Botox, Fillers, Threads, Fractora, Forma… OH NO!!

Which one do I choose? What body parts needs it? What age do I start it?  How much is it? These are the thousand questions woman have as they age.

Looking in the mirror at themselves just gives them ammo. Looking at a magazine, or the TV, gives them ammo. And you know what else gives them ammo, “social media”. 

That’s right, not only is it plastered all around you as said above, but it is right in the palm of your hand, “your phone”. As you scroll from this ad to that ad, to this app to that app.  Whether you like or not like, skip it or not skip it.  You see it, people comment about it and people follow it. 

Anything to make you “look” younger is out there. Everywhere you turn. I know for a fact this can be over whelming.  As a young adult, I am impressionable and my mother always prays that I make decisions I won’t regret.  She knows how it is to have these ideas pushed into our heads, the only difference is they had magazines, showing them what’s out there. With magazines, if you didn’t want to see it, you just didn’t buy it. These days there are even have ads in between watching videos on your phone or computer.

A little bit of “botox” and/or a little bit of “fillers”, you say? Botox is neuro-moderlator that freezes the nerves from moving. Dermal filler is a substance used beneath the skin to add volume and fullness.  Then there is the newest trend, Threads.  This a non-excisional lift to fix your skin by embedding a medical-grade thread fabric into an area and after that “pulling” your skin up by fixing the string. All three of these are given through injections and are minimally invasive, meaning they do not involve surgery.

I also have family, that are in the same type of field. The one specializes in one type of machine, that does quite a few things using a hand device and its innovative technology is for minimally invasive & non-invasive treatments. For instance, Fractora offers the skin and tissue remodeling to improve the appearance of the skin for anti-aging benefits. These treatments improve skin appearance by remodeling tissue and collagen.  Then there’s Forma, a thermal radio frequency treatment that targets fine lines and wrinkles, as well as loose skin. This machine also does, laser, fat minimizing and so much more and there is no downtime, as defined here: My other family member uses a similar machine and also invites you to come and do other treatments like: threads, vitamin drips, butt lifts, fat burning, skin tightening etc. A spa for your whole body.

Overwhelmed yet?

Well, I sure am. I am on their Instagram and Facebook pages, so I see what their businesses are up to and how many audiences are out there liking them. And because of that, there are so many other extreme marketing ploys from other brands, and then I question myself, ultimately looking constantly in the mirror. What baffles me is that their targets used to be the “older aging generation” and now, oh no… it’s my generation.  What has this society come to. I am still growing and spreading my wings.

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So, not only do I see this here and there, there and here, it is also the “thing” to talk about in my social groups. Whether in person or messaging back and forth, someone is always wanting to change or fix something on their body. Why can’t we just work with what we have, especially if we are still young. It really is getting out of hand.

Have you every been overwhelmed by wanting something that you probably didn’t need or want, but social media made it irresistible?

A new YOU, why not? Read how some people couldn’t live without this. #facelift.

Should I? or Shouldn’t I? This is one of the biggest decision of your life. Let me help you decide. Read more to help you in your decision.

Looking, Looking, and more Looking! If you seek, you shall find they say!

Oh, where, can I find thee?

seeking job, pandemic

“Thee”, meaning a job.

I went through two years of college and studied in a great program that I enjoyed called Special Events Management. While in my second year the pandemic hit. It took all the skills I had learned and undermined my desire to improve them in the real world outside of school. “Dreams almost shattered”, well I would just say, put on ‘hold”.  As much as I wanted to jump into the real world of the “working class”, I did not mind this little bit of a wait. Also, I didn’t expect it to be this long of a wait, but I kept trying to see what was out there.

As I should, I did put a few resumes out there, and nothing!  Mind you, I don’t want to just work anywhere. So, I took what I could and got a job through a friend for a restaurant. I started as a hostess, then led up to expo, and currently, I will be starting to do the waitress, job.  So, I am quite excited and nervous at the same time. I mean I shouldn’t be nervous because I did work at a Tim’s Horton’s for three years straight.  I mean it was dealing with customers, but not quite the same as waitressing. Oh well, once I get the hang of it, like anything, you get more comfortable and know what to do.

Shortly after, working as a waitress for a bit, I will need to pursue my passion even further. The next job will be a waitress at a banquet hall.  I know they set up a lot of events, like weddings, engagements, and fundraisers, etc.  Another thing, I may try being a part of a committee that puts together the fairs that may be coming up, for example, the Caledonia Fair, the Festival of Friends, or the Peach Festival.

I guess I should get my gear into action. In, order to, make these things happen, I would need to do my research and check out any event planning jobs here on the Indeed site: and/or LinkedIn:

Here’s a great read, one who is in a similar situation as I was, Unemployed graduates struggle to find jobs in the Covid-19 market – Vox. And like her, the employers never got back to me, and I have a certificate in special events. Mind you my field, was on and off during the pandemic.  Now that some of the mandates for the pandemic are being lifted, I will start my search.

And away I go….

Did the pandemic stop you from getting a job or doing something you enjoyed?

Did jobs online look promising and then it wasn’t? Read what is really happening out there.

#Are you looking for a job and getting nowhere? Did the #pandemic put #jobs at a #halt? Check out my blog for further details.

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FoMO Alert!

Yes, that’s right, the Fear of Missing Out (FoMO)! It’s a term used when one thinks they are going to miss out on something if they are not part of it or not aware of it.

The feeling starts at an early age.  None the less, it’s a real feeling and all kinds of people feel this.  Whether you are a kid, teenager, adult, male, or female.  Many don’t want to admit they have #FoMO. I know I have it.

I sat in one Friday evening, not really upto going out, but I knew my #friends were out drinking, dancing, and having a blast.  As this is happening, I dreaded looking at my phone.  I probably could have gone out but wasn’t quite feeling it.  I kept looking at my phone, but I didn’t want to go on any #social media that was connected to them, knowing they were going to post all their selfies and pictures of each other.  So, I basically sulked in my room and became miserable.  I got agitated all through the evening, at everything and everybody around me. I couldn’t get over this FoMO until the night was over.  I knew by morning I would be fine and sure enough back on social media I go. 

Whatever it was that night, it had passed but then FoMO appeared again, the next weekend when I had a chance to go skiing with my mom and my friend.  I was packed and ready to go, but as I thought about it more, I cancelled.  I wanted to go out on Saturday night, and I wanted to make sure I was home.

As I experienced above, the more the FoMO one has, the more they get into a #depression of some sort and can get #agitated etc. And those with a lower FoMO had more self-control.  Overall, FoMO and social media are definitely linked together.

Can we quickly fix this? Well, there are a few tips given at: Just a few ways mentioned were to: detox and get away from your social media; listen to your body and give it a mental break; and make the most of your alone time and pamper yourself.  Again, these are quick fixes and should become scheduled into your daily routine. 

I guarantee there will be a better #YOU.  Don’t let FoMO lead your life, let YOU lead your life!

Let’s all be honest to ourselves, do you think you have FoMO?

A quick read on what it’s all about: FoMO Alert!


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YOUR “social media” or YOUR “mental health”?

How much social media is too much?

All I can say is: “social media”.

It all started back when I received an upgrade from an Ipod to an Ipad. Wow was this the ultimate gift. I made lots of videos with my friends and it was totally glued to me. I then started my first Instagram account and other accounts that parents couldn’t see.  As much as our parents tried monitoring us, we still had private accounts.  Now mind you sometimes our friend’s parents made their sons/daughters show them who they are following and sure enough they would see something I posted, and they told my mother.  So, I had to deal with the consequences or the talking to. As wonderful as the Ipad was, I then got a phone and sure enough from there developed new social media applications, like snap chat, you tube etc. and now the most common, tik tok.  It is so out there.

I so looked forward to the attention being on any social media and always counted on the amount of “likes” I received. The comments always made me feel good too. Waiting until I turned my Ipad on again to check out how many people viewed my post. This was accelerating to me. But was it accelerating, or could it have been anxiety?  This started say around grade 6 and 7, and as we all are connected through social media, and watched what are friends were doing, this was not always a good thing,  Thinking constantly, “why wasn’t I invited?, does she not like me?” or “oh my God, she’s dating him”. Wow, these were the constant questions and thoughts that went through my head, with every post that was posted on any social media.  Then the negative comments came.  And sometimes there were actual fights with words. We now considered this as bullying and that my friend is not okay, and it’s now surely affected our mental health. 

At that time, did I know anything about mental health and all the terminologies under it, like anxiety, suicidal thoughts, depression etc. Absolutely not!  As I grew older, through using social media and knowing some friends that had mental illness issues, I came to realize that “mental health” is all around me.  I never knew what it was and why teens were always “coping out”, so to speak. I needed to find out more and did lots of reading and asking questions and trying to actually guide those close to me, one day at a time.

The following are some facts that came to light when researching this subject, that caught my eye, for they are talking about the same era I grew up in, see below: 

Also, in my findings the #semicolonproject417 semicolon is a representation of “mental health”, it “represents a sentence the author could’ve ended, but chose not to.  The author is you and the sentence is your life”.

The NAMI (Nation Alliance on Mental Illness) reported that in 2019, “One in six U.S. youth aged 6-17 experience a mental health disorder each year.”  The CDC reports that, in recent years, the suicide rate for teens has started rising again around 2008, and even reached a new peak for girls. In 2015, 1,537 boys and 524 girls aged 15-19 committed suicide and this figure is growing.

A poll by the Pew Research Center in 2018 found that 97% of adolescents use at least one of the seven most popular social media platforms (YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Reddit). 95% of teens own a smartphone, and close to 90% say they use social media several times a day. An article by The Independent reported that over a quarter of Gen Z kids say that social media makes them feel anxious, sad, or depressed. This article also found that social media affects more than just mental health. Self esteem, sleep, and memory all may be negatively affected by social media as well.

Those were unbelievable stats, I knew it was bad, but now I am sure of it.  As much as my parents guided me and tried protecting me, I still did my own thing.  As I have grown, I still use social media but know how to protect myself away from it when I need to.

Please note, social media is also a positive tool. It is a great way to communicate with people and places around the world and a way of knowing life outside of your own. 

Keep in mind, as the users of these tools (social media apps), we need to know when and how to use them properly, as you are the only one who can treat your mental health, no one else will.

Now, I can say is: “mental health”.

Were you this aware of the impact social media has on our mental health, especially our teens? Drop me your thoughts.

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Social Media and its negative effects on Mental Health – The Scroll (