Social Media is for Shopaholics

Let’s talk about how social media has effected our wallets, and increased profits for small businesses. 

As a shopaholic, social media is has become my best friend. I use Instagram, TikTok and Facebook Marketplace daily. Instagram has this new shopping page which features all kinds of online stores from all around the world, I’ve found some amazing items on there – so convenient and efficient compared to aimlessly searching the internet looking through individual stores. 

TikTok is filled with influencers constantly promoting items. Video platforms are great for reviewing products, and strongly influences the audience.

Facebook Marketplace is actually what convinced me to re-download Facebook. My partner convinced me to check Facebook Marketplace we we were looking for an outdoor sofa. We ended up finding the perfect sofa from Article and it was almost half the price. You can find so many gems on marketplace.

Businesses have been reaping the benefits with increased traffic and sales, higher online credibility and accessibility with social media promotion. Has social media ever introduced you to a new shop? One that you might have never known about?


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Have you been influenced to buy something because it was promoted on social media?

These days, it feels as though I am easily influenced on social media by influencers, celebrities, and just trending items. Fashion trends, specialty drinks, and so recently: I have been influenced to purchase a Stanley cup travel mug. Women all seem to be carrying around and posting about these beautiful travel mugs of all different colours, with cute straws and boasting about it keeping your drink cold for hours.

I’m not sure how I feel about this item being so heavily promoted. My thoughts are that is it just as good as a Yeti (my old travel mug) and so many others. It does not fit in a cup holder which is another downside. Really the only benefit in my opinion is that it looks cute. However, you can find cute travel mugs everywhere. The price is a hefty $40, at this point I feel the cons outweigh the pros for this product. It’s hard to believe how easily someone can be influenced by social media. Buyers be warned!

Stanley travel mug THE QUENCHER H2.0 FLOWSTATE™ TUMBLER | 30 OZ | 0.88 L

I have been with past purchases which were promoted by social media influencers. For example, Lululemon purses. More specifically: cross body nylon satchel type purses. I love it and highly recommend to everyone I encounter. Sold in many beautiful colours and the size is perfect for me, small and comfortable but still fits the essentials.

Lululemon is a company I am obsessed with, because the quality is amazing and they have a fantastic warranty on all of their products. The prices of their items can be on the pricier side, but are worth it in my opinion.

In conclusion, you can be positively influenced and negatively influenced when it comes to promotions on social media. Are you a shopaholic? Have a passion for retail therapy? Be careful out there!

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Can social media improve productivity?

Social media has been life changing for me. I struggle with ADD – Attention Deficit Disorder, and can be a real couch potato sometimes. Seriously, it is very difficult for me to get motivated or productive some days. Once I stopped using social media for the wrong reasons – aimlessly scrolling on my friends feeds and judging myself based on their lives looking so amazing, I started using social media the right way. I now follow inspiring people, and this may seem mundane but it legitimately has helped me.

On days when my house is a wreck I watch many videos on other people cleaning their houses and somehow this inspires me to clean my own house. They turn cleaning into a fun task instead of chore by using headphones and listening to their favourite music, lighting a candle, making a delicious drink whether it’s your favourite iced coffee, soda, tea, glass of wine.

My personal favourite drink while cleaning, a French 75. My friends and I treated ourselves to these while cleaning the cottage we stayed at!

On days when I need to study, I watch videos on people studying with very aesthetic desk setups and organized/beautiful notes. I then clean my desk area, make my favourite chai tea latte, make my pretty notes and get cracking. When I need to workout? You get the idea, same thing. With many great videos to choose from on YouTube, TikTok and Instagram Reels I never run out of inspiration.
In case you are wondering, here is my inspiration for writing this blog: Study with me

My special chai tea latte study treat

So I a wondering if maybe I am just weird, or if other people feel the same way? Can social media make you more productive? In some ways I believe it is my mind just trying to procrastinate by wanting to watch videos on social media first, or needing to clean my desk area before studying. But if you eventually do get to the task, and it makes it overall more pleasurable than won’t you be more likely to do these tasks on a daily basis? Or at least more consistently. I like to think so.

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Youtube video: 1.5 HR study with me!: Lofi Music, no breaks. YouTube. (2021, August 3). Retrieved January 30, 2023, from 

Was my trip to Italy influenced by social media? COM0011

Was my trip to Italy influenced by social media? COM0011

After watching season 2 of a series called “The White Lotus” on Apple TV, my social media started booming with posts about Italy. After seeing so many posts I was dying to go. I am not a huge traveller and need to be strongly influenced to go anywhere. Hoping to see beautiful sites, amazing food and great weather as shown in the series and posted online – I jumped on a plane as soon as possible.
Planned were three destinations in Italy over the course of two weeks: Rome, Lake Como and Tuscany.

First stop: Rome

The best food was definitely in Rome. Weight watchers be warned, it is very difficult to resist carbs. My diet consisted of pasta, pizza and gelato. The coffee was on another level of delicious, I’m drooling thinking about it. I’m not usually drawn to large crowded cities, but the architecture and culture is a must see.

Second City visited: Lake Como

Lake Como has a special place in my heart. It was the most beautiful place I have ever seen, the pictures almost look fake. My partner and I spent a majority of the time walking along the water to cafes, restaurants and small shops. We rented a boat for one day and looked at picturesque houses and breathtaking mountains, dreaming about living there.

Final destination: Tuscany

Last but not least, Tuscany. Wine region is hard to disappoint, the food was also so delicious I’m still dreaming about it. This location was all about the wine vineyards and charcuterie boards.

The weather in all three locations was perfect, I don’t think there was one day of rain. I recommend these places to everyone I come across, the entire trip was like a fever dream. I posted daily on my social media, and received great feedback. Every time I see a reference on social media to White Lotus, fond memories of my trip to Italy come flooding back.

Social media has greatly influenced my travels, and is an amazing resource for tips and recommendations while travelling. It is also fantastic to connect with others around the world. This article confirms I’m not the only one influenced: “The White Lotus” drives searches for Sicily up 50%

Has social media influenced your travels?


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