COM0011-521Blog Post#5 The Perfect Formula to a SM Campaign.


As social media continues to evolve, there is NO SET FORMULA,  that defines a perfect campaign, sorry…

As much as I love combo #1 with a diet coke, In January 2012, McDonalds launched a Twitter campaign using the hashtag#McDStories.  They asked users to post  stories about their experiences on Happy Meals, however, the campaign quickly took a whole different turn very quickly as users started using the hashtag to instead share negative experiences. From poor work conditions to poor food quality, this  campaign turned negative attention back to itself.


children's placeWould you like to go to a party that doesn’t require you to dress up or leave the house?  “Children’s Place” a popular clothing store hosted an on-line party in the form of a chat  to celebrate their 1 millionth FB fan milestone.  An affluent mom blogger, Densie Richard hosted it.  This successful campaign increased FB user engagement through fan acquisition and sharing. They rewarded their community for their on-going support by offering party attendees a 20% coupon and a chance to win a gift certificate. During 9-10pm of this virtual party there were 13,000 FB posts (200/min.), and over 10,000 well to do authors participated.  160% increase in new fans, and wall posts by 1900%!  For TW, an increase in the use of their hashtag increased by 53%.

Google, is great to research SM campaigns with real results.  The good stuff leading us in the direction of the “Perfect Formula”.  One day, your business can be one of these campaigns.

Julie Pangilinan

COM0011-521Blog Post#6 Having Fun is Effective Content


Do you want to have fun and receive health benefits at the same time?

The most appealing content that would be most effective for my company, personal brand and business would be anything involving the physical action of yoga.  Yoga classes in session, videos, pictures, and text about the whole experience.  Blogs about peoples yoga experience, how they are feeling as they practice and the benefits that they receive from taking part in it.  Testimonials truly speak for themselves!  Especially more so when positive feedback is outside of a businesses website, for example Youtube, or when a business website is linkable on a blog (increasing SEO, this is what is so important).  People want to hear real customer reviews rather than reviews from business owners.  Of course, business owners will only have good things to say about their own business.

The “how to’s” (and what not to do) of yoga are really popular.  When people are apprehensive about trying yoga and these see videos, and pictures where people are happy, smiling and having fun it’s more effective because it’s more interesting.  Who doesn’t want to have fun and feel healthy at the same time?

Julie Pangilinan

COM0011-521Blog Post#4 Social Media Trends in Yoga

Everyone is building their own community within Facebook and Twitter, by adding friends and following the leaders in who they aspire to.  When it comes time to further your knowledge as a yoga teacher embarking on a yoga training is the next step.  The question is, when and where?  It’s a trend for teachers to initiate the need for continuing education via Facebook.  From the groups that can be created within Facebook you can invite the whole world.  You can see updates on who is part of the teaching faculty, who is attending, even the course outline. it becomes a social gathering adding to a teachers “tool belt”, (how much training and expertise one has).

If your single and you love yoga, what not connect with someone who also practices yoga?  Yoga social networking sites like  Yoga Romance  continue to be incredible tools to connect people into personal relationships.

Yoga Studios that broadcast online yoga classes — such as Yogaglo, Lulubandhas and YogaVibes — help bring exposure to teachers around the globe, making the yoga more accessible.

These are great examples of how social media in my industry is used to create and grow new and existing communities.

 Julie Pangilinan

COM0011-521Blog Post#3

bad media

Negative and positive usage of social media is all relative depending on who is posting and who is listening.  What do you do more of?

– On the negative side of the usage of social media, there have been yoga teachers that inappropriately use their position that offends women for example inappropriately touching students.  As fast as positive messages can spread it seems like the negative stuff moves even faster, as people feed off of the dramatical side of things.  This can affects the whole brand of yoga and it can make people wary of trying it.   Hopefully not all people believe what they read, if that were the case, no one would leave their homes.

+The outcome was astounding when Joe Rios used the combination of social media and various communities, one of them being mine, Moksha Yoga for fundraising for Sears Great Canadian Run for Kids Cancer.  He was the top fundraiser in Ontario. The word was spread fast about this 100km run.  Through his reach and other friends reach, and so on, they collectively raised $2,000.000.  Nowadays, it’s so easy to donate and tell your connections that you are doing so, with just a few clicks away.

Julie Pangilinan

COM0011-521Blog Post#2 Hot or Not?


If there was a an easy way to see what people were are saying about you, and you could easily share this with your community, would you invest in it?  Getting a sense of the on-line communities has sparked a desire for me to investigate the avenues that exists to monitor client feedback, in particular, Demandforce. This would be a portal for students to inquire about the contradictory beliefs out there on hot yoga and to guide them to a better understanding.

 Blogs on hot and non-heated yoga had much ado about if it was really good for you, or downright bad.  Some say Moksha is a “spin off” from Bikram Yoga.  Entertaining arguments of which one was better and the justifications.  People feel that Bikram is ”military style”, repetitive and mundane.   Most people felt that Moksha is a little different with every class.  Overall the majority of the people commented on the massive physical and mental benefits from the practice.

The means of using Demandforce comes with a cost, however, they promise to generate $3 in value for every $1 spent each month, or the next month is free.  Are you in?

Julie Pangilinan

COM0011-521 Blog Post#1My Favorite Social Media Tool

My favorite Social Media tool to date is Facebook.  I remember being so intimidated when I first joined. I wasn’t sure who was reading my posts, and if should should accept people invites or not. I started a business almost two years ago, so I really had to use Facebook to stay on top of the game and to maximize the growth of my success. I remember being nervous as I would hit the enter key. I also remember thinking how ridiculous some of the posts were that people posted on their end.  Facebook is a platform for people to show off what they have and what they are doing.  I  post motivational quotes, inspiring ideas, anything relevant for both my business and personal page. I find it challenging to manage both.  I focus my time more on the business side of things.

After this course is finished, I hope to be a little more comfortable with Facebook, Twitter, Blogging, etc. I’ve learned many useful things, it’s just a matter of application now. It’s a diverse group, and everyone is really interesting.

Julie Pangilinan