New Facebook emojis

I’m sure that on Facebook (those of you who have Facebook) that you have noticed that there were changes to the emojis. This is a step in the right direction. The more ways that people can express themselves and give their feedback, the better.

While there is comment section if people would like to give more sophisticated and detailed feedback, it is important in the fast-paced internet age that there is a less time consuming way to express themselves – in a way as easy as a click. Perhaps it is laziness or slacktivism, but that is just the way things are.

I follow a lot of news pages on Facebook. Whenever there was a horrible tragedy in the news in I always wondered why people pressed like on them. Now I hope that if people see theses stories in the future, they will use the sad or angry emoji.

There will always be room for more emojis. I say good job Facebook – this is a step in the right direction. Now make the dislike emoji with a thumbs down, and I will give a full thumbs up.




















A yes to redevelop

I have some thoughts after reading the article Public Battle Begins over NHL rink LeBreton Flats.( This local issue in the news around Ottawa lately is what to do with LeBreton flats.  I will say flat out that I do support having an NHL caliber arena built there.  I feel that it very odd to have a stadium out in a far corner of Ottawa in Kanata in the middle of a field. I have friends from out of town who find it very strange that the Canadian Tire Center’s location is far from the center.


Having a stadium at LeBreton Flats would keep Ottawa on par with many other cities. Just take a look at Montreal, Toronto, New York, Winnipeg, Chicago, and ect. They all have their NHL rinks right where they people are. It would be great if people who work downtown can just walk to the games.  When the Ottawa Senators do well and hopefully win a Stanley Cup  (does not look like it will happen this year, let’s hope they win one before the move) the fans pouring out of the new arena can just leave and celebrate in near by bars.


I have also seen that there are two competing bids to redevelop LeBreton. They both look very good, both have so much to offer such as event, and entertainment centers. However it may take a very long before we see shovels in the ground. There will always be red tape.


We don’t have to look at the distant pass in Ottawa to see the benefits of redevelopment. The redevelopment of Landsdown parks was a success.  There are so many good restaurants and shopping there. So far there does not seem to be the outcry of people who are against this redevelopment. I would expect that once light rail is finally constructed, and there is a whole entertainment complex people who live nearby would see that their property values would have a very large rise.


One of the reasons why I like this article is that there are links to a Facebook page that suppots the re-development of LeBreton Flats, and a survey so that readers can provide their feedback. Who is else agrees with me that there is a much better way than being stuck in Queensway traffic after a game is just not fun and there is a much better option? What do you think?

The need to stay current

I have some thoughts after reading the article “Business Transformation From Marketers To Makers”. In this day and age, traditional communication methods are being left behind in favour of digital communication technologies. Right now, there is no better example than Uber vs the traditional taxi. With social media and the internet in general becoming all pervasive in our day to day lives we have gone though a gradual revolution. All industries must have the ability to adapt to the newly ensconced digital consumer.

In many cases, this may be a customer service issue. People will look at their social media and see what their friends are posting. I can personally attest to the fact that I have seen my Facebook friends say that they have had a great experience while they had their ride in an Uber. I have also seen my friends’ post promo codes thus giving Uber free marketing.

The taxi drivers are not helping their cause. For example, here in Ottawa a few months ago, we saw the way that taxi drivers were blocking the airport parkway (while it was over an issue not directly related to Uber), and in Toronto we saw a taxi driver literally grab on to an Uber car during a protest against Uber. This has led people to vent their frustration on their social media platforms.

In the future, industries will have to reinvent how content is made available to consumers.  One of the best places for an industry to promote its new digital presence would be where the people are, and that would be on Social Media… of course.