. I thought that her actions were very stupid and careless.

After watching this video for a second time, I had a great concern for her health. This viral video, had me following along to see what would be the outcome. After seeing Tessica’s viral video, Dr. Michael Obeng offered to remove the Gorilla Glue from her hair free of charge.

Another example of someone going viral is Jeremy Meeks, better known as the Hot Felon. He went viral after his mug shot was posted on Facebook by the police department showing the progress of gun violence arrest. His photo soon gained a lot of traction due to his model-like features.

While Jeremy was in prison, his life changed forever. Within days of Jeremy’s photo going viral, he began to receive numerous fan mail and work contracts. After serving his prison sentence Jeremy signed a modelling contract and was in 5 movies in 10 months. Jeremy’s story is a perfect example of going viral by chance.

Do you believe that people go viral by chance Or by opportunity? Comment below and let me know.

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The Good, The Bad and The Ugly In Social Media

The world of social media is growing at an alarming rate. With this growth, the different sides of social media are growing. There are three sides of social media that I will discuss, the good, the bad and the ugly. 

The Good Side

One of the best things about social media is that it provides information to people globally.

Social Media has provided everyone with a tool that allows most people to stay connected with families and friends globally.

People Connection On Social Media

Social Media has been a great tool that provides and shares information from a click of our fingertips to anywhere in the world.

Social Media has become a great tool for businesses to market and promote their products for free. It has help businesses to lower their cost of advertisement due to their abilities to do their own social media advertising. 

People can purchase products online globally for a fraction of the cost in stores. I have been a big online shopper for many years. In which, I enjoy being able to buy the best quality products and with great savings online.

The Bad Side

Although there are many good sides to social media, there are also many bad sides. I will be discussing two of the bad sides of social media, which include social media addiction and body image issues.

On a continuum, many people are suffering from social media addiction globally. This addiction has become very popular on social media. Social media has become a daily obsessive tool for many people globally.

In my opinion, social media addiction can cause individuals to have body image issues. This stems from people comparing their appearance negatively to the appearance of celebrities and their peers.

Body image issues have resulted in people constantly altering their appearance. This is done by getting cosmetic surgery to get the perfect body image that is depicted on social media.

An example of this is Justin Jedlic, who goes by the name Human Ken Doll. Justin has undergone 1000 cosmetic procedures. This is to change his body image to appear like the Ken Doll.

These growing concerns have resulted in people having uncontrollable urges to log on or use social media to see what people are saying and doing. This addiction has caused people to devote lots of time and effort to social media that they could use positively in other aspects of their lives.

The Ugly Side

When looking at the three sides of social media, the ugly side is by far one of the worst. Social media addiction can cause people to have low self-esteem. This eventually leads to these individuals having mental health issues such as depression, anxiety and many other issues.

A few signs of lower self-esteem are giving up on personal appearance, hygiene and physical health.  Since social media has become the most important thing in many people’s lives, they have developed many concerns about their appearance online. 

Social Media Causing Low Self Esteem

This has allowed many people to become vulnerable on social media, which makes them a prime candidate to be cyberbullied.

The ugliest side of social media is cyberbullying. This is because social media allows users to have much social freedom. 

Social media apps and websites don’t have a way to filter negative comments towards users. Whereas a lot of cyberbullying occurs continuously. 

Cyberbullying has led to many social media users having suicidal thoughts. In the severe cases of cyberbullying, individuals have been known to take their own lives by suicide.

If you or someone you know is thinking about suicide, call the Canada Suicide Prevention Service at 1-833-456-4566 (24/7) or text 45645 (4 PM – 12 AM ET).

Which side of social media have you experienced? Leave a comment below.


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COM0014 – Blog # 3: Chance4 Healthy Hair’s Target Audiences

As a YouTube content creator, my target audiences have different characteristics.

My primary audiences are females between the age of 7 to 70 years old, who are passionate about having healthy hair.

11, Jun. “Op Ed: Diversity Pays.” Wealth Management, 12 June 2019,

Since my target audiences are not a specific age, I found myself having to use various ways of communication to reach them.

I realized that the best way to communicate with my audiences is by creating new videos and uploading them to my channel.

Although I haven’t tried blogging, I believe that it would be a great way to communicate with my audience as it allows an alternative to watching my YouTube videos.

Using Facebook pages has been a great way to share my content with my target audiences.

I found that by joining different hair-related Facebook pages, I can share my content and direct people back to my YouTube channel. This has increased the audience to my YouTube channel.

Instagram has been another great tool to connect with my audience. It allows them to get to know me on a personal level.

In addition, by searching for different hair terms on Instagram, I have located my target audience and interacted with them.

Instagram has provided me with a simple way to engage with my audience by liking their content. Thus, enticing my audience to interact with my page.

When it comes to my target audience, there are several effective ways to communicate with them due to their different characteristics. Such as via my YouTube channel, blogging, Facebook groups and Instagram.

Can Social Media Influencers Make or Break Your Business?

When businesses look at new ways to spread awareness about their brand, social media influencers are the new key to furthering their message authentically and profitably.

Breaking A Business 

What happens when a business does not use any brand promoters or influencers? Can the endorsement of influencers still affect the business?

Picture this: The year is 2018, it’s just another day in February until Kylie Jenner decides to make another post on Twitter. This was not just any post, it was the post that cost Snapchat stocks to fall 6%. If you’re thinking 6% isn’t a lot you are wrong. That tweet caused Snapchat stocks to dropped a whopping $1.3 billion, of the market value within 24 hours. 

Let’s check out the infamous tweet to get a better understanding of what was said on that day.

Several hours after the report that Snapchat stocks were dropping, Kylie decided to post another tweet.

Unfortunately, it was too late. The damage was already done; the stocks had already started to drop.
Snapchat had recently redesigned its app to create a more personal experience for users. However, there was a lot of backlash from users by making these changes.

This update caused the location of content to be moved in the app leaving users confused and frustrated. When it comes to the power of celebrity endorsement, it certainly has a more powerful effect on social issues. After Kylie’s tweet caused the Snapchat stock to drop. Snapchat released a statement and video addressing the changes to the app.

Making A Business

On December 12, 2016, Fyre Festival was ignited. This was an event that was sold by the power of celebrity endorsers, known as “ The Fyre Starters”. 

Fyre Festival was solely promoted via Instagram by Chanel Iman, Kendall Jenner, Emily Ratajkowski, Bella Hadid and several more well-known high-profile social media influencers. None of the influencers initially revealed that they were paid to make their post. Due to their endorsements, 5,000 tickets were sold out in 48 hours of launch day.

This update caused the location of content to be moved in the app leaving users confused and frustrated. When it comes to the power of celebrity endorsement, it certainly has a more powerful effect on social issues. After Kylie’s tweet that caused the Snapchat stock to drop. Snapchat released a statement and video addressing the changes to the app

Fyre Festival which was held in the Bahamas was advertised that guests would have a similar experience to Coachella. Guests were promised two luxurious weekends comprised of staying in luxury villas, receiving gourmet meals, attending multiple concerts and lots of other adventure including water sports. The official announcement for the event stated, “The actual experience exceeds all expectations.”

Fyre Festival Announcement

Regrettably, when guests arrived on the island, their expectations were exceeded in the worst way possible. They had to stay in FEMA tents and received prepackaged food as meals. By this point, all the headliners had pulled out of the festival. Fyre Festival ended up being a complete disaster and was being postponed, which eventually lead to it being cancelled.

Food & Housing At Fyre Festival

Since Gen Z and Gen Y are more impacted by the recommendations of social influencers, it’s safe to say that when it comes to the power of influencers they can never be underestimated. Influencers have the power to either make or break your business depending on how they choose to support and comment.


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