Social Media Trends/Listening

There are many social media listening and monitoring tools available these days. But my favourites are Hootsuite and Facebook.


We use Hootsuite at work. We like how you are able to manage and monitor all your different sites in on spot. I enjoy being able to schedule posts on multiple platforms at once, as it makes it much easier and more efficient for us. The fact that we are able to monitor and respond to comments and mentions on all our sites by using just one platform was one of the biggest selling features for us. The social media manager, the marketing manager and the owner also like all the different reports that can be generated, allowing them to monitor the success of the content that is being posted. The platform itself is very user friendly which is also very nice feature.


Facebook is my most favourite to use to monitor and listen to content because it is where we do the majority of our postings. The insights feature is extremely easy to use and to understand. It allows us to schedule posts, comment on all comments and mentions, well really all interactions with our business page. We are able to monitor all follows, likes and shares of all content we post, thus allowing to monitor our reach. It also allows us to know when new viewers are looking at our business page.

Of all the different sources of news and update sources , the ones that interest me the most are CNN and CTV news on Facebook. I find that both pages on Facebook post news very frequently, thus allowing me to stay up to date on all that is going on around my community and even the world. I like that CNN posts my worldly updates and they post approximately every 10 minutes and that CTV news posts my local news updates every hour. These sites allow me to stay involved with the outside world by being stuck behind a desk for 8 hours a day.

One thought on “Social Media Trends/Listening

  1. Great post! Hootsuite is definitely an amazing platform to use for social listening and monitoring with all the different options it has to offer.

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