COM0011 – Blog 2 – What’s Trending? New social media tools.

With the usage level increasing day-by-day for social media application, Search Engine Journal, has identified based on monthly users data the top social media platforms: Facebook, YouTube & WhatsApp. Additionally, they have identified other applications that  we will need to keep our eye.

Discord – This application is like Microsoft Teams platform. It is an application that can we use to collaborate with others. Meet with individuals from your social community.

Twitch – This application is like YouTube 2.0 with better searchable content. For me, this application would be more for millennials and Generation Z.

Instagram Reels – You can create short video using this application. This application would be for a wider demographic (Generation X, millennials & Generation Z).

Patreon – This is a membership-based platform that helps you connect with your community. For me, this application would appeal to a wider demographic (Generation X, millennials & Generation Z).

Twitter Spaces – This is a Twitter plug-in that you can use to share content with your followers. This application would be for a wider demographic (Generation X, millennials & Generation Z).

Spotify Live – This one is also a plug-in from Spotify that we can use to create live streaming content.

Caffeine – This application is like Tik Top. It is a streaming application that allows you the chat with your social community. Personally, this application would be for millennials & Generation Z.

Clubhouse – This application is used to connect with your social community. This one would also be used by Generation X, millennials & Generation Z.

For my part, Instagram reels, patreon & clubhouse are the applications that I will be that I personally will be keeping my eye on.

What about you?

Which one or ones will you be watching out for?

COM0011-Blog #1 – Is it time to take a break?

It seems as if everyone is using social media applications and are online for longer period. According to Statista, we are online 147 minutes on a daily basis.  I can attest to being one of those individuals that is constantly online, and I have often joke with my husband that my smartphone is my “life partner”.  I can honestly say that I am one of those individuals that is on my smartphone for more that six hours a day and on my favorite applications: Instagram, YouTube & Twitter.

I am not sure if it is because I am now working from home, but I have recently that I am spending an increased time on my online platforms. This has affected my sleep pattern as well as my nutrition. What I mean is that I realize that I was eating a lot more junk food because I needed energy to stay awake during the day. According to Jacquelyn Johnson, PsyD, Medical News Today that there is a link between excessive use of social media and depression, anxiety and low self-esteem.

That being said, I have decided to take a min-breaks during this year to see if it will help improve my sleep partner and nutrition.

Let me know if you are experiencing the same issues.