Queen of Procrastination!

I procrastinate, I’m a procrastinator, the Queen of all that is procrastination. Part of the reason I elected to enrol in this course was to make myself accountable by ensuring that I was spending adequate time studying something that could bring me closer to my career goals and aspirations. Yet, here I am, with 22minutes left on the clock and belting out this blog like my life depended on it. So, it got me thinking, how can I help out my fellow procrastinators out there to get in the flow and “git ‘er done”. Now I don’t recommend that you procrastinate…but I have done some of my best work “under the gun” and I can understand, more than anybody, how hectic and intense life can get sometimes.

So here are 5 top tried and true tips and tricks…

  1. Find some audio that puts you “in the groove” and helps you focus at the task on hand and closeout all distractions; for me this has spanned playing the “LOTR” series in the background to listening to classical violin, or boosting “Die Antwoord” at full volume through bass-heavy headphones (Just a cautionary note – Die Antwoord is VERY alternative and not at all safe for work because of it’s tendency towards vulgarity – you’ve been warned).
  2. Have a clean workspace; unless you are one of the lucky few that thrives in chaos don’t have trash all over the place and clutter everywhere. How can you expect your mind to focus when there are so many different things vying for your attention? This goes for all aspects of your life really – how are you going to commit to any goal with your attention so divided?
  3. COFFEE – or tea…dealers choice; or, if you want some more “healthy alternatives” maybe try dark chocolate, bananas, or citrus fruits. Make sure you are also having lots of water to stay hydrated. Fun fact: sometimes when you’re feeling “hungry” you’re actually “thirsty” so try having a drink the next time you get a late night craving.
  4. Have your “work essentials” in the same place on your desk; you can’t hammer out a paper or blog post if you’re searching for your headphones/charger/special pen for half an hour.
  5. Keep your office door shut or make it KNOWN that you are off limits to the others in your household and are not available for idle chatter.

I hope this post helps you out next time you find yourself in a time crunch…I’ve wrote, edited, and am now finishing this blog post with 4mins left to spare. What do you think about my suggestions? Any tired and true tricks of your own? Feel free to share them below! Until next time – Peace my Loves!

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Clean & Fresh – Bidets are the BEST!

Wanna know the first thing my husband and I ordered as soon as we knew that we were going to start looking for our first home? BIDETS! Yes, you heard me right, Bidets – PLURAL. For those of you not in the know, bidets are a handy and slightly controversial bathroom fixture that helps you freshen up after “using the facilities” via a jet of water (sometimes cold or sometimes hot).

And the options are endless – never before could you customize your “clean-up” process to the extent that you can now! Cleanup via a handheld nozzle? Separate Fixture? Simple toilet-seat attachment? Or all-in-one? The choice is yours! Heated Seat? For sure! Want a soft, blue, calming night-light? Whynot! Customized music playlist? OBVIOUSLY! It’s like a spa for your derriere – so why are you STILL using toilet paper down there?

Image by Pillar Resources

The fact is that Bidets are very common in other parts of the world (they’ve been around since the time of Napoleon) and it’s only just now that North America has started to take an interest; probably has something to do with the fact that we all went so overboard with over-purchasing toilet paper that we created a shortage…but also due to brands like Omigo, Brondell, and Tushy making them more readily available.

Tushy in particular has a huge social media marketing campaign and have deliberately made their eco-conscious brand voice upfront and in your face with slogans like:

“The modern bidet that saves your ass, saves your money, saves the planet and saves the world,” (https://hellotushy.com/).

I freaking love my Tushy 😉 It was probably one of the most affordable, easy to install, and space efficient of all the options we considered. Although I get a lot of startled reactions I’m happy to say I get just as many curious or grateful reactions when they learn that bidets are available in our home.

So, whaddya think? Are you willing to consider lessening your ecological footprint, saving some money, and having a cleaner derriere? Join the rest of the World – You’ll Love it Over Here!!

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