Twitter or Facebook choose one….people these days are crazy about the numerous social media websites and pages. People talk a lot about stuff going around the world. Almost the quarter of the population is on Facebook, because social networks feed off interactions among people, they become more active and powerful as they grow.

If we talk about the importance of social media, these days its easily accessible and it meet up the point of today’s internet savvy audience. Whereas, social media proves that it is a good method through which we can easily access the third party in business world.

In the business it has made easy interactions, meetings and working of workers. One can sit far away from his/her country but still can connect his/her meeting partner.

However, this is not the end Social media is coming up with huge problems. There are more number of teenagers on the social media rather than of business men or women. It affect their personal and social life, they usually do not like to interact with each other.

Teenagers have a need to fit in, to be well known and to exceed others. This procedure was testing some time before the coming of online life. Include Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram in with the general mish-mash and you all of a sudden have young people being exposed inclination strain to grow up excessively quick in an online world.

Question is still same on the earth, is Social media is good or bad? Is it important for world or not? Comment down below and share your view.

#Hashtags on Social Media

When it comes to explore your brand on social media platform, hashtags are central to accomplishing achievement. Hashtag is an approach to make your substance discoverable, in any event when utilized effectively.

Hashtags were first used in Twitter to highlight specific material like news, jokes, celebrity talks, birthdays etc. But these days its very common for other social media applications like Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook and Tik-Tok. People usually get alert by these Hashtags wondering all over the internet for example L’Oreal Paris’s new hashtag #L’Orealmakeup #L’Orealfashionweek increased their customers and profitability of the company, people got notifications and they got more attracted to the tons of new makeup kits.

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As it has a lot of benefit to the company, but there are many disadvantages too. There are always good and bad comment about one company, those bad comment also change into Hashtags which reflects the negative affect on the company and its goodwill low downs.

It is very important for the company to use special or unique Hashtag to promote their brand which do not affect the presence or existence of one another. here is a video on hashtag which shows its how it really works.

Instagram with magic features…

Instagram has launched a hidden feature known as ‘Thread’ is just made for the ‘Close Friend’ list. It is totally a separate space for sharing and chatting with your best friends. ‘Thread’ is powerfully used as a direct messaging tab in Instagram.

“While Threads can be used for messages of all kinds, its core function is sharing photos, just like Instagram.”

Instagram let you select handful of people to see privileged content. Only the people on your Close Friends list show up in Threads, so those are the only people who can reach you there. It let you set up a notification for just people you care about, it let you share custom statuses with your buds, so you can share your feelings, emotions anytime with them.

There is another feature called Auto Status, which automatically shares context information based on sensor data from your phone. It might post something like “driving to ……” ” eating at ……restaurant ” ” out for dinner” etc.

There is always thorns to a rose, message that you want to send to friends may be include somebody you do not want to send them at that point of time. Whereas, it boost a bit, people started sharing some crazy and silly stuff that mind some friends, family or a co-worker.

Social media is always a great platform to share, smile, show or include something creative or exclusive every time. It never discards the healthy relation of human and its social media.

How to use Snapchat as a great advertisement tool

Snapchat now has 48.91 million users in the states and it is emerging as a big base for companies to advertise their products and services. Before thinking about the content, we should learn different tools which snapchat provides to advertise. These tools are defined below:

  1. Snap ads: These ads can be in form of GIF, videos or photos and can also be interacted by the user which can allow them to directly install the app.
  2. Story ads: This tool is the most famous, Advertisement appears on users screen while they are checking out stories of their friends.
  3. AR lenses: Companies can develop different lenses which can be used by different users. These lenses are usually made to create awareness and user engagement.

You should now know that why are you advertising?

You should know that are you creating brand awareness, promoting the product, collecting surveys or trying to make people install apps.Then the next step is to think out of the box and be creative. The ad should be entertaining and infotainment at the same time. For example , if you are advertising shoes than you should create ar lens which shows shoes on the floor or something like that.

So these basics should be kept in mind to before advertising on Snapchat.