COM0015 – Blog #2

Weak Social Media Strategy

Coleman & Associate’s is a company that works in the medical industry and could have so much information they could be telling the world. But their Facebook page has 55 followers and they may have max 7 posts that are from years ago. If I were them I would be putting out content that people can learn helpful information, and then use their business, because they trust that they know what they are doing. It really saddens me to see companies with so much potential to grow, not taking the advantage that social media provides.

Strong Social Media Strategy

Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory is doing what in my mind is the right way to grow your business through social media.  They have around 45,000 followers and are posting lots of content. They post videos of what the process is behind making their products, and they post events, and different sales they have. Having a good showcase of what your business is up to, and every step of your process. It gives people a sense that they know exactly where the dessert they are putting in their mouth came from. I think it is almost a perfect strategy, but they have low engagement with their posts. I think they could at least up their growth by 1.2x if they focused on getting more engagement with each post. Other than that they have a strong strategy.

COM0014 – Blog #6: Do People Know My Story?

Do People Know My Story?

No, but I am hoping they will in the future. Right now, I am a 21-year-old guy, who has stayed inside most of his life. I do not have much experience in anything, and mostly just because about a year ago, I learned that I want to do things, and learn different things. The reason no one knows my story is because I have not told anyone my story.

I Tried To Have A Show

I say ‘tried’ because I am currently not doing it, but I am considering re-visiting it in the future. Two problems I had with it. The first thing that went wrong was it really did not gain any traction. I only did 110 episodes so it may have picked up if I did it longer. The second thing that went wrong with it was I tried to present myself as someone who knew what they were doing with the show. The show turned into “hey, this happened,” and that was it. I didn’t really say my different take on whatever event happened.

Plan To Get People To Hear Me

I am thinking about and starting to try and figure out how to film my life as a journey of learning the industry I am in. I am going to tell people what I don’t know, then show them the process of learning it, and becoming who I want to be. So then in the years to come after I have the experience and can talk about the stuff I know and have learned. I will also have the proof of I didn’t know it once, but now I do.

COM0014 – Blog #5: Best Practice for Personal Brand, Be You.

First Step To Personal Brand, Attention.

Everyone is unique some sort of way, everyone views something different from someone else. You want to tell the story you have, but before telling someone a story you need their attention. So you are going to have to figure where the attention is, which today is on the internet in audio, written, and video form. Figuring out which one of those you are best at is the way you figure out the way to distribute your story. Then, once you have the attention, you can really start getting into details of your story to the people listening to you.

How Do I Keep My Personal Brand Consistent?

Biggest mistake in business, or life, is acting like something you are not. An example would be saying you know something, but then when it comes time to show it and you can’t do it. You become exposed, and the trust in what your story is and what you are saying is gone. Even if you know the stuff you are talking about, but got exposed, people still won’t believe you. Best thing to do is be truthful and honest, and people will accept you. Better content is someone saying they don’t know something, then hearing they figured it out and shows you how they did it. You now know a different way to learn something, and you feel like you know the level of that person’s knowledge. You also are willing to listen to what they are saying because they have shown they do not talk about anything they do not know.

Thing’s That You Think Shouldn’t Be Said

You probably have many opinions on thing’s that you have researched and know, but it is different from the standard opinion on the topic. Well, great news, the difference is the secret sauce to having people’s attention and them listening to it. Think of a location you pass every day, it is the same, and you probably do not even notice it anymore. The second a different colour or something is different about that location. You notice it, stop to understand what it is, and then go along your normal routine. If you like seeing that thing every day, you will look for it. The same applies to a personal brand if you hear someone’s opinion that is different than others that you have heard, and you like it. You will listen to it. Then if you see later that they are doing things that they talk about, you will like seeing the person that you liked their opinion and that opinion in play is just enjoyable to see, and may even inspire you to add something to your story.

Things To Remember

Be honest, admit to mistakes, don’t act like you know something that you do not. Be You.

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COM0014 – Blog #4: What is Riff

The Campaign

I was scrolling through Facebook one day, just wasting time as I sometimes do. Then I came across a video, started watching it, and the 20 seconds in video ad started. Wanting to be in the advertising industry I will pay attention to the advertisement to try and learn something or spark an idea. This particular ad was from a company called RIFF. I thought the 10-second ad was actually genius.

The Surprise

The ad was black and white and had 3-D shapes rotating and moving around, with just the word RIFF in the middle of the screen. About 5-6 seconds into the ad, pops up at the bottom and it ends at 10 seconds. That was the whole ad (based on my memory of it, and looking at their website which is here). I thought it was a great idea to get people to look into them because all their message was WHAT IS RIFF? I was wrong about it being a great idea though. When I went to their Facebook page, they have 33 likes and zero content. To me, that is a failed brand awareness campaign they ran.

What is RIFF Anyways?

RIFF is a Canadian cannabis company, that also sells some clothing. I actually didn’t decide to go look at their website till I went to the BC Cannabis Store, and picked myself up some different strains of cannabis. Went outside to enjoy my purchase and saw the RIFF logo on one of the packages. So that was when I connected the dots. Now, back to the campaign. Like I said I thought it was a great idea, but I thought it was a clothing store or something like that. When you have a product where it can still create controversy, you really need to be careful with your audience. I would have waited to release that type of campaign till after the company has established an online presence. Then used that campaign by using a Lookalike audience to get friends of their established audience to ask the question what is RIFF. I think that anyone who actually looked into RIFF, but hates cannabis, will now hate RIFF for life.

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COM0014 – Blog #3: Get In Front Of The Customers You Want


Say you are wanting to start a conversation (sales pitch) with someone. The first thing you do is politely say their name, or tap them on the shoulder to get their attention. Then you start talking. The important part is you need the attention of someone to be able to talk to them.

If you just walked up and started talking to someone who is not looking at you, they would stop you in the middle of the sentence and say “Wait, start over I didn’t hear that first part.” So, in order to start talking to someone, you first need their attention. Think about this when you are trying to gather an audience of people.

Where The Attention Is Coming From

Going back to the conversation you are having with someone. Once you have the attention, you start to learn who you are talking to. In learning who you are talking to, you get to learn how they talk. Then you start talking on the same level so they can understand what you are saying. So, turn this into social media, once you have an audience whose attention is on you. Learning who they are, and what they like, gives you the ability to learn how to deliver your product/content in a way native to what they would like.

What I Learned In This Lesson

The biggest thing that I got out of this lesson is that the NBA has a whole different site to the Spanish community. So, this gave me an idea that a company that is powerful enough to have entirely different social media pages, and websites all native to different languages and cultures. I think that could be really good for ROI, because instead of people globally trying to understand, or put up with your culture. You can give them the same product/content and it works in their culture and they are comfortable. That would be amazing, I think.

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COM0014 – Blog #2: Remember, It’s Entertainment

What I Have Learned This Past Week

  • Stories Need Action
  • Give Information First
  • Remember, It’s Entertainment


Stories Need Action

I never thought of an active voice. It makes a lot of sense, and every time I put content out I try and make it exciting. So it was cool reading lesson to and getting some terms put to what I already knew made a good story. Now I know to tell the stories as it happens.

Give Information First

Giving all the topics, and theme to what the story is about right at the beginning. This sparked a new way of looking at stories of if you tell people what you want to tell a story about. It gives them the option to stick around to read/watch/listen to your story.

Remember, It’s Entertainment

When I read the heading “Write with The End In Mind” my immediate thought was “Oh, always remember to think of how the audience is going to see the content”. What I mean by that is that if you do creative writing, videos, audio stuff. Whatever it is, usually it is some sort of entertainment to the consumer. If they are looking to be entertained, that means you have to be entertaining. I did a video series last spring that is sitting at 110 episodes at the moment. I tried to post a video every day, some days I wasn’t able to produce a fully edited video so I would post a piece of content to let people know there was not going to be a video on that day. I started getting lazy with the video’s and I barely ever thought of the end product in mind. I would just hit record, and go, and edit later. Bad mistake. After reading lesson 2, I have a new perspective on putting out content, I just have to remember, it’s entertainment.

What Was The Single Biggest Thing You Have Learned in This Course? I would love to know.

Thank You for Reading,

I’m Scotty M,

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Social Media, Does it End?

Social media has been taking the attention for the past 10 years, and there are no signs of stopping this train. In fact, it seems it will only get bigger and bigger as time goes on. What do you think will change?

Bye, Bye, T.V.

Gary Vaynerchuk said that “T.V. is becoming the new radio, and smartphones are the new T.V.,” He couldn’t be more right. People are using social media for almost all their entertainment needs, or even to get the latest news. The numbers are already starting to show more people watch YouTube shows and videos on social media more than actual T.V. channels. I think YouTube is going to be the king of “T.V.” as it is coming out and working on its own Channel. It is already the second biggest search engine next to the god Google. When that YouTube channel comes out in full swing, people will watch that for news instead of commercial filled T.V. shows. Bye, Bye, T.V.

Which Reality Am I In?


(Source for photo: Here.)

You know those movies about being an inside video game? Well, if you like that idea your dream has come true, and it is almost to the full extent of what those movies make it seem like. VR is here, and I believe we will soon be able to create our own reality to live in virtually, and then come back to real life. They already have suits that you wear while wearing a VR headset and if you are hit by an object, you can physically feel it. It does honestly sound amazing to do it. The downside I see of VR is soon we may be able to go to a place, lay down, and plug into a VR set and stay there for a day or two, being fed through a tube. So if someone doesn’t like their reality, they could make one up. I don’t know, which side do you think VR will go?

Social Media is King and will continue to be in the future. If you don’t know about it, get about it.

Peace Out,

Scotty M.

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Social Media is like Retail

Comments, is There More Good than Bad?

As a business running campaigns on social media, you would like to know what your customers/clients are saying. Social Media gives you just that opportunity, but what happens when it gets hard to keep up with the ever-growing list of comments? You want to be able to monitor your interactions.

I like what Jessica Harding said in her discussion forum. 

“One of the benefits of social media is that you can get a sense of the customers’ tones and feelings through their interactions with your brand. This won’t be measured through calculations like share of voice or click through rate and I think anyone who ignores these ‘softer’ measures is missing out on important information their customers are trying to tell them. Your calculations might tell you that you are up 20% in mentions online vs. last month, but if you can’t tell that these are mostly complaints vs. compliments, that information is not very valuable.”

Which I agree with, and I think a good app or program would be to read the comments and give you percentages of good vs. bad comments. Till then you have to read the comments for yourself.

social shopping cloud1(Source for Photo: Here)

How is Social Media like Retail?

Social media relates to retail in the sense of how you look at comments. Comments are the way businesses know what their customers/clients are saying about their products. So, like retail, they see the customer/client comment on a post that they indicate they could use the product or service.  The person who represents the business can reply to the comment to see if the customer/client needs help, and to sell the product or service to the customer/client. It’s the same thing as approaching a customer that walks into a store that looks around and looks like they could use some help. The difference is you are doing it over a keyboard rather than in person. That is one way businesses can approach their participation in the comments or groups they are a part of in social media.

What do you think?

I would like to know your thoughts, or ideas on how businesses can better utilize comments. I would also like to know if you think social media is related to retail. Are you going to try the retail approach?

Thanks for reading,

Peace out,

Scotty M.

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Social Media, Good or Bad?

Social Media Has Ruined Society

I could not agree more with this, but I also couldn’t disagree more.Featured image for The Good and Bad of Social Media

Let me explain.

Social media is no doubt the biggest thing to happen to the human race. Everyone has heard of social media unless they have lived in isolation for the past 20 years. There are two sides to one of the biggest things that have hit the human race. One side is that it has ruined the way we think and create a bad culture. The other side is that is has made everything easier to communicate, sell & buy stuff, and get news about things. (Source for Photo: Here.)

The Bad

The reason I think that social media is a bad thing is because of the memes and trends.

If you do not know what a meme is, it is a picture with text attached to it making a joke about the picture or using the photo to represent a visual for the joke. Memes are not all bad, but relationship wise it has ruined many relationships, and for a while had a very skewed view of relationships for a bit. The skewed view of relationships for a bit as it was normal to have a side chick (Second girlfriend that comes second to your girlfriend). That is just wrong, but I am a little old-fashioned in my relationships so that might be why. Anyways, there is a certain meme that will cover the trends thing as well. Netflix & Chill. Have you heard this term? It indicates that if someone invites another person over to watch Netflix/movie, they want to have sexual intercourse Which Movie Should You Netflix And Chill To?with that person they invited over. I understand that typically while watching a movie on a date, there is cuddling involved. Cuddling then can lead to kissing, and so on. That is why the meme and trend were created. It was a joke at first, but the bad that came with it is now the process of asking to have a date watching Netflix is now seen that the person wants to sleep with the other person. There is no innocence in it anymore, it is now watching movies=sex. That is a risk of social media and the trends it can produce. Do you think it is a good or bad thing?                                                                                                                 (Source of photo: Here.)

The Good

Gary Vaynerchuk has a very interesting view in this article about why social media is the best thing that has ever happened to the human race. Something that Gary said in the article is “But the thing is, teenagers have always strived to be liked and sought the attention of their peers and potential significant others. Selfies on Instagram is the evolution of this same behavior.” This really interested me, and Gary also talks about social media exposes us. I agree with him 100%, social media is only exposing more and more about our lifestyles than ever before. Which is good because it brings up some issues that need to be addressed and changed.

Another good thing about social media is the communication ease it has made. It is getting easier to communicate with people and social media makes it fun with all the different effects that come with it. We can now talk with people all over the world. Connect with people with the same interests, and follow topics that we want to read about. So many different things social media can be used for.

I think social media is great with the tools it provides for businesses, with the ease of targeting certain audiences to sell different things. Businesses can have customers making a purchase within three clicks. That is huge. I personally manage a website and the social media for a business my buddy and I created together. We would not have the success we have at our events if it was not for social media. The buzz you can create with spending next to nothing is incredible. Do you think this a good thing?


Overall, I think social media is better than bad if it is used right. Social media can either create horrible things like kids eating TidePods, or it can make someone’s dreams come true. It is all about how it is viewed and used.

What do you think social media is? More good or bad? I would love to hear your thoughts.

Peace out,

Scotty M.



Flat Earth, Does it Exist?

Does Flat Earth Exist?

The answer is no, the earth is not flat. At least not that I have seen in any research I have done. I will explain 3 points that I think disprove what the Flat Earth believer’s think to be true, because I have seen this topic pop up in social media more and more. It needs to stop.

Point 1: Gravity

The first point I am going to cover is gravity, because the flat earth believer’s think it does not exist. Those who know the earth is round, know as well that gravity definitely exists.

Flat Earth believer’s have two different replacements for the force of gravity. Yes, they have two different ones!  They can’t confirm the facts about the flat earth. The first thing they think creates the force we call gravity is it is due to density and buoyancy. The second thing is they believe is that the earth is moving up through the universe at a rate of 9.8 m/s^2.

The problem with density and buoyancy being the force we call gravity is density is not a force. It is a unit of measurement to measure how much matter or “stuff” there is per unit of volume. Then buoyancy makes no sense, at least in my head it doesn’t, because buoyancy needs gravity to work. Buoyancy needs a force pushing on it (gravity) so it can push that force back in the opposite direction. So I see no way that density and buoyancy could be the replacement of gravity. Also, the one’s that believe this point are the one’s who believe the earth does not move at all, it’s just stationary.

The second thing that flat earth believer’s think we feel gravity actually has some logic to it. They believe that we are moving up through the universe at a rate of 9.8 m/s^2, so if we were to jump in the air the ground comes up to our feet. We don’t come down to the ground. I will say it could work like that, but 9.8 m/s^2 is the rate of gravity. I am pretty sure that number wouldn’t be used for gravity if it didn’t exist. Both “replacements” for gravity that the flat earth believer’s think are real, makes no sense in my head. Maybe it does to you? Here is what they say about it:

Point 2: Wind

Second point I want to bring up to flat earth believer’s is how does wind work? When I researched for the flat earth believer’s answer to this I couldn’t seem to find anything on what they believe about wind, the closest thing I found was they think it is due to temperature change. Vague, and does not explain its movement. They are partly right though.

Wind works in part with temperature change. The temperature on the ground is different from the temperature in the sky. The different temperatures mix, and the rotation of the earth is creating movement in the air, moving it sideways which moves that difference in temperature. That is also why we feel different temperature’s when the wind hits us. Now as i talked about in the first point, some flat earth believer’s think the earth is stationary. How would wind move sideways if there is no force from the rotation of the earth moving it? Unless they don’t believe that wind moves sideways.

Point 3: United Nations Flag

The third and final point I want to cover is the United Nations flag and how it “represents” the flat earth map. The flat earth believer’s really think this fact, because they think if the earth wasn’t flat. Then why would the United Nations have the flat earth map on their flag?

I looked into it, and the first flat earth map was created in 1893, and the United Nations flag was adopted on December 7th, 1946. May seem weird since the flat earth map was created before the United Nations flag, and it is pretty much identical to the flat earth map.


The reason for the resemblance of the United Nation’s flag, and the flat earth map is the United Nation’s flag is meant to show all the countries it represents. That is why Antarctica is not on the flag. Flat earth believer’s think that Antarctica is an ice wall surrounding the world. That is the white outlining on the flat earth map. When I looked into this, i could not find anything saying the United Nations used a flat earth map for their flag. Sorry flat earth believer’s but your facts do not add up.

Last Comments: 

Well, that was my attempt at disproving three beliefs of flat earth believer’s. If you have any thoughts or comments, please feel free to leave them here. Also, my inspiration to write about this came from a friend of mine who is a flat earth believer and I want to prove him wrong. Plus, I feel that this is a hilarious topic. Thank you for the read!

Peace out,

Scotty M.