Social Media and Children : Is it a good mix?

When should children be allowed to start using social media

How young is too young?

Most social media apps have a minimum age requirement of 13 to be in compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. But yet popular sites like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat do not enforce this. When signing up children just have to pick a birth year that makes them at least 13 years old, and off they go! There is no one monitoring this from my experiences. My niece who is 11 years old is proof of just how easy it is to set up social media accounts. She created an Instagram and Snapchat account just over a year ago and post pictures regularly of herself and her friends, and no one from Instagram or Snapchat has ever questioned her age.

So that brings me to my next concern. Are parents actually monitoring what their children are doing o social media?

In my opinion most are not, or there would not be so much cyber bullying. When my children were younger, the only way they were allowed to have social media accounts was to provide with passwords and that I had to be their “friend” on their accounts as well. That way I could always be able to see what they post. The reasoning I gave them for having their passwords was so that any time I could log into their accounts to see their pictures or posts and that if there was anything even mildly inappropriate they would automatically lose the privilege of using social media. Just ask my son how well this worked out for him? No exceptions, and only one chance! I have been told by other parents that my rules seem too strict, but my ids have also never been in trouble on social media. So I guess the rules work!

Another big issue for me is the number of predators preying on children using social media. Children can meet and communicate with strangers online and become easy prey for internet predators. We as parents have an image of a “creep” lurking around a school yard or playground looking for their next victim. But in actuality they are in our homes! They are hiding behind a screen! Parents need to always monitor their children’s internet activity and know about and be aware of all their friends and followers. So this has raised a couple more questions for me regarding socila medai and children.

Do we need to have more effective rules regarding social media and children?

What more can we do as parents to keep our children safe on social media?

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What more can we do to keep our children safe on social media?

Please use Ghost Mode!!

Do you ever feel like you are being watched?

You probably are if you have not disabled Snap Map on Snapchat! There are far too many cons related to this option than there are pros. Why would you want anyone to know your location all the time? Sounds way too creepy to me!

Snap map uses geolocation to update your every move. It automatically updates your lacation while you have the Snapchat app open. It allows your friends to see your Snapchat Bitmoji on the Snap map. If you walk two blocks and enter a restaurant, so does your Bitmoji. You are able to zoom in close enough to see house numbers and street names. Does this seem safe to you?


I believe there is an enormous danger associated with Snap map! Since it can locate you every single time you open the Snapchat app, it can allow someone to stalk you and over time be able to build up information of where you go, where you live, or different location you frequent. Therefore being able to follow your every single move! If you happen to add snaps to your story at the different locations the stalkers is not able to see who you are with as well. This can prove to be quite dangerous.

People should be very aware of the Ghost Mode function. It allows you to not participate in Snap map. Meaning no one will ever be able to see your locations. This is a function that I think everyone should be using to stay safe.

If you or your family members are using Snapchat please make the aware of the dangers associated with the Snap map and make them aware that is can easily be tuned off by using Ghost Mode. It could possibly keep them out of harms way.

Is Snap map really a safe feature?

Should it be removed from Snapchat altogether?

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Snap map is it safe to use?

Social Media? Business? Or Both?

Social media is everywhere in today’s business world. From booking appointments online, getting quotes, computerized and emailed invoicing, and everything in between, businesses are slowly losing their personal touch. It is slowly coming to a point where you may never have to speak or interact personally with a human anymore. The Gen Z and Gen Y generation’s may like this because of their super busy lifestyles. But Gen X and the Baby Boomers definitely see an issue with is. Whatever happened to sealing a deal or business transaction with a hand shake?

I currently work for a business who has a customer who no one has evr laid eyes on! The customer sets up all his appointments online. When the technicians arrive at his house they use the garage code to enter the home. We have fixed his pool heater and provided preventative maintenance on his furnace and air conditioner. We email him his invoices and he pays them using etransfer. Not one person in the organization has seen or dealt with him in person. This seem extremely odd to me, but I am a Gen X baby.

On the other end of the spectrum we have an enormous amount of customers who are 60+ years old and they love all the personal touches we provide. They request certain technicians when booking theur appointments and nine times out of ten, they call the office after their appointment to let us know just how much they liked the “guy” that was just at their home. This may be a small town thing, but its also how I was raised and its all I know!

When it comes to marketing the business it is getting trickier year after year. With the older generation they still want to see advertising in the newspaper, on TV, on the radio, or by direct mail, but they are all getting extremely expensive and most small businesses can not afford them anymore. The cost continues to rise year after year because of the amount of businesses not using those forms anymore. The younger generation want to see everything online. Facebook, Instagram, Website, and emails, is they way they want all advertising. I think it is because they can access information needed whenever they have a few free minutes, like on the commute to work, waiting for their daughter at dance or while eating lunch in the park. The information is always available to them.

So help me! What am I to do? Where do I spend my advertising budget? Do I just move forward with social media advertising and leave all the other types in the dust? Please help!!

Does Social Media and business work well together?

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Why do we need added filters on our pictures?

So I may be in my forties but in my mind I don’t see myself as being out of touch with social media, a little slow (it may be an age thing) but definatly not out of touch! I do my very best to stay on top of all the new apps and sites that our kids are using. But according to our children “I have now idea what I’m talking about!” when it comes to Snapchat, and you know what? I may have to agree with them on this one!

Is it just me, or do the youth of today have little or little to no in person communication skills? They have no idea how to communicate face to face anymore. What is a handshake? What is eye contact? Social skills are becoming extinct to this generation! In our house, Snapchat has seemed to have created three zombies! From the time they wake up till the time they go back to sleep their phones are stuck in their faces. I don’t for the life of me understand the fascination of adding filters like dog ears or borders of flowers, or using voice changers just to send a picture to say hello or ask to hang out. Why not simply just send a simple text or call? But apparently I this is a normal way for kids to communicate these days. I have also found that when the kids get lazy they just snap a picture of their legs or feet, or even the floor and attach their caption, what kind of laziness is this? Once again back to my original question, why not send a simple text message where there is no extra energy required, just type and send, avoid the whole picture.

I have recently added the Snapchat app to my phone. The kids think its weird that I have it. My only use for the app is to try and show them how redicouasly crazy they look using it all the time for communication purposes. So now I send them crazy little messages like, supper is ready and time for school, just to try and show them how silly it is!

Here are a few links to help inform us old folks (parents) about this new found facinaation called Snapchat

Has Snapchat taken over this generation? Will I ever get my Zombie children back? Please tell me it will get better!!!

Snapchat…..parents need to be more aware of what their children are doing with it!

Snapchat…..parents need to be more aware of what their children are doing with it! #snapchat #parents #socialmedia #zombies