COM0014-Blog#4: B2C Case Study


Uniqlo has its own social media strategy in each country. Since the social software popular in each country is different, they will also make adjustments. Uniqlo’s official website in all countries allows users to directly access local social media. In the US and UK, they have Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. In China, Weibo is the social media with the most users, and Uniqlo will choose to cooperate with Chinese influencers to publish their latest series on Weibo. Also, I noticed that Uniqlo USA had 317,000 followers on Instagram, while Uniqlo UK had only 133,000. And the contents of posts for different countries are also different. In North America, Uniqlo has promoted their cooperation with North American designers on social media, and the ads displayed are more biased towards North American styles. In Asian social media, Uniqlo will show more Japanese designers’ work, and the content of the advertisement will be closer to the lives of Asians. Obviously, each subsidiary takes a different approach.

Uniqlo knows how to use influencers and celebrities for marketing. Over the years, Uniqlo has often collaborated with well-known artists such as Kaws and Takashi Murakami. Before releasing products, they will send new products to celebrities and influencers in advance and let them promote on social media. Therefore, on the release day, the new series will be sold out. Many people even resell on the website at high prices. This is undoubtedly a successful marketing method.

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Blog #5 – Personal Branding

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 Personal branding helps accomplish goals by building customer loyalty or differentiating itself out from competitors. To begin with, my area of specialization is psychology. I studied psychology for 5 years and focused my learnings around how social and cultural influences affect behavior as well as the benefits of leveraging psychology in social media and exploring their interdependencies. My strengths involve relating to others and understanding interpersonal relationships. My friends and family often come to me for advice about their issues. In addition, understanding psychology is helpful in social media because recognizing how consumers think and behave is crucial in the formulation of strategy and creation of content. An informed approach is always multitudes better than going in blind. For example, posting engaging content to your target audiences will help identify themselves with the brand. The unique selling point of my brand is my expertise and authenticity.

I have tried to stand out by being vibrant and fun. For example, in my writing I try to be creative and interesting. I believe my colleagues would say my best trait is my adaptability and flexibility. When I learn something new, I am able to grasp onto the task quickly. For instance, I had taken an earth science course as an elective. This course was challenging because it was a new field of study I had little knowledge of, however, I was able to excel in the course. In brief, personal branding is essential for setting yourself apart from others.

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Blog #4 – B2C Case Study

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Nike is the leading sportswear brand, holding a global market share of approximately 37%. ( Nike sells products that range from athletic footwear, sports equipment and sports apparel. The company’s success is maintained with the brand’s excellent social media strategy, strong engagement with consumers and Nike’s sponsorships with influential and professional athletes. In addition, Nike is popular on all major social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram. ‘Nike Football with 44 million fans is one of the top ten most followed brand pages on Facebook, while the brand’s primary Instagram account is the most followed brand with 92 million followers.’ (Unmetric, 2019) 

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The success of Nike has allowed the brand to acquire a huge following, 8.1 million followers on Twitter. The brand maintains success through engaging with their users to address customer queries with 96.8% of the brand’s tweets being replies. (Unmetric, 2019) Furthermore, Nike’s partnerships with famous athletes for example, Cristiano Renaldo and Serena Williams allows the brand more exposure through mentions and likes from these top following celebrities on Twitter. The brand does an excellent job on social media with trending hashtags and selling their image as a lifestyle. Professional athletes trust Nike products for their quality and fashionable athletic wear. As a result, consumers see famous athletes promoting Nike on social platforms and this influences consumers to choose Nike merchandise over other competitors. In brief, Nike’s social media strategy is effective and this is proven with their mass following on their social networks.


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COM0014-Blog#3: Target Audience

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For the cosmetics industry, in the past, their target audience was limited, especially age and gender. However, with the development of the times and our tolerance for diversity, men and women of different ages can become the target audience of makeup brands. Cosmetics sometimes encounter the limitation of color number, such as liquid foundation. In the past, many brands only launched liquid foundation suitable for light skin tone. However, the advent of Fenty Beauty has made people with different skin tones a follower of their products. The launch of Fenty Beauty underscores the importance of inclusive marketing, which has greatly shaken the industry and changed the field of beauty, especially the most successful “40 shades foundations” campaign.

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In fact, Fenty Beauty is for everyone, all skin tones and races. But obviously, the brand wants to attract consumers who are hard to buy the right color cosmetics from other brands. Of course, Rihanna’s fans are also target audience.In order to attract these consumers, the brand has made efforts in the promotion of social media. Rihanna took advantage of Instagram and she actively promoted the product in her personal account until the official release date. She also uses her posts to draw consumers to the Fenty page or website. These behaviors are attracting fans who care about her. The brand invites influencers of different skin colors and models to promote, is to attract those who are colored. Fenty Beauty also knows how to make young people like the brand, for example, they will use more interesting ways to introduce products, rather than a very official tone. In addition, they will listen to the voice of consumers in social media and actively interact with consumers, which is also attracting repeat customers. In addition, the brand encourages everyone to post makeup videos on social media, which also gives interest to people who don’t know how to make up. These are potential consumers.

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Blog # 3 – Target Audiences

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When I think about a marketing campaign that stood out to me, Dove’s ‘Real Beauty’ campaign is the first one that comes to mind. Dove’s ‘Real Beauty’ campaign was a massive success and helped the brand win a handful of awards. The ‘Real Beauty’ campaign is centered towards the female demographic and predominantly focused on women ages 18-35 that take value in natural skin care products. As a result, women in this age group are interested in reputable and affordable skin care. Many Dove advertisements featured mature models and products that prevents wrinkles and age spots, garnering attention from an older audience as well. Moreover, the ‘Real Beauty’ campaign strived to broadcast the message that Dove is “an agent of change to educate and inspire girls on a wider definition of beauty and to make them feel more confident about themselves”. (

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The brand incorporated successful social media strategies for example, #realbeauty was being circulated on Twitter and Instagram and Dove would go on to share real women’s stories about how they struggled and overcame body image issue. This would spark a plethora of online conversation with women coming out and sharing their own experiences within their social circles as well. Dove’s instagram page further enhanced this messaging around body positivity by writing inspiring captions, for example, ‘unfollow all accounts that don’t provide value or inspiration in your life. You are beautiful.’ In brief, Dove benefited from using their social media platforms to promote brand awareness and defeat society’s unrealistic body ideals.

What do you think about the success of Dove’s ‘Real Beauty’ campaign? Do you think they targeted their audience correctly? Let me know in the comments!

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COM0014-Blog#2: Storytelling

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Although we may not realize it, storytelling is everywhere. In the past, storytelling was limited to books or movies, but now it’s more on the Internet and social media. They are everywhere. Stories are a powerful tool that can be of great benefit to marketing and brand growth. If your marketing and business are full of engaging stories, then social media is the platform to tell customers and users.

The most important thing in storytelling is to attract readers, so how do you attract readers? First, the tone of the story is important, and readers will love individual articles. In addition, good ideas are important. Recording ideas at any time with some tools, such as Evernote, can help capture ideas and turn them into web content. Finally, we need to encourage people to read, such as asking questions to interested readers. Of course, the end of the article can also encourage readers to share experiences and encourage users to share the article, so as to achieve the purpose of marketing and communication. Also, be sure to check spelling and grammar before publishing a story, good grammar is a symbol of professionalism.

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Blog #2 – Storytelling

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Good storytelling has always encouraged interaction and engagement with an audience. Stories help build a bigger picture and evoke emotion. The most important lesson is to understand your communication style and how you can clearly deliver that story. Marketers have benefitted through incorporating storytelling in their marketing campaigns. For example, Dove endorsed a real beauty campaign with women sharing stories of overcoming body image issues and selling products that aimed at making women feel comfortable in their own skin. The campaign was a success, the real beauty advertisement went viral and empowered women globally.

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Moreover, the first step to communicating an interesting story is the tone of the story. Readers don’t want to read an article that lacks personality, they may not end up finishing the post. Asking questions and relating past experiences throughout the text helps create a fun and enjoyable read. In my opinion, I have enjoyed articles where the author wrote relatable experiences or tips. I am reminded in the future about the tip and it makes the article more memorable in my mind. Also, writers should always proofread their writing because posts with mistakes are viewed as unprofessional and negligent. In brief, good storytellings takes practice, but with practice storytelling can become simple.

What are your thoughts? How do you tell a good story? Let me know in the comments below!

COM0014-Blog#7-Personal Reflection

I learned a lot throughout this course. Initially, I based everything I knew off of what I was seeing online. It looks sometimes like everyone is trying to emulate each other and hide who they really are with filters and editing. I thought I had to use similar tools and make my content look similar to theirs in order to draw people in. In going through the course, I learned the opposite. I learned that telling my personal story will set me apart from the rest and draw people in. I actually wrote a blog post while taking the course that was the most successful post I’ve written, and I believe it’s because I opened up and showed how I really feel about the subject I wrote about.

I really like that that I’ve learned how important storytelling is. My entire blog is based around telling my story as well as stories about how I see the world. The web address is even my name: I initially started the blog just for fun and to have a place to write. Now I know that it could actually become something that matters to people. I also have more confidence in how I write. I’m planning to continue with my writing and I’m hoping that, through telling my story, I will be able to help others along the way who have lived similar things.

Laura Bradley (40803034)

COM 0014 : Blog 7

Personal Reflection on Storytelling

At the Completion of this course on Digital Communication, my number one take away personally has been the shift in my writing and social media posts from providing information to telling more stories. We are intentionally choosing to share more about people and their stories, which is building more of community around our business and our brand.

Storytelling is the Heart of Digital Communication

COM0014 – Blog #7: Reflection

As a result of taking this course, I have learned some new things and expanded my pre-existing knowledge on certain topics. My main takeaway from this course is about the importance of personal branding, but more specifically how to effectively communicate with my target audience.

Not all businesses or personal brands should utilize the same strategies, post on the same platforms, write the same way, or use the same forms of content. It’s critical to understand your target audience and learn how to tailor everything you do towards them. This course has really made me rethink what I do and factor in who my target audience is.

Storytelling is important in creating good digital content because it helps engage your audience and results in better performing content. Whether your goal is to teach something, get a point across, or encourage your audience to take a certain action, your content must be engaging, which is done by storytelling.

Before and during the creation of my content, I will always ask myself: “how does this add to, or support the story I am trying to tell?”. This makes sure my content is guided by story.

I love to inspire and educate my audience, to help better their lives. Sharing stories that tell people it’s okay to be different, tell people to persevere because everyone has struggles, motive them to work harder and ultimately live life on their own terms while chasing their dreams.