COM0011- Social Media Campaigns That Struck Gold

COM0011- Social Media Campaigns That Struck Gold

Hey everyone!

My name is Desiree and I’m a Marketing Coordinator for a large property management company in Ottawa, Ontario. I’m also now apparently a blogger (but bear with me- I’m new to this).

I wanted to shed some light on a couple of genius social media campaigns that have caught my eye over the past few years and why I think they are important.

The Curious Case of IHOB. I’ll admit it. This campaign both irritated me and commanded some serious admiration. In case you missed it, the classic American breakfast franchise, IHOP, claimed to be rebranding and changing their name to IHOB. They asked the public to take a crack at guessing what the new and mysterious “B” stood for. From burgers to breakfast, the social media universe was alive. More than 30,000 users responded with their guesses and their burger sales quadrupled from the year previously.

One great prank – what does the “B” stand for?

Of course, in the end, it was all just a giant prank, but that certainly didn’t make the level of brand exposure they received any less real. Way to go, IHOP (or IHOB…whatever your name is). You got me. Well played.

Next up – your favourite childhood dunking cookie, Oreo. This is a prime example of staying on top of your toes and maximizing your social media exposure. Brands often use major events, such as the sporting events or holidays, and develop social media campaigns around them.

During Super Bowl XXLVII, there was a blackout that lasted close to 35 minutes. Within ten minutes of that blackout, Oreo’s social media team released a simplistic ad with the catchy and all-too-fitting for the moment tagline , “You Can Still Dunk in the Dark”. Simple, effective, modern, and time-sensitive. Proof that responding to social media trends in a quick manner is essential. Had they waited even another 20 minutes, the impressiveness of the ad would have been non-existent. Simply genius. Now where can I get my hands on some Oreos to dunk?

You can still dunk in the dark.

With all of the advancements in marketing and digital communication, it has never been more important to stay up-to-date on current communication trends. What social media campaigns/advertisements (good or bad) that have caught your eye? Leave your responses in the comments below!

COM0014 – Blog #2: The “art” of getting connected

Hello everyone, this is Khadije Taha speaking to all of you on my second blog, today we will be spotlighting the “art” of digital storytelling, what to keep on mind, how its done and how to ensure the interactive mode with your audience.

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First, I would like to point out some important gimps about this topic. We always say “think it before you ink it” so as a s a digital content writer you definitely need to know the purpose of your writing and would it cover the needs of the target audience this is how you reach out to them and get the eco back from them. Because use eventually you are writing to them.

Secondly, writing on the digital world is so challenging because you need to maintain the simple way of writing as if you are telling a twelve years old gown up but on the same time you don’t want to seem shallow. How to do that? By using easy to understand words, keeping the ideas well connected by maintain the flow between the written pieces and providing new information. Keep in mind that not all people have the same mindset that’s why you need to ensure the validity of your written piece of news to all people.

Lastly, you need to make sure that there is some space for your readers to interact with you by leaving a commenting box. And your content is technically is sharable by allowing them and asking them to share your content if the find it useful. In addition to include the appropriate related video/photo material, which will defiantly improve the interaction with your audience.

That’s is for todays post, I would love to know about your experience in the online world.

COMM-0015: Tools and Sources

It can be challenging to figure out what social media monitoring tools are best for you when you are just getting started in the field. There are a plethora of services out there designed to monitor media for you; however, most of them are paid services. Like most things, knowing how to do the basics on your own will help inform your decision when it comes time to invest in a paid service.</span>

Monitoring Tools

To monitor what is going on in my field, I primarily use Google Trends, and RSS feeds.

Google Trends

Google trends track search terms over time. It also allows you to compare trends. With Google Trends, you can look for keywords related to your industry and see how people are using these terms to search. For example, suppose you are a climate scientist, and you want to write an article for the general public on climate change. You know that Climate Change is the correct scientific term, but you know a lot of people use the phrase ‘Global Warming.’ You can use Google Trends to see what terminology is used in which region. This can influence how you use jargon in your article.

global warming, climate change - Explore - Google Trends 2019-07-14 13-52-10

Google Trends can compare search terms and give you an indication which terms are popular in a region. This is useful for keyword research.


Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is a tool I like to use to gather articles on topics related to my business. I work in Web Development and Multimedia, so there are several sources where I want to read their entire feed (A List Apart – for example). If I want an entire syndication from a publisher, I add the RSS link to Feedly where I can categorize my feeds. I can create my custom RSS feeds with Google News, then I can add them to my feeds on Feedly. On my various devices, I then use applications to aggregate the feed into something I can easily read.

I’ve found it useful to use Google Trends and RSS in conjunction with each other. Articles on RSS will often mention something in my industry I’ve never heard of. If I hear of it a few times, I’ll check Google Trends to see if searches for the mention from RSS is spiking at all. If it is, I’ll add that specific feed to RSS for a while to further monitor.

I prefer deep reading. Twitter and linked in are valuable sources of information in my field, I use them all the time for distributing my content and engaging others. When it comes to monitoring what’s going on in my industry, neither of these platforms has the depth I’m looking for. Too much chatter going on.

Monosnap 2019-07-14 13-59-55

There are several RSS readers that can be used to manage your feeds. This is an example of an application called Reeder.

Sources of Information

The two best sources of news and updates in my profession are Smashing Magazine and Shop Talk Show.

Smashing Magazine

Smashing has excellent articles where they discuss ideas, ethics, coding practices – everything that has to do with my day to day work. I like the material, I like the User Experience of working with their content, and they are very friendly and engaging.

ShopTalk Show

ShopTalk Show is a podcast about front end web development. They explain new things technology trends, discuss hit might stick and what will pass. The advantage Shop Talk has over other channels for me is the format. Because it is a podcast, I can listen to it while driving to and from work.

Both Smashing and ShopTalk have excellent production. The attention to detail means a lot to me. There are other websites and podcasts for sure; it is the quality of the material covered in combination with a high bar of excellence that keeps me coming back.

COM0015 – Blog #4 – Out of the Box

Since joining Facebook in 2007, lots of things have happened in the world of social media. New platforms like Instagram (2010) and Snapchat (2011) have emerged while others like Twitter (2007) and LinkedIn (2003) continue to grow.

As stories popularized, I’ve been impressed by how organizations adapt to all the updates that Instagram and Facebook continue to incorporate. This includes polls, questions, countdowns, and filters.

On July 2nd, Instagram just revealed their “Group Chat” sticker that allows followers to request to enter a group chat. Instagram introduced this feature as a “solution for people who want to have a big group conversation about something or for making plans”. The account who created the chat as the power to select who is permitted in this chat. I look forward to seeing how larger organizations with thousands and millions of followers will use this feature. Is this something Instagram will remove in the future because it does not go as intended?


Driving users to your page and grabbing their attention is very important. Businesses have been very creative with their profiles and cover photos because that is the only thing you can do. You haven’t been permitted to change the colour or layout of your profile since MySpace. outlines the ten most creative ways to use social media in 2018 which included augmented reality, live content, shocking visual content, use of brand influencers but I was curious about “unexpected” ways to use social media.

Of course, organizations use social media to do damage control if something negative is said about them, but Constant Tech listed the top 3 innovative ways to use social media as crime prevention and response, disaster management and tracking the spread of disease. It is interesting to think of social media in this context because sometimes it is not all about pretty pictures. It is important that large organization to use the tool and resources they have to do things like finding lost children, catching criminals, alerting the public about the impact of a natural disaster or the impact of measles. Social media allows them to get the message out to a larger audience during a crisis.



Unexpected Ways Your Organization Can Use Social Media

COMM14 -Blog #7: Reflecting

Story telling is the premise of social media. You are telling a quick story in a tweet, you are showing a story in a YouTube video, it is story telling no matter where you go.

black close up colors communication

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Let’s take the YouTube video as an example. I am a beauty guru basically. I have fun with my videos though, I will say most are not tutorials but some are. A tutorial is showing how something is done. Yes, that is a story. Take a hairstyles video. I compile my new styles together. I begin by telling people what the end result is, I then start the look. I tell them the tools needed, and how to do it. And I give tips and tricks along the way as well to make it easier if you are doing it on yourself, and tips if you are the one doing it for others. I then end it with telling them the final steps and showing how it looks. That is a story.

My content in the past has just been ‘trendy’. I did not have much story to it. I just made something and put it up. I was not proud of my content for a while. I have now learned that my content needs to have a story. It needs to showcase something. Entertainment or educational. That’s how I see my own YouTube channel now, how I see my instagram stories, how I view my tweets. Everything is a story. Everything needs a why and a how.

The stories I want to tell are how I got to where I am. How I got to be who I am, and why I am the way I am. To explain things in a way to story telling way is very compelling to me. I love it, and I am hoping to have more stories to tell.

Thank you so much for reading, and leave a comment if you have a story to tell; what’s your story?

COM0015 – Blog Post #4 – Out of the Box

I have said it many times throughout the course and used it as an example multiple times throughout my assignment and here I am using the same example. One of the most interested applications in online marketing and social media to me is still the influencer.

two women taking photo

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Who would have thought that it would be so simple to just post online and then you can become famous and pay all your bills? While it may not be that easy it’s still something that has totally changed the way that markers look at things. Becoming a social influencer is considered a full-time job now and people look to those with a following to help sell their products and ideas.

This great article I found (which I have listed below) has some incredible facts on how much influencers having really influenced the youth of today. For example – 70% of teens trust influencers more than celebrities. These are huge numbers! When I talk to my 12-year-old nephew about products and music for example he is always telling me about a YouTube blogger, some of them as young as eight years old. I find it incredible that a 12-year-old is even watching videos created by an eight-year-old but that just shows you how much things have changed.

One of my biggest questions about the shift in marketing is how are traditional marketing courses changing?

man in black and white polo shirt beside writing board

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Are students learning about this and how to find the next influencer or negotiate a deal with them? I think an entire realm has opened that really needs to be explored in order to give people the edge in this new marketing world!



Here is that article I mention above!

COMM0014- Blog Post #7- Time After Time


Today marks the final assignment I have to complete to earn my social media certificate from Algonquin College! It has been a long road and I am so proud of the hard work I put in to get here. I can say without a doubt this course has been one of my favourites to complete.
There is something about storytelling that is primal. Everything we do is rooted in storytelling. Teaching, conversing, watching, all comes back to the oral language. Learning how to better communicate through various mediums, was fascinating. The crucial takeaway for me, was the importance of psychographics.
As I am a newer creator, demographics has always been an area of peak interest. Focusing on psychographics takes it to the next level. My writing style and the way I creatively communicate has improved largely. My content was previously often directed to a close friend. After the completion of this course, I communicate with groups of people in mind. All of them are diverse and have variegated backgrounds.
By changing the way I communicate, my writing has expanded to creative bounds, I never could have imagined. Progressing forward, I want my content to reflect my new perspective on written literature. I now appreciate the ability and strength it takes to tell stories and communicate thoughts, more than ever. I am ever so grateful for the concepts I’ve learned and will continue to grow and let my writing progress also.


comms0014: Personal Reflection


Image courtesy Pixabay

There is a difference between writing my story for an audience and writing a story that I think the audience wants to hear. For me, that has been the most important lesson of the Digital Communication course.

Stories are important. We consume them like mad. Books, movies, conversations, songs, even memes are all stories. The dryest academic paper will become engaging if it has a beginning that sets the tone, a middle, some conflict and an end with a resolution.

People engage in social media differently than they do in other formats, they can become part of the story. What I find interesting about that is, it is very modern, something we have been unable to do with print or broadcast media in the past. It also feels ancient, a throwback to when we would sit around the fire at night telling stories and building them together.

To involve the audience, I need to understand who they are and speak directly with them. This has been a critical revelation for me in this course. In the past, I’ve had a tendency to find a target audience and try and figure out what they want to hear. This is different th an finding my own story then figuring out how to tell it to the people I want to reach.

The stories I want to tell are mostly about art. I’m not trying to sell work. I want to share my experiences. I’ve learned there is value in the story, not merely instructions. There is a cast of characters, wins, losses, conflict and resolution. I’ve been fortunate enough to be involved in projects using unusual techniques in places most people will never get to see. I have something to say about community art projects. I want to structure stories about art and community that invite participation.

Participation and community; these are the things social media excel at. I look forward to applying what I have learned.

COMM0015- Blog Post #4- Media & ‘Hype’ Personas


The media market has never been more saturated than it is now. Everywhere you look there is promotional content, vlogs, blog posts and content posted, for millions to see. Never before could you rise to fame for singing a song about ‘A Day of the Week‘ or talking to no one about your ‘Everyday Makeup Routine‘. The idea of becoming “Internet Famous” truthfully only cropped into mainstream media in 2010. When fellow Canadian Justin Bieber rose to fame. This notion of ” instant fame for doing nothing extraordinary” makes it effortless to get caught in the game of numbers. It is important as a creator to value your brand at face value. Recognizing the value of posting qualitative content must remain at the forefront for a long lasting career.

A perfect example of this theory is through Beauty Guru, James Charles. The popular Youtuber lost over 3 million subscribers, due to a scandal involving his brand. During the social media takedown, I saw many online users defame ‘James Charles‘. Decoupling the brand and person behind it is tricky, but of high importance. Another large-scale example is through daughter of actress Laurie Loughlin, Olivia Jade Giannulli. The young persona was caught in an education-buying scandal, involving the terms of her enrolment at USC. Giannulli is a popular lifestyle creator and lost many brand partnerships, along with her mother being dropped from her television network.

Unfortunately for the young creators, many consumers fail to separate and recognize the difference in corporate and personal branding. In this example, their brands would be under fire versus their identities. As such the release of their sponsorships, was justified, as the companies will just pick another latest popular influencer with whom to market their products. As new scandals arise and pass it is interesting as a consumer and fellow creator to watch, how company’s and creators disassociate due to scandal. It seems as easy as it is to skyrocket to fame, it is to crumble.

COM0014 – Blog#1: My last Vacation – KhadijeTaha

My skydiving moment

Hello everyone, this is Khadije Taha speaking to you on my first but not last blog for the course of Digital Communication. Today I will be telling you about my last super exciting one-week vacation, which took place last January in Qatar.

My video blog

My best friend Nouf was waiting for me at the airport to pick me up to the hotel, I stayed at Millennium plaza hotel, which is located in the heart of Doha city the capital of Qatar.

My friends and I decided to spend the first day at Katara Cultural village, which is one of the most famous touristic attractions in Qatar, located in Doha exactly next to the beach, where you could see a number of buildings were built on the old traditional Qatari style, all forming around a huge open air amphitheater, that hosts national and international live concerts and artistic shows. We visited couple of art exhibitions for different artists. After that we went to the beach to experience the amazing activities happening on Kataras beach so the best choice on a sunny day was to rented water Jet Ski and enjoy the speed and seawater splashes.

Souq Wakif in (Doha, Qatar)
Photo from: TripAdvisor

The next day we wanted to try something different which was visiting Souq Wakef, which is the oldest Souq in Qatar its actually more than 100 years old, later it was renovated to contain many cafes, gift shops, jewelry shops, traditional Qatari home equipment, traditional Qatari fashion shops and a lot of shops that sells spices and nuts it reminded me of Bulk Barn store her in Ottawa.

I and a certified skydiver

The third day was the day that I have been waiting for too long; skydiving was something beyond my depth to do. However, I took my decision and went over with my friends to Al Khor airport in the east coast of Qatar. The crew over there gave us some instructions in the beginning and then we took the plane and flew almost 1200 feet above the ground. Once I jumped out of the plane with a certified skydiver I holed my breath and screamed with my full energy, it was incredibly fascinating to see the skyline of Qatar. I was tickled to death with this experience; I honestly would love to skydive again in Ottawa.

That was all about my super exciting vacation, I hope you enjoyed it, I would love to hear your comments. I’ll make sure to provide you with the links along with my blog for the places that I visited in case you may want to explore more about this beautiful country.

Bye for now.


  1. Katara Cultural Village.
  2. Souq Waqif.