COM0014 Blog #7 Personal Reflection

Social media, in one way or another, has taken over much of my daily life. It has become a personal craving, business venture, and entertainment guide. Sometimes it is my best friend and other times my worst enemy.

I used to cringe at the mention of “social media”. It was a monster. A monster I so desperately tried to keep away from my children.  The monster I denied I needed or wanted in my life. I feared the unknown, so I turned a blind eye and pretended social media was a passing trend. Honestly, I was afraid, and the scope was too big to grasp. However, the more I learn about social media, the more I am inclined to embrace its worldwide presence.

I feel this communication course just might be the most important course offered in the certificate program.  Without proper communication, nothing can be accurately achieved.

If I had to pick my single most important takeaway from this course, it would be online “listening”. Before this course, I did not understand how imperative online “listening” is: how essential it is to a successful online campaign. Learning about online “listening” completely transformed my online communication focus and content material.

I have been struggling with content development. Online “listening” gave me new ideas and a new set of eyes. It helped me determine what I should post; when I should post and to whom I should be posting. I feel utilizing online “listening” is the path to understanding content delivery. I compare it to having company over for dinner. If I prepare an awesome menu but the people around my table do not eat the type of food I have prepared, then a lot will be left on the table. However, if my menu appeals to the palette of my guests the food will be devoured This is valuable “stuff”: you want your audience to devour the information you are posting.  

As the saying goes: “Location, Location, Location”.  People hang out at different online locations. Each social media platform attracts a different audience. This past month I have gained a better appreciation of platform demographics.  Even the greatest content will have no value if it does not reach your intended audience.  I understand how a little research can go a long way.

This communication course helped me put together another piece of the social media puzzle.  Without a doubt, learning how to communicate online is imperative to building meaningful, quality, and prosperous interactions.