Instagram made me a makeup model!

Instagram is everything in my life, I can probably live without friends but definitely not without instagram.

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Let’s get into the beauty of Instagram.

I’ve always loved makeup ever since I was a little child, the first word I said when I was 2 years old was “Lipstick”. I’ve started exploring instagram about 4 years ago and loved it. I think instagram have some amazing features and keep you up to date with everything around you. So I live in Dubai, and over it’s all about instagram. Usually before visiting any place such as restaurants, cafes, shopping malls, or even parks I check their instagram page to see more realistic pictures. 

So since I’m a makeup addict, I usually follow makeup artists and makeup pages on instagram to see the latest trends and looks. Last year a contact lenses brand have contacted me through instagram and asked me to become their “Eye model”. I was over the sky when they offered me this opportunity. they took a few pictures of me and tagged me which allowed other brands to start reaching out to me. 

After becoming more and more visible and noticed on Instagram for makeup and beauty professionals, my favorite makeup artist contacted me to give me a few tips about makeup. As we were messaging each other on instagram she saw my count down for my engagement and she offered me to do my hair and makeup to give me a better understanding about makeup brands and how to apply it.   

My favorite makeup look!

I ended up having one of the best makeup artists reaching out to me and posting a picture of myself on her page which have over 39K followers, the eye contacts brand that I’m wearing have also reached out to me and asked if I can share with them pictures of me wearing the contact lenses on their page, where they have more than 25K followers.  I was honestly over the sky!

Wohoo, I was getting more noticed over here, YAY!

After those few brands posting and reposting pictures of me on their pages, my chances in being noticed and reaching out to well known beauty brand and professionals became much easier. I love taking pictures or in other words visuals that’s why I love instagram more than any other social media platform. I’d rather take a picture to express about my feelings and interests than writing. I also feel that that the great feature of posting stories on Instagram keeps you with live contact with your followers and the public in general. Moreover, Instagram allows you to ask questions and create polls and see what are the opinions of my followers, which I think is great. I personally think Instagram can open the doors of your dreams if you’re using it in the right way. Do you think instagram can help you reach your dream?


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