How Social media has changed the world of politics

The battle for supremacy of the US election in November 2020 is heating up on social media channels like never. Mike Bloomberg has just given the Democrat hopeful Joe Biden, $ 100 million dollars to fund his campaign again the incumbent Donald Trump.

The use of Twitter for Donald Trump with his over 80 million followers has surpassed some media stars and other causes to promote good, versus the unfortunate “rants” he now using.

Twitter one of the older micro blogging sites will soon have to change its tactics if the company wants to stay in business as they do not fact check all their tweets which leads many of its users to tweet anything they think or believe will have a following or be retweeted. I believe the original intent of the site has been subverted and no longer can be trusted for accurate posts and many false tweets anyone can post

Facebook has been known to accept any advertisement it chooses including hate speech, misinformation, conspiracy theories, false news or anything else to get a like on its site.

I believe Facebook must do a much better job in the future if they want to survive any countries law makers to restrict its business model going forward.

Donald Trump in 2016 bought over 5.9 million ads worth over $ 44 million in a very short time, thus disconnecting with much of this base, but targeting how Facebook uses its automated advertising machine.