Personal Branding

Branding is me. We have been branded since birth.  From the brand of diapers we wore in the beginning, to the brand of backpack we took to school, to the brand of glasses we now wear as adults.  Branding is everywhere.  Personal branding is the same.  From our first job at the pizza place taking customers’ orders we had begun developing customer service skills.  As we get older with professions and careers, we continue to build our personal branding. 

    There are two areas of specialization that I believe I excel in, office management and customer service/relations.  Both come from many many years of work experience starting from when I was fourteen with my first job. 

  • Office Management:  Office management is almost like second nature to me.  In my current job at our business I run all day to day operations and handle all office related duties.  Prior to running the office at Nev’s Heating & Cooling, I was the store manager for a locally owned and run butcher shop for twelve years.  Although not a typical office setting, it still had all the same responsibilities.  Inventory control, profit and loss reports, invoicing, scheduling, and human resources management.  In the past I have also run two departments at a grocery store at the same time.  Both the deli and bakery departments required all the above skills and techniques but also had customer service deeply inserted in day to day management as well.  I was often serving customers while doing scheduling or inventory in my down time. 
  • Customer Service/Relations:  This skill has been part of every single job I have ever had and to this day still is.  Without customers businesses will never survive.  Without exceptional customer service business will have no customers.  I believe I stand out as a customer service representative because of the twenty-nine plus years of experience I have doing it.  I have had some very knowledgeable managers along the way that have helped shaped and formed me into the manager I am today.  They provided me very on in my working career with some very valuable tools and skills when dealing with customers or clients.  Patience is the most valuable quality to have when working customer service.  It is imperative that you always stay calm and maintain composure when dealing with frustrated customers.  Doing this does not cause a negative impact on the company or business. 

    The following are what I am most proud of accomplishing over the past year:

  • Algonquin College – Social Media Certificate: Being 43 years old and a mother of 2 and step mother to 1 has limited my time to further my education but over the last 4 months I have put myself first and decided to do this for myself and get a college certificate. It has only been 24 years since I have last been a student at Algonquin College. lol
  • Arnprior Regional Health Foundation: Presently I am the Vice-Chair of the foundation board.  Currently we are trying to fundraise 5 million dollars to expand The Grove Nursing home and hospital equipment.  We are currently at 3.2 million dollars of our 5 million dollar goal.  Through other board members and fundraising events, it has allowed me to meet a tremendous amount business connections within our community and surrounding area. It has allowed me to promote our business by making donations and holding fundraising events as the business as the primary sponsor.

What are you doing make your self stand out amount your competition?

Social Media Strong..Social Media Weak

Social media can either be a blessing or a curse for a business or company. If used properly social media allows businesses and companies to gain attention of potential customers and to keep the attention of their regular customers.

Two organizations that have an impressive social media strategy are Netflix and Wayfair. Both are doing a phenomenal job!

Netflix has Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. They are constantly posting updates to upcoming Netflix exclusive shows or new to Netflix movies. They are continually trying to engage their audience. Netflix is very well know for their witty comments or questions.

Their social media presence is very strong with over 61 million followers on Facebook, over 19 million followers on Instagram, and over 6 million followers on Twitter. I think Netflix is doing a great job on social media, as they are always building their followers count, and interacting with those followers. They are not shy to comment and interact with those followers and they are always publishing and posting new interesting content.

Wayfair has Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and Youtube accounts. They as well are always posting about different products they sell, and put the item in a very eye appealing picture making you imagine how great it would look in your home. Wayfair’s social media presence is also very strong. By posting pictures and content multiple times a day, which keeps them at the top of your feed and relevant. On Facebook they have over 7 million followers, Twitter over 73 thousand followers, Instagram over 1 million followers, and over 800 thousand followers on Pinterest. I think Wayfair is doing a great job on social media, as they are always posting pictures and content to keep you thinking about their products and how great they would look in your home. Who doesn’t know…..”Wayfair you’ve got what I need!”

Weak is a very strong word to use when describing Apple. Who in the world has not heard of Apple products? But yet they have zero social media accounts. Imagine if Apple used social media for advertising? They are almost unstoppable now in their industry, just imagine if they used social media? I think if Apple used Facebook, Instagram or even Twitter or a combination of them all there would be no chance that any of their competitors would be able to stop them from dominating their industry. I think Apple should start with Facebook as it is super easy to use and you can reach a very large audience, from pre-teens to retirees.

It actually surprises me that businesses and companies would not use social media for advertising and marketing their brand. Where else are you able to post advertising for free?

Do you have a business? Do you use social media for advertising?

I sure do!!!

Netflix…. a B2C

Netflix is a B2C business who is always engaging their audiences online. They have Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Netflix is known for its witty posts and comments. They have proven to be just as strong on social social media as they are as a video streaming provider, from posting updates to upcoming Netflix exclusive shows or new to Netflix movies to engaging their audience with witty comebacks and comments.

On Facebook, Netflix has over 61 million followers. The majority of their posts are video postings and very few posts involved plain images. When they do plain texts posts they tend to ask questions about different movies and TV shows resulting in their audience interacting thus increasing engagement.

On Instagram, Netflix has over 19 million followers. They post primarily images instead of videos. Netflix’s hashtag game is pretty simple but their posts get a lot of interaction and engagements.

On Twitter, Netflix has over 6 million followers. Here is where Netflix is the King or Queen of witty comebacks or comments. They have become somewhat famous for their replies. Netflix also has the help of many celebrity influencers on Twitter.

Overall, Netflix is doing an amazing job on their social media accounts. On all platforms they continue to increase their followers and continue to interact and increase their engagement numbers. By posting almost daily they remain active and have built and audience that thrives on their posts.

I continue to follow Netflix just to see their witty comments! Do you follow them? What platform is your favourite? I personally like Twitter 🙂

Target Audiences

Determining your target audience for your business is very important. Once you have a good understanding of who your audience is, you are able to write content which is more specific to them. If you work and fully understand your business, you should have an idea of who your audience or customers are, what they are looking for, and where they are looking for it. Sounds simple enough…..right? Surprise!! Its not really as easy as you may think it is!

At our business, we have determined that the largest majority of our target audience are on Facebook and use our website. It has been determined on Facebook that the largest portion of our audience are both men and women between the ages of 35 and 54 and that 55% are women and 44% are men.

We are continually trying to stay engaged with our audience by the content we post, where we post it (Facebook and website), the day and time of day we post it, and the actions we request on these posts. Twice to three times a month we like make posts that require our audience to answer a question, or tag a friend, or like our page and share our post. This engages our audience, requiring them to read the entire post and follow the instruction properly in order to be entered in a draw for a prize. Our next draw is for two tickets to see a local band. We have found that the prize has to be something significant in order for your audience to take the time to participate.

There is an art to creating and strategically posting your content. An art that I believe every business or corporation would like to perfect!

Have you had any luck perfecting your posts to target your audience?

Storytelling & Communication Styles

Storytelling is very important when writing content for your blog, website, or other social media sites. You have to be clear and concise. Free of spelling, grammar, and punctuation errors. You must write in the active voice. But most importantly you must never bury the lead!

Clear and concise:

There are many different things your audience could be doing, so the need to draw their attention in quickly is super important. To do this, you need to be clear and concise in your writing and draw them in within the first few lines of your writing. Either by the headline, or sub headings. Allowing them to quickly look at and skim the article.

Grammar, spelling and punctuation:

This is a must! Poor grammar, spelling errors, and punctuation errors can cause your audience to question your credibility or lack of. If you expect your audience to read your content , it must be free of all errors as it shows them you have actually put effort into writing your content.

Active voice:

You should always be writing in the present tense or active voice, not in thee past tense or passive voice. The active voice tends to be a more interesting read for your audience.

Do not bury the lead:

Make sure you have the most important facts at the beginning of your article. Followed by the less important information, to the least important information. It allows your audience to engage in your content right from he get go.

Lastly, I have learned that it is extremely important to have someone help proof read all your articles or content for you before posting it. It can help you with the flow of your writing.

But most importantly your audience has to be able to interact with your writing. If they can not do that….. why are you writing?

Social Media Trends/Listening

There are many social media listening and monitoring tools available these days. But my favourites are Hootsuite and Facebook.


We use Hootsuite at work. We like how you are able to manage and monitor all your different sites in on spot. I enjoy being able to schedule posts on multiple platforms at once, as it makes it much easier and more efficient for us. The fact that we are able to monitor and respond to comments and mentions on all our sites by using just one platform was one of the biggest selling features for us. The social media manager, the marketing manager and the owner also like all the different reports that can be generated, allowing them to monitor the success of the content that is being posted. The platform itself is very user friendly which is also very nice feature.


Facebook is my most favourite to use to monitor and listen to content because it is where we do the majority of our postings. The insights feature is extremely easy to use and to understand. It allows us to schedule posts, comment on all comments and mentions, well really all interactions with our business page. We are able to monitor all follows, likes and shares of all content we post, thus allowing to monitor our reach. It also allows us to know when new viewers are looking at our business page.

Of all the different sources of news and update sources , the ones that interest me the most are CNN and CTV news on Facebook. I find that both pages on Facebook post news very frequently, thus allowing me to stay up to date on all that is going on around my community and even the world. I like that CNN posts my worldly updates and they post approximately every 10 minutes and that CTV news posts my local news updates every hour. These sites allow me to stay involved with the outside world by being stuck behind a desk for 8 hours a day.

Vegas! Vegas! Vegas!

Our first time at the Vegas sign!

Vegas! Vegas! Vegas! Oh boy, do I love going to Las Vegas!

My last trip to Las Vegas was my tenth time there. I still have not been able to see or do everything there is to do there. Every time I go back, there are new attractions.

Nevin and I went last April. On this trip we stayed at the fabulous Venetian Hotel and Casino. Oh my!!! Was it ever a beautiful hotel! We were fortunate enough to get an upgrade to a king suite at check in. I have seen this happen in movies all the time, but it has never happened to us before and like I said this was our tenth time there. After arriving at our room, we soon realized that on any future trips we would definitley be upgrading!

So most people go to Vegas to gamble, but not us! We go for the food and shows! On our last trip we watched two Cirque du Soleil shows, Beatles Love and Zumanity. We have now watched all the Cirque du Soleil shows that are playing in Las Vegas. Hopefully there is a new one on our next visit.

Food is our next love in Vegas. We always go to Wahlburgers and Gordon Ramsay’s fish and chips. On this particular trip we got the sueprise of a life time. When we walked into the restaurant they locked the doors right after we walked in. It seemed very odd, but when we looked around it became very apparant why….. Chef Gordon Ramsay was there! He was cooking and preparing food orders. It was sooo awesome!

On this trip we also went on the High Roller ferris wheel. At its highest point it is 550 feet above the Vegas strip. We were able to go in one of its pods that had a bar in it! Woo hoo, unlimited drinks for the duration of the ride! Then we were off to Freemont St, to zip line. What a blast!

We can’t wait to see you again Vegas…..see ya in April 2020!

Social Media and Children : Is it a good mix?

When should children be allowed to start using social media

How young is too young?

Most social media apps have a minimum age requirement of 13 to be in compliance with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act. But yet popular sites like Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat do not enforce this. When signing up children just have to pick a birth year that makes them at least 13 years old, and off they go! There is no one monitoring this from my experiences. My niece who is 11 years old is proof of just how easy it is to set up social media accounts. She created an Instagram and Snapchat account just over a year ago and post pictures regularly of herself and her friends, and no one from Instagram or Snapchat has ever questioned her age.

So that brings me to my next concern. Are parents actually monitoring what their children are doing o social media?

In my opinion most are not, or there would not be so much cyber bullying. When my children were younger, the only way they were allowed to have social media accounts was to provide with passwords and that I had to be their “friend” on their accounts as well. That way I could always be able to see what they post. The reasoning I gave them for having their passwords was so that any time I could log into their accounts to see their pictures or posts and that if there was anything even mildly inappropriate they would automatically lose the privilege of using social media. Just ask my son how well this worked out for him? No exceptions, and only one chance! I have been told by other parents that my rules seem too strict, but my ids have also never been in trouble on social media. So I guess the rules work!

Another big issue for me is the number of predators preying on children using social media. Children can meet and communicate with strangers online and become easy prey for internet predators. We as parents have an image of a “creep” lurking around a school yard or playground looking for their next victim. But in actuality they are in our homes! They are hiding behind a screen! Parents need to always monitor their children’s internet activity and know about and be aware of all their friends and followers. So this has raised a couple more questions for me regarding socila medai and children.

Do we need to have more effective rules regarding social media and children?

What more can we do as parents to keep our children safe on social media?

#creeper #staysafe #parentalinvolvement

What more can we do to keep our children safe on social media?

Please use Ghost Mode!!

Do you ever feel like you are being watched?

You probably are if you have not disabled Snap Map on Snapchat! There are far too many cons related to this option than there are pros. Why would you want anyone to know your location all the time? Sounds way too creepy to me!

Snap map uses geolocation to update your every move. It automatically updates your lacation while you have the Snapchat app open. It allows your friends to see your Snapchat Bitmoji on the Snap map. If you walk two blocks and enter a restaurant, so does your Bitmoji. You are able to zoom in close enough to see house numbers and street names. Does this seem safe to you?


I believe there is an enormous danger associated with Snap map! Since it can locate you every single time you open the Snapchat app, it can allow someone to stalk you and over time be able to build up information of where you go, where you live, or different location you frequent. Therefore being able to follow your every single move! If you happen to add snaps to your story at the different locations the stalkers is not able to see who you are with as well. This can prove to be quite dangerous.

People should be very aware of the Ghost Mode function. It allows you to not participate in Snap map. Meaning no one will ever be able to see your locations. This is a function that I think everyone should be using to stay safe.

If you or your family members are using Snapchat please make the aware of the dangers associated with the Snap map and make them aware that is can easily be tuned off by using Ghost Mode. It could possibly keep them out of harms way.

Is Snap map really a safe feature?

Should it be removed from Snapchat altogether?

#snapchat #snapmap #notsafe

Snap map is it safe to use?

Social Media? Business? Or Both?

Social media is everywhere in today’s business world. From booking appointments online, getting quotes, computerized and emailed invoicing, and everything in between, businesses are slowly losing their personal touch. It is slowly coming to a point where you may never have to speak or interact personally with a human anymore. The Gen Z and Gen Y generation’s may like this because of their super busy lifestyles. But Gen X and the Baby Boomers definitely see an issue with is. Whatever happened to sealing a deal or business transaction with a hand shake?

I currently work for a business who has a customer who no one has evr laid eyes on! The customer sets up all his appointments online. When the technicians arrive at his house they use the garage code to enter the home. We have fixed his pool heater and provided preventative maintenance on his furnace and air conditioner. We email him his invoices and he pays them using etransfer. Not one person in the organization has seen or dealt with him in person. This seem extremely odd to me, but I am a Gen X baby.

On the other end of the spectrum we have an enormous amount of customers who are 60+ years old and they love all the personal touches we provide. They request certain technicians when booking theur appointments and nine times out of ten, they call the office after their appointment to let us know just how much they liked the “guy” that was just at their home. This may be a small town thing, but its also how I was raised and its all I know!

When it comes to marketing the business it is getting trickier year after year. With the older generation they still want to see advertising in the newspaper, on TV, on the radio, or by direct mail, but they are all getting extremely expensive and most small businesses can not afford them anymore. The cost continues to rise year after year because of the amount of businesses not using those forms anymore. The younger generation want to see everything online. Facebook, Instagram, Website, and emails, is they way they want all advertising. I think it is because they can access information needed whenever they have a few free minutes, like on the commute to work, waiting for their daughter at dance or while eating lunch in the park. The information is always available to them.

So help me! What am I to do? Where do I spend my advertising budget? Do I just move forward with social media advertising and leave all the other types in the dust? Please help!!

Does Social Media and business work well together?

#social #media #business