COM0014 Blog 7 Personal Reflections.

Well my personal refection of this course can go many ways but i think the best way to explain my view of the whole thing would be that it was a complete roller coaster ride. There was some low points and some higher points like yesterday for example i had received a really awesome comment on my past blog and it honestly made my day. Now with that being said i’m not going to talk about the low points because i’m pretty sure everyone knows exactly what i mean so ill just avoid that at all costs haha.

In all i think this course could have went quite a bit differently under different circumstances but whats done is done and its probably best to keep on truckin’ and finish out the program and our goals achieved. Some changes i would make to the course would be COMMUNICATION!! this is social media its what we are supposed to do. I think if we communicated more and got to know each other better then just talking in the discussions i think we would be better off.. i mean we are still college students and we are supposed to meet new people and such.

The only other changes i would make is maybe Skype classes or Google plus? that way once a week or something the prof can figure out a good time.. but again i think it would bring the in class element in and the class could go over the previous weeks work and if mistakes where made they could be corrected. Also we could maybe get some participation marks for going once a week.

In closing i think there were some things that could have been better but in all it wasn’t that bad. I’m confident that changes will be made for the next group of students. I hope that everyone makes it though and has success with the class.

Thanks for following along have a great day!.

Also for a side not if you are curious as to why i rarely use pictures in the blogs its to keep people’s attention on the words and not the image. I also don’t like posting peoples images that are not mine.. although im not sure why but that’s just how i am.

COM0014 Blog 6 Do people know your story.

Well To be quite honest i have read through a couple other posts that were quite interesting and fantastically written. I can say will full confidence that my personal story isn’t all that interesting.. quite boring actually. Also i’m going to throw this in before the fun junk i really hope i wrote this out correctly (second guessing myself here)

With that being said i might as well get goin’ So My story i guess started when i was actually pretty young. When i was in pretty young and i was in the last hour or so of a school day and my mom had come to pick me up early because my dad was not feeling good. Again me being young and not thinking of it as anything to worry about.. We left the school and came home to an ambulance at the road and the front door open To find that my dad had the start of 3 heart attacks. And that’s when the start of my new way of thinking happened.

Now my dad is fine he’s been through multiple surgeries over the past 18 or so years and i’m grateful for that and the healthcare here in Canada. About my new found way of thinking is like this. Don’t ever take life or people for granted because one day they might not be there any more. I also figured out real quick how fragile life is and not to waste it. Hence why i focused on school and was so serious about it also why i am here to learn about social media ( of which i’m very interested in and have a passion for) So that i can get a great job and save up some money so i can do the things that i would like to do such as go racing at the local tracks.

Now i know that last part about racing and how life is fragile kind of contradict each other but everyone has to live and have fun and that happens to be my idea of fun and you have one life and when your dead your done so live it up don’t let anything hold you back. Guess you may have noticed by now that the way i do things or talk is a little different ( maybe you haven’t noticed) But I tend to be me in everything i do..from typing to working and so on. I refuse to change the way i act,speak,type etc. Also the fact that i am a slow learner of sorts affects things to like English and a few other subjects but i say again don’t let anything hold you back.

Well.. really that’s about it… the other things that i feel are not as important can be found in previous blogs about me on here so if you want check em out. i am open to questions and comments and i hope you have a great day and remember to be yourself and don’t let anything hold you back from something you want to do.

COM0014 Personal Branding.

I guess ill start off with some personal qualities. Well I have some knowledge of business and marketing. Which I think is a plus when working with social media the more I learn in this course it seems more apparent to me that you need a business and marketing background with a fair bit of experience. With me being pretty fresh out of high school and taking 2 business/marketing courses per semester I have enough knowledge to get me into trouble which isn’t a bad thing I think.

Things that set me apart from others is that i am young and versed in business,marketing and some accounting which isn’t really needed with social media but I have it if I need it. I think what also sets me apart is how I communicate. I tend to just speak like how i speak i don’t twist things and have an alter ego. What you see is what you get. If I don’t like something i’ll flat out say something about it and just the opposite of that if I really like something i’ll do everything I can to say I like it and would help spread the word about it.

Lately i have just been myself and it may not help me stick out but honestly sticking out isn’t a big deal for me id rather be the type if you want something done my way seek me out i make myself not hard to find. Granted if i stick out so be it.. it’ll just help me more i guess.

Well seeing how i don’t currently have colleagues I cant say for certain about what they would say my best trait would be. I would say probably i’m easy to communicate with and that I tend to speak my mind.

This bio I would say just describe me and how I tend to operate and get things done and give some insight to me.

COM0014 B2C Case Study.

For my case study I decided to choose Summit racing for this case study because I feel that they are a fantastic company they are always on social media either Facebook or twitter. They don’t post only deals and how to’s they get involved with their followers by doing a “share your ride” which allows people to post images of their personal cars to share with everyone.

Over the year that i have personally been following Summit i have noticed a bit of a change in their usage of their pages. I have noticed that they have switched from announcing car shows and deals to including their followers to ask questions watch how to’s and share their rides and also talk among each other and get help and make new friends.

I Find that they are really a gracious company as well because if someone asks them a question or sees something that might need to be changed they acknowledge you and respond thanking you and what not and fixing something if it needs it. In all Summit is one of the big boys in the auto parts world that is really actively using social media. Granted their competition is on social media… I feel summit is doing it right.

COM0014 Target audience

Target audience. Its something you just gotta know inside and out. You have to know everything about the people you are communicating,selling to or anything. You have to know who they are, you need to know their gender,their interests,their generation is also important where they live,their age family status to name a few.

I personally think its crucial to have this information because of the obvious if you don’t have the knowledge you are pretty much wasting your time because if you try to sell something to a non specific audience its never going to work. You will only reach a small amount of success because your not reaching a target audience who would be more interested in your product or to look at what your trying to do.. If you don’t grab their interest and keep it your success is limited and honestly i wouldn’t waste the time to do something without the info about who your trying to reach.

When i was in high school i took bushiness courses and it taught me about Maslow’s hierarchy of  needs.


I believe that the hierarchy of needs is the best way to know about your target audience because it tells you everything you need to know to actually connect with people that you are aiming to connect with Because it gives you an idea of what they need and want. It also reminds you about what you personally need but that is for another blog.

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COM0014 – Blog 2 Story telling and communication.

Story telling and communication has been around since humanity begun. It hasn’t always been verbal though. It was pictures in caves when we didn’t have a language. As the humans progressed we gained abilities to talk and then i would say story telling really took off because people could talk and understand each other. As time went on into the world of social media we had to gain new skills of communication to  learn to advertise and get the word about things from clubs to events and products.


Social media in general is more or less mandatory now because practically everyone uses it for one thing or another. Even advertising on non social media has ties to it and i think it is a great idea because you get feedback right away and you don’t have to go through a news paper add or something of the same to have a contest when you can just throw one up on Facebook or twitter and have it seen globally within a day or two… just let that sink in for a second. a post can be seen globally within 2 days that is crazy!

Good communication skills are required
good grammar,spelling and punctuation are crucial and i will admit that i need to work on this myself but its important to get people to understand what your talking about without frustrating them.Keep practicing because you wont get good at communication if you don’t.

(For included information i used the lesson 2 content from the readings. not sure to post the link as this is public and what not but if need be i can.)
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COMM0014 Blog Post 1 ( my summer vacation)

What i did on my summer vacation was pretty basic because i didn’t do much. Spent quite a lot of time with my family which is always great. My dad and i would go to a cruise night sometimes my cousin would go as well. Its pretty fun just to show your car and talk with people about cars and the happenings in the hot rod world. Besides from that i also started to modify my main guitar which is an off brand telecaster that I’ve totally went through and changed the whole thing to make it how i want. It sounds a thousand times better then before i worked on it.

So besides cars and guitars.. I really didn’t do much this summer that’s really worth talking about. So ill talk about the miniatures that i build cause i think you might be curious as to what kind of miniatures i create.With that being said i mostly build scale race cars that vary from short track late-models to hand built hot rods. ill provide images of a few things i am currently working on.At the end of this ill provide a picture or two of something i have built or that i am working on.. just don’t expect a guitar cause i’m not through working on it to get it to a point worthy of pics.

10565078_10152691967650695_6979778825178927762_n         527381_10150861795405695_281518196_n

Also since i’m a little late posting this due the fact im a bit of a derp sometimes ill be reading everyone’s posts after this is posted. Thanks for reading.