COM0014 – Blog #7: What I’ve learned

I came into this course a little worried about how everything would pan out. I was overly thrilled as I was told to take the course in hopes to help the company build up their social media platforms. I am completely floored with everything I’ve learned. It is crazy to think how much you can learn about the digital world in just two months. It just shows you that courses about blogs, social media, stats and everything digital will only expand as new things are happening every day.

In this course, I learned about content and the importance behind. In my job, I help editors, but I don’t write any content, so I didn’t truly understand the value of good content until we built our social media channels, and nothing was working. Then I take this course, and its light bells are ringing in my head! We learned about becoming a storyteller and how easy it is to pump out useless information instead of focusing on the flow. We learned about the audience and how important they are in creating brand awareness. We learned about an audience and how diverse they can be, which means adjusting styles of communication to fit. We learned about creating meaningful content in hopes to be relatable and connect with the audience.

We learned so much and I still believe I will need to review all the content once again to make sure I can remember it all! I’m very happy I had the opportunity to be apart of this course and learn such valuable lessons.

Out of the Box

Throughout the course lessons and reading everyone’s blog post I have discovered so many different tools and applications to help with online marketing and social media.

hello-i-m-nik-73_kRzs9sqo-unsplashSo much of social media marketing is reliant on networking, especially for new companies. The new applications/tools I have found that I am now going to utilize more are websites like meetup, that allow you to better network online.

While I have worked for a small start-up marketing company I am still very new to the industry. It’s a great feeling knowing that there are so many different tools at my disposal when trying to build my network. Social media is always a great place to connect with others and see what someone has to offer but I also like the idea of place specific to networking.

I have learned so much over the last few weeks and can’t wait to put everything in to action in the new year.


COM0014: Blog 7: Reflection

Photo by Canva Studio from Pexels

There are many aspects to social media, and how to market a company through the different platforms. Many people think they have the hang of it, just from what they know running their personal accounts. What they don’t know is all the steps it takes in order to make a company account successful. Finding the target audience, listening, and portraying what the values are of the company, and what that means as a follower.

Target Audience

Photo by Anton Belitskiy from Pexels

Not every company will appeal to every single age, gender, etc., nor should they. When a company is ready to market out to customers, one of the first steps is finding a target audience. The target audience is who you are trying to sell to. Who is interested in the product, is the #1 customer to be buying it, and will be most convinced with the marketing and advertising. Once you have figured out this audience (whether it is 18-35 year old females with a medium income, or 40-55 year old males with high income) creating content will become easier for a creator, and will bring in who the company seeks. Creating posts that use colour, slang that fit this audience, and are posting on platforms most used, and at reasonable time for the audience to be logged on.

Without having a target audience would be like fishing with no lure, because you are interested in every fish. Which would result in 0 fish being caught. Having the specific group of people will narrow down the search for what platform to use, what slang to use, and creativity of each post. This will also help when reaching out to influencers to sponsor a product, because a company can choose someone who is most relative to this genre of people.


Photo by Burst from Pexels

Listening on social media is more important than many companies realize. This can be the factor of major success, or become a failed starter. Listening on social media is much like the quote “Think before you speak” (unknown). Or in better words, think before you post!

“You need to listen to your audience. What issues do they care about? How can you help solve their problems?”

Heather Malec

A company must listen to their audience in order to be able to connect with them. Listening goes along side the target audience; if a company listens to what the group enjoys, what is popularized between them, and are able to live through the mind of the group, they will have a more successful time on social media. Being able to listen on what is trending, or happening in the groups world, and how a company’s post can relate to that.

Listening can help companies answer the 5 W’s with their target audience. Rather than relying on hashtags, shares, and who is following. It is also important to see what is being commented, good and bad. How can us as a company receive the negative review, and turn it in to something positive? How can the company perfect their customer service, and marketing tactics to help please more followers? Listening can not only help the company see where they can improve, but may also give them inspiration for their next great idea!

Photo by Cristian Dina from Pexels

As I worked through this course, it has gained my knowledge on not only creating a successful social media platform, but how to listen to trends, and tell your story through the platform. How you want to show off to the world, and what we can do to show that vision.


Networking Events

Hootsuite Webinar #1Since I started working in social media and marketing one of my favourite events to attend are the Hootsuite Webinars. They host them all year around (about one every month) on various social media topics, from currents trends to how to get the most out of each platform to even how to get the most out of Hootsuite itself. The events are open to anyone who is currently registered for their products, the day of the even you get an email with a personalized link for you to use to attend the event. I like the fact that you must have the personal link and it’s not just something anyone can attend because

  1. You know everyone there is doing what are doing and gives you an opportunity to not only learn from the presenters but from peers around the world
  2. It cuts down on the ability for “trolls” to clog up the chats.

Hootsuite Webinar #2I like these sorts of events because you are connecting with people all over the world and while everyone is doing some from of social media marketing it is all happening in different ways. There were marketing agencies in attendance but also people who are photographers, real estate agents, just about anyone you can think of that owns their own business. We are all at different points in our careers, but we all got to learn so much. This particular webinar focused on the up coming trends for social media in 2020. It gave us all a great chance to plan for our up coming year.

Leaving this event, I got to walk away with a great plan on how I am going to conquer this next year. Being able to talk a peak at what is to come with Hootsuite in 2020 I am excited to see everything this new year has to offer and move forward within my career.

I have currently signed up for some up coming Hootsuite webinars, I always learn so much. I am not just limiting myself to the webinars though, I have been looking into what other types of networking and social media events are happening around me.

Professional Networking

This last year I admit I put things like networking on the back burner and let myself get consumed by other things in my life. I made the choice this fall that it was time to start taking my future and the kind of career life I want more seriously, thus resulting in signing up for my final course to finish the program. Over the next 6-12 months, networking and career advancement at the for front of my priorities. I have registered for every upcoming webinar Hootsuite has posted so far and have tried to be more active on LinkedIn. Reaching out to potential mentors, even being more active in my current job, meeting employees in other departments and building relationships with them. All of this is helping me build my personal brand both online and offline.

Building those relationships with the people I work with is really important, being able to learn what each department does and their importance. It allows me learn more and show others what I can bring to the table. This way when I am ready to branch out and go for a promotion every one will be able to put a face to the name and hopefully give me a bit of an advantage having been able to talk with potential future managers.

shutterstock_738913864I have begun attending the Hootsuite webinars again. I attended a lot of them last year when I first started to use the program. They are not only jam packed with incredibly useful information but a great way to connect with people all over the world doing what you are doing.

With this year coming to an end (does anyone else feel like they just blinked and this year was over?), I made a promise to myself that my career development would start to come first and it’s a promise I don’t intend to break.

COM0014 Blog # 7 – Personal Reflection

Communicating in a Digital World

This course taught me that communication styles and content has huge implications in this great big digital world we live in. Certainly digital content and digital storytelling is important but more so is what you write and how you write it. Just like when someone look at you straight in the eyes while you are telling your story, they will see the same things when they read your content. Great digital content is like a greast story. It should have meaning and information that is genuine and adapted to the readers (audiences).

photo of person holding iphone

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Stories rock!

Stories are the foundation of any content whether it’s web content, blogs, social media, or op-eds. The content you choose to curate should be aligned and guided by the story you want to tell to your #peeps. Pulling on their emotional strings won’t hurt, it can only help reach your full potential in telling your story in a communication style that is adapted to what your readers want. It shouldn’t be about what you need and want, it should be about what value you bring to your readers. Poviding your point of view is great but questions need to be included to keep the readers’ attention and answers provided with your content. Personalizing the story to your audience is key and providing some emotional content in order to bring serious issues alive and connect your audiences to the story. But don’t go crazy on the content, find the right balance by not overloading the audiences.

old woman sitting on chair near girl while reading a book

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Leaving a mark

The kinds of stories I want to tell are those which can teach others valuable lessons with an eductional component to them. I want to tell stories that influence people to be more positive and generous, and most of all to be mindfull and healthy. A story can be told for entertainment purposes and also educational purposes. If I can do both at the same time, I will be happy to have contributed to this beautiful digital world we live in.

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COM0015 – BLOG #4 – One more piece of the puzzle

As a photographer (working for federal government) I also have my side business and I understand what’s involved in the challenge of managing your own enterprise.

When I started this Social Media Course about a year and a half ago, I felt that Social Media and Photography would be a great complement to each other. I also knew that I wanted to eventually work on a plan for the Martial Art School I am attending. It is a small local business with an owner who comes from Venezuela and since I joined only a couple months following the opening, I get to witness the progress of his academy as one of the first adults in the group. I regularly have discussions with the owner about his school and processes, whether it concerns physical renovations or social medias posts and recruiting, etc.

Creating a social media plan and especially the SWOT analysis for a business that is outside my field (photography) and comparing its performance to other schools in the area was something that allowed me to analyze somehow outside my comfort zone.

I realized that I was really enjoying having an input into his growing business. Integrating Networking + Social Media + Business/marketing turned out to be very interesting. It felt as if everything was falling into place. Just the way I felt Social Media and Photography would complement each other. I think that, moving forward, I will be seeking some courses in marketing, as this is probably the missing piece of the puzzle.

Screen Shot 2019-12-19 at 21.55.04 PM

Screenshot of

COM0014 Blog # 6 Do People Know Your Story

Who am I

Am I ever glad you asked me who I am and what do I do! That is so nice of you to ask. I am an Ottawa resident that has a passion of canines and have a “doggie daycare” business.

What inspired me to do what I do

My passion for dogs started when I had my first dog, and Airedale Terrier named Roxy. She was a high energy, high output pup who needed alot of exercise and socialisation. The ideal fix was to head out to an off-leash dog park. I would go to places like Bruce pit for example and it’s there that I realised that people who have dogs need to have a space to let their dogs off-leash so their pups can let out their “beans” and be calm and balanced for the rest of the day at home.


When we were planning avaction to go somewhere that don,t accept dogs, it was always difficult to find a trusting person or company that could “babysit” our Roxy. I searched places in the area so it would be convenient in terms of travel time for pick up and drop off. I also wanted a place that was more “homy” like a kennel-free environment. In my searches, i found there was a lack of those types of options. I also found that the prices were quite high and then realised that it made sense as the quality of care and time spent caring for our dog was worth it.

My philosophy was to service the dog owners in Ottawa by providing with a peace-of-mind solution for their dog minding needs. A place that they could bring their loved ones to live the best experience ever. I love dogs so much and it makes me happy to see dogs have fun playing with their friends and getting the exercise they so badly need. I also love making people happy by taking their problems away and giving them peace of mind that their pups are in good hands, being cared and loved.

adorable animal beautiful blur

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I love what I do because, although it is alot of work, it doesn’t feel like actual work. Thanks for for your interest in me. I’m glad you took the time to listen to my story.

Have a great day!

– Louise


COM0014 Blog #5 – Personal Brand

Expressing who I am

If I was to differentiate myself from others on social media (my competitor), I would ensure that I use the personal branding concept very carefully. It is in my nature to be positive and cheerful and I am proud to portray my activities in that light. Lately, I have been posting some really interesting instagram photos that portray my personality and passions. Also, they way I curate my instagram stories say alot about me. My friends say that my best trait is being positive and that they look forward to seeing my next instagram story or post, especially when it involves cooking and recipes.

photo of a woman taking a photo using her cellphone

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My husband finds it really strange that I will stop what I’m doing to capture a moment (take a picture or video) so I can post it on instagram. I tell him that I think it’s fun and love sharing positive photos and tips with my friends. Do you ever wonder what people think about you when you post something on social media? Well, I do. And I wish I didn’t worry sometimes about what people think of my posts. So I turn it around and focus on the positive, and continue to express my trues self in my posts because i know that my friends and followers appreciate them.

top view photo of coffee drink

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COM0015 – Blog #4: Out of the Box

Companies withdrawing from social media, video pitching and ephemeral stories are three aspects of marketing and social media that surprised me.

  1. Withdrawing

pixabay connection-lost-3498366_960_720

Image: Pixabay Free Stock

For all the access that social media and online marketing provides, they also expose to backlashes that can be even greater.

So I feel there is a growing awareness of “reserve” that is surprising to me given the potential that social media offers at an affordable cost.

On that front, Apple is a particularly telling example of a deliberate “shyness” on social media, which does not seem to weigh on the depth and breadth of the brand, judging by the lineups of people waiting for the next iPhone version for hours at a time to be the first ones to own it.

Going to the extreme, some brands like Lush simply gave up on social media.

  1. Video Pitching

Video is really touching every aspect of social media.

But where it surprises me the most is in media relations, with some PR specialist recommending pitching journalists by video.

As a former reporter, I have been pitched by a large variety of organizations. But never by video. I don’t think it is a convenient way because it requires the reporter to either open an app or go to YouTube or a website, not knowing whether there is a possibility of a security breach.

A basic email, on the other hand, creates less resistance in my view: it is convenient and doesn’t require to open anything but the email without clicking on a link.

  1. Stories

pixabay ephemeral

Image: Pixabay Free Stock

Finally, while social media content already tends to be short-term oriented in my view, the rise of ephemeral  “stories” only accessible for 24 hours on Instagram or Facebook is very surprising to me.

It particularly surprises me coming from the younger generations since I thought the self-centered aspect of teens would drive them to want to be seen forever. Yet they like the “temporary” aspect of stories.

And experts seem to predict it will continue to develop, with marketers embracing stories ads.

What surprises you the most in social media and digital marketing?