My Recent Felling Towards Social Meida When Staying Connected To My Teammates!

Social meida can be a great tool in bringing people together. People who live in the same country or in different countries are able to stay in contact with one another. In my persoanl life social media has helped me keep in touch with my teamates in North Carolina. My tennis team consist of people from Columbia, England, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Paraguay, United States, Uzbekistan and myself Canada. When we are not spending time together as a team we do not always hang out with one another or when we go off on break. We use social media to keep us in touch whether that is using Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and even WhatsApp. In fact my school used Facebook groups for a long time as a form of communication when our International coordinator needs to contact us for important issues. However, latley social media has had a negative effect on me when it comes to my team. In order to understand why you need to know what has happened in the past year and a half.

I was supposed to start my senior year this past August, but do to another injury and Covid I was unable to return. On September Friday the 13th 2019, I injured my Knee playing tennis for my school against Christopher Newport (CNU). I fell on the court giving myself a huge bone contusion where I couldn’t put any weight on it. I was on crutches for about a week and a half. Once I was able to bend my knee and had the strength back I tried playing tennis again, So I went to practice with my team. My knee held up alright during practice however, two hours later I was in a lot of pain to the point where I was in tears in the school library. I called my trainer telling him what had happened and he had no idea what was going on. We decided to take the next day off since we had an important tournament that weekend. My coach wanted me to take the rest of the week off up until the point where my first match. I did not want to jump into a match if I was going to have that same pain. I decided I was going to try and practice again. The next few practices went really well where my trainer and I made the decision that I will be able to play in the individual regional tournament against other colleges/ universities. my first match was against someone from Emory University and I could have won if i was at a hundred percent. Unfortunately, I had to pull out do to having pain again. I got looked at by the athletic trainer at the cite, he told me that I should have not played since my knee as tender to touch. They wanted me to get checked out by a doctor and get x-rayed.

I ended up seeing three different doctors, two in the States and one in Canada. The first doctor I saw thought I ruptured a disc in my back and potentially torn my medial meniscus so he ordered me two MRI, one for my knee, one for my back. when I got my results back both came back normal. He diagnosed me with a patella (knee cap) subluxation. I came home during Christmas 2019 and slowly was able to start play tennis again. When I returned to the United States in January 2020 I was doing really well but was still in discomfort. I was then sent to go see a different doctor who diagnosed me with Pes Anserine Bursitis. He gave me a cortisone injection ( which by the way hurt). That seemed to help the pain tremendously up until March. After playing 3 important matches in three consecutive days in New York I was in a lot of pain. I went back to the same doctor where he then injected me with a stem cell injection which is supposed to help the healing process. For me, it did not do much. When the Covid-19 outbreak first happened sending my school to move fully online in late March I returned home, finishing the school year back home. Months past and my knee still was hurting so I saw my third and recent doctor in August. He was not quite sure what was going on with my knee and wanted me to do more rehab to correct my patella subluxation. By late November he decided to go ahead with surgery for December 1st. On Surgery day he planned on doing a medial imbrication and a lateral lengthening, however, during surgery he saw nothing wrong with my patella but found my lateral meniscus was lose by 50% due to my fall. He stitched it up to tighten it and should have full recovery 3-4 months after. After I had surgery my doctor told me what happened and that he is not sure if this will fix my problem since it does not correspond with my symptoms of having pain on the medial side of my knee. Since I am back home in Canada the United States government denied me access to take online classes since I am not physically in the States. That is why I am taking this course along side 3 others to use as transfer credits.

You may be asking yourself why am I telling you my personal story? As mentioned at the beginning of this blog social media can be used to bring others together, and that my team and other international student at my school have been using different platforms to keep in touch on whats going on in our lives. Recently, looking at my teammates social media pages and seeing them practicing, traveling for matches and still receiving group messages has made me feel sad, angry, depressed that I am stuck here unable to be with my fellow teammates and finish my senior year with the people I started with. I just stay at home everyday doing online classes, looking after my puppy and doing rehab for my knee. As you can see, I have not been the same while looking at my teammates social media pages but I know things will get better eventually.

Below is the video I posted to TikTok explaining my story. As you can see it totally flopped lol. I guess it was my way of coping from not being able to enjoy my senior year and missing my teammates. I know I have gone through multiple injures for a reason which I still am searching for. However, maybe going through two injuries is giving me the opportunity to have two more years of eligibility when I decided to do my masters and help others who are going through similar situations.


One year and three different doctors to finally get some answers! Never give up on your gut feeling! #FYP #kneesurgery #collegetennis #sportinjury

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Have you ever felt left out or alone when looking at other peoples social media pages?

Over coming emotions!

Staying Connected With My Teammates while over coming emotions!

Is Social Media Affecting Our Mental Health?

Social media can be a positive impact on people lives. It can bring joy to someonones life, it can be an escape hatch for whatever is going on, connecting us with new and old friends. However, what people don’t talk about is the affect social media has on ones mental health.

When one sees a picture on someones social media page it could make you feel insecure. People usually tend to post about the best parts of their lives. Showing pictures on the beach, traveling to different places, and posting pictures with their friends. We all know deep down inside that some of the post we see have been staged, photoshopped but that does not mean looking at them won’t make you jelous or wish you could have what they have.

This could lead to the fear of missing out. That you want to keep up with all the new trends, checking your notification, making sure poeple are liking what you post. Sometimes the fear of missing out can lead to making unhealthy decisions, such as picking up our phones while driving. Which we all know is very dangerous and could potentially put other peoples lives at risk.

Another downside of social meida can have on someones life is how bullying can affect someones mental health, speciffically Cyberbulling. It is easy to send a quick message or comment with a click of a button. People can be so cruel to one another, making fun of how people dress, spinning peoples words or even spreading rumours about one another. Spreading hateful words about someone can really have an affect on someones mental health.

Cyberbulling can lead to depression and anxiety. We all have the impulse to want to read every negative comment that has been said about ourselves. To the point where we will start asking ourselves, why do people hate me? Why is this happening to me? When we don’t get the answers we are looking for we will start to with draw from society and start thinking negative thoughts. Teenager can easily slip into the stage of depression when they are getting cyberbullyed. Especially since this stage of their lives is when they are trying to find who they are. Words can be detrimental on teenagers to the point where they might hurt themselves.

Like I said social media is a great tool to bring people together, bringing joy and happiness to each other. It is just as important to not spread hateful messages and ask yourself would I want this to be said about me?

I’d like to end this blog with one question:

Have you ever felt the negative aspects of social media?

Is Social Media Playing A Role In Your Mental Health?

Is Social Media Healthy?

What Do You Meme?

When it comes to social media the first thing that comes into mind are the different platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Within those platforms you think of stories, posting pictures and the usage of hashtags. One of the first things that pop into my mind when I think of social media is the memes that I see on a daily basis.  

Everyone has come across a meme of GIF’s as one point before however, for those who don’t know what a meme is, a Meme is a picture or video that has text incorporated into it, that someone finds funny. Once posted other people might find your meme hilarious too, sharing it to one person to another. Next thing you know it has spread throughout the internet rapidly making it go viral.  

Memes can have an impact on people’s lives in a good or bad way. They are very popular in today’s world because it has the ability to bring people together. It can make people feel that there are others who think similar and who they can relate to you. With Covid-19 still being a big issue in today society, that towns and countries are still in lockdown, memes have given people a positive outlet. Having the ability to make people laugh and forget about what is going on in their lives can be a huge stress reliever. I know it has for me.  

On the other hand, memes can be controversial and be taken too far. There are some people who create memes to get a reaction out of a group of people. Memes can consist of:  

  • Harassment  
  • Hate speech  
  • Disinformation about various social groups.  

An example of how memes can be taken too far is the “Mille Bobby Brown Meme.” Mille Brown who is 16 years old girl witnessed this at first hand. When she was 14 years old, she was a star on the Netflix show Stranger Things. People have been posting memes about her that are depicting her as a violent Homophobic. Remember, when you post memes or anything on the internet it’s just a fingertip away, you have the power to destroy someone reputation and when that happens it can ruin someone’s career.  

Memes should be used for positivity, to bring people together to have a laugh. On that note here are some top memes of 2020:

  • Micheal Jordan Looking at Ipad
  • Zoom Meetings,
  • I’m Once Asking You For
  • Tiger King.

Here are more of the Top Memes of 2020!

What is your favourite Meme?

What Do You Meme?

What Do You Meme?

COM0011 Blog #1 “I Am Tomorrow’s Future”

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If you search up who is the best male tennis player of all time on the internet it will say Roger Federer. Federer was born on August 8, 1981 in Base, Switzerland. Since turning pro in 1998, He has excelled tremendously in his sport.

  • 1242 career wins and 271 career losses
  • 103 total titles
  • 20 Grand Slam Wins: 6 Australian, 1 French, 5 US open, and 8 Wimbledon
  • He went 310 week ranked as #1 in the world at one point in his career

Even with not playing tennis in 2020 due to a knee injury Roger reportedly became the first billionaire tennis player in 2020.

Not only has he been a major influence in tennis Roger Federer started “The Roger Federer Foundation” in 2003, which is committed to provide education to children in need within Africa and Switzerland. It is meant to help children in the poorest regions in the world that have 80% of children that don’t have access to early education. The mission statement of the charity is “I Am Tomorrow’s Future” which a 15 year old girl, Nolonwabo from Ndzondelelo High School in Port Elizibith, South Africa.

The Roger Federer Foundation are specific in choosing which country in the world to offer this amazing opportunity for children. There are also specific requirements such as the education system need to be simillar and they have to speak english. The foundation adopted a self-help approach to be as efficient as possible and to create long term change in the regions selected.

You may be asking how does Roger Federer imply to social media?

On February 7, 2020 in Cape Town, South Africa History was being made. Both Rodger Federer and the currently ranked #2 Tennis player in the world Rafael Nadal played a tennis match. This historical event raised 3.5 million USD dollars for the Roger Ferderer Foundation. There were about 51,945 people who attended this event, making it the largest attendance at a tennis match.

Both Federer and Nadal used multiple social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to promote the incredible event. On January 28, 2020 Roger posted a promotional video to his Facebook account that consisted of him and Nadal looking back when they first planned and tried to hold this event 10 years ago.

Personally Roger Federer is by far my favourite tennis player. He has inspired me since I was 8 years old. I am currently on a tennis scholarship in North Caorolina and hope to one day open my own tennis academy for female athletes.

Who is your favourtie tennis player?