Social Media for Social Change

I have been following many of my favorite brands and designers on social media platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn, and most recently YouTube and Facebook, for about three years.  Some post more frequently than others and some are not posting often enough. For this assignment I will compare the Tory Burch Company / Tory Burch Foundation and Marc Cain on their social media strategy.

Tory Burch company / Tory Burch Foundation is based in New York City and Marc Cain is based in Germany in a beautiful glass building.  Both are in the fashion industry, specializing in women’s apparel and globally operated. Both organizations adapted to digital marketing, however, Marc Cain has better content, but the Tory Burch company is listening, to diversity, inclusivity, and social change. 

Tory Burch and Lilly Ledbetter on Equal Pay | The Embrace Ambition Series – YouTube

So, which is more impressive in their social media strategy?  I am drawn to the Tory Burch company/Tory Burch Foundation. Much have been in the conversation of diversity and inclusion in the last several years and more so in the last year and equal pay. A short time ago, corporate responsibility was laid out on corporate website’s, but lately social media has organizations highlighting and discussing their causes. Social change and sustainability are part of the narrative with many organizations.  That all is reflected in the Tory Burch company’s content.

The Tory Burch company social profiles are Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Tory Burch foundation social profiles are less platforms, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Nevertheless, the organization is using social media to advance to more than just likes and shares.  They are building a community with shared causes and a love for a great brand. It takes more than uploading your product to market a brand in today’s social media culture. Meaningful engagement is key. More people are listening and paying attention to social justice, and the company have adapted to the changes in communication. The approach is unique. It takes creating unique content for each channel by telling a short story to make an impact and frequently engaging with the target audience (Sweeney, Lauren).

Marc Cain’s has fewer social profiles. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn are their social platforms. Their social media strategy is static; however, content is exciting. They could use an overhaul and improve on their use of social media, in terms of storytelling, diversity and engagement. They lack diversity, which may be interpreted by some as tone deaf. Incorporating more of their causes in story telling can lead to tapping into a new market. Sustainability is one of their causes to impact a better future. However, not advertised enough on their social profile. They lack change but creative. They could tell stories marrying the two together and demonstrate they are a brand that promotes inclusivity.

Marc Cain Fashion Film Fall/Winter 2021 – “How Wonderful” – YouTube

What are your favorite brands and how are they making an impact for change?


Sweeney, Lauren, (n.d)Building a Successful (and Lasting) Social Strategy | Tory Burch Foundation


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How Are You Listening?

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I have used Feedly and Feedspot to receive information posted on the web, then Brand24 and Mentionlytics for my listening tools. I would not say these are my favorite listening tools, but they certainly are the listening and monitoring tools that I am comfortable with right now.  I have not tried many other tools yet. However, I do plan on researching my options for long term usability.

What I like about Feedly and Feedspot is the interface and the manageability. It is easy to set up and receive posts without becoming overwhelmed with information coming in daily. Brand24 is an excellent user – friendly listening and monitoring tool.  The layout of the dashboard is simple to follow, and I can easily locate the information I am seeking. I ran into a little problem using Brand24 and sent an email regarding the issue.  The assistance I received was quick and impressive. Using customer service as part of the decision factor Brand24 is a likely choice for me to move forward.

One of the goals I have is to optimize my SEO. My preference is the simplicity of Google alerts, and Google Trends.  Finding my keywords in google trends was especially useful in assignments and it gave me new insight of a brand I misunderstood.  I received once daily, a comprehensive email with posts.  I do not read through them all, but I receive valuable information on the brand. I understand the power of using keywords on WEB 2.0 and how it will benefit my SEO moving forward. I do have to play around with my keywords otherwise, incoming posts on Google Alerts, Feedly and Feedspot does not align with my objectives.

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I do like Twitter lists. It is easy and tweets are manageable.   Since this course, I have a better understanding of Twitter and will be using Twitter lists to find my audience.  I am organizing my Facebook into groups to start listening and will do the same for LinkedIn and Instagram.

I receive daily emails from other monitoring tools such as Metigy, Conviva, Awario, Oribi, Netvibes, Hubspot and Mentionlytics.  I know that sounds like plenty but with one email a day I can learn more. Once I feel I am in a place where I am more knowledgeable on monitoring and listening tools, and news feeds, I will select my preferences according to, user – friendly and manageability.

What is your favorite monitoring and listening tool?

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Storytelling is the best way to write content for online communications.  The objective is to begin with your goal in mind. What do you want to achieve?  Ask yourself a simple question? What do you want to tell your audience and how would you like them to respond?

The Pyramid writing structure is a great tool to help you organize your thoughts. It explains the methodology to organize your ideas and outline the features for your story.  There are three simple steps to follow. Your first paragraph should create a sense of intrigue to the reader. The content in the first paragraph should make the most impact to the reader. Create a flow. This is key, it is important for you to write in order of importance and relevance.  When a story lacks order, the reader will lose interest and move on to the next.  Use interesting titles and subheadings to lead your audience to begin reading and continue to the end. Information that is least important should be left for the last. Be precise and succinct. Write down your ideas, research and write with accuracy.


 Before publishing, check spelling and grammar.  Think of this as building your reputation online as you would offline. Good grammar is also key to writing any type of content. Incorrect spelling and grammar are almost unacceptable today in the digital world because of spell check and now the new feature editor on Microsoft Word.

Good communication skills will pique the interest of readers. So, discover your writing style.  Are you more creative or technical? Determine your audience?  These are the people that will take interest in your story.  They may subscribe, share your content, or do both.  Engage with your audience.  Ask questions at the end of your blog to encourage engagement or begin a conversation. Write in the active voice to avoid a lackluster story.

What other methods do you use to write content for the online community to gain an audience?


Becoming a Digital Storyteller

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Jamaica! Oh How I Love Thee!

January 6th 2020, I got on a plane in the early morning to meet up with my family on the beautiful Island of Jamaica, where I would stay for two weeks.  I am being biased, I am from Jamaica. I was really excited and looking forward to our vacation. It had been ten years since my last visit and our last family trip. My mom, sisters and I decided to stay one week at a resort with friends. I met up with them at the Royal Decamoran Club Caribbean resort in Runaway Bay, St. Anne’s Jamaica where we stayed one week.

From the moment I got off the plane I felt excited and relaxed both at the same time. We drove alongside the ocean, as we were being driven to our destination resort, I was chatting to another tourist visiting from Chicago, showing him the beauty of the Island and telling him what little I knew about the area. Upon arrival at the resort, there were warm greetings and I was shown where we would spend the next few days before heading off to the hills inland to spend another week with family.

We rented an ocean front cottage. Waking up in the early mornings to the sound of the ocean waves was quite peaceful, breathtaking and somewhat majestic. ( I wish that could be every morning.) It was beautiful and serene. I am not a morning person, but I do love the early mornings for the quiet and stillness.

The Decameron is not listed as a five star but it should be.  We (the guess) were taken care of so well, there were so many delicious food and real good vibes. Every night was a different theme for the cuisine. For the first two days, I ate and slept on the beach, of course I spent time and mingled with family and friends too. I would find a spot as close to the water as I could and listen to the waves hit against the rocks. After dinner the local entertained the guests with dancing. On the third day we ventured outside of the resort and toured Ocho Rios and spent some time at Dunn’s River falls. Then we went into the market and did some shopping and walked around blending in with the locals. On this day I really needed a Starbucks coffee and to my surprise when I asked a local resident if there was one in the area he said yes and gave us direction. It was a long way off but it was worth the walk.

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Each time I travel, I like to try something new. On one trip to Florida, I went to the shooting range. On another trip to Jamaica I tried ziplining. On this trip I learned archery. I ran out of time and was only able to participate for a short time but it was fun. A bit intimidating at first but I got the hang of it. It was time to leave and take a long three hour drive up the mountains to St. Elizabeth where we are from. We arrived five hours later! If you have been to Jamaica and travel outside the resort areas, you may know that once you start on the journey the roads are wide and feel quite safe. You look out the window and enjoy the scenery, the ships coming in and the people. Eventually the ocean disappears and the roads gets smaller and winding.

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There was one thing that was very different from my other trips to Jamaica and that is, soldiers were out and completing spot checks. Something new to protect the citizens in troubled areas with high crime. This was my first time being approached to spot check our vehicle.

One of my favorite things to do on the island is to go and see family. It’s very different from being on a resort, being catered to and breathing in the ocean air. Everyone is so chilled and still caters to us. Family came to see us. There was lots of laughter, music and food. Of course, every time on the last day of our visit, I never want to leave. Some of the people we met are so humble with little but will give you what they have in terms of making you dinner, taking care of you to make sure you are fine and safe. My favorite things about Jamaica are the people, the food and the music. No matter how long I stay away, I always feel at home when I go visit.

What are some of your favorite things you like to do on vacation?

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I have always believed in kindness and to be thankful. Growing up I always heard the expression count your blessings.

In recent years, I have been hearing about journaling your gratitude from a friend as a way of influencing thinking. I decided to do some research on it and this is what I found. Gratitude is an emotion that studies have reported expressing gratitude daily or weekly in a journal can change negative thoughts into positive thoughts. Resulting in increased dopamine which can have a positive effective on the brain. (Miller,2020)  There are many books, podcasts, YouTube video’s and research on this subject.

  1. Gratitude journaling is keeping a weekly journal on experiences and people that you are grateful for. Negative experiences can also bring a positive result. (Miller, 2020)

2. Gratitude removes toxic emotions and can have a positive result on the brain.(Brown, Wong, June 2017)

3. Gratitude relieves stress and promotes optimism. ( Miller,2020)

4. Some studies reported writing down the experiences you are grateful for may reduce inflammation, improve health and feel more rested.(Miller,2020)

5. Content and experience more joy. (Miller,2020)

6. Less materialistic. (Miller, 2020)

7. Develop positive relations. (Miller, 2020)

After reading both articles, it resonated in me how the idea can be effective and produce positive results for some people. Researching gratitude is not new to researchers.

This summer my friend wrote a book on gratitude and started a weekly podcast on the subject. I thought it was really interesting and decided to look into it more. The more I read the more I began to believe in the idea. I don’t journal, I write notes and goals. However, I am sold on the idea and will start. It’s a good reflection exercise and possibly will become a good habit.

What do you think of the idea of journaling your gratitude?


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Living Your Best Life! Post 2020!

2020 has been nothing but fear and uncertainty!  At the beginning of the pandemic it was extremely frightening and the beginning of a nightmare. I found myself scrolling through the news on the phone, tablet or television, reading, watching and listening intently, in shock and feeling fear.  The unimaginable was about to take place.

Millions of people all over the world became sick and millions of people lost their lives. An outbreak of a mysterious disease that began in Wuhan, China, then went on to over burden the health care systems in both Wuhan and Northern Italy and many other countries. The corona virus was spreading exponentially to England, Spain, Canada, United States, South America and the rest of the world in a short period of time. Borders began to close.


About three weeks into the pandemic, I listened to less news and listened to only trusted outlets on surviving a pandemic. After a few months in I started to reflect.  Then I decided to reset. Life was too fast.  Information was coming quickly through the different multimedia channels and social media. The stress at my job. I felt like I had to keep going and keep up. Hardly a moment to think about what should be next.

It was difficult to think about “what life” would be like post pandemic. I knew I wanted a change. I didn’t want to come out on the other side the same.  I started to shed the old and began to think about what life could potentially be after the pandemic, “living my best life.” I started thinking about my dream job, family, friends and travelling more. Oh, and I started a book club, something I have always wanted to do. To get my mind off the pandemic I started to read more. I love reading novels but didn’t have time to complete a book or start a book. I started to invest in myself. There is still the uncertainty of the economy and when the pandemic will be over.

I wanted to start thinking ahead. Hence, I decided to go back to school, put a plan together.  Taking this course opened me up to an entire new way of approaching social media for business and building my personal brand. I developed confidence using social media platforms to make comments and posts. It is a lot of work, but I am enjoying learning the tools to brand myself and connecting to people in communities that share the same interest.  Rediscover self is a breath of fresh air in this dark period we are in.

As I close, how have you rediscovered “self” in the last 8 months?


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LinkedIn, like most social media platforms can be quite intimidating when you are new to the platform, because you don’t know what is on the other side once you hit send. What I mean is, comments may be written positively to boost your confidence or negatively to have you second guessing yourself.

I avoided joining social media initially until I learned of the benefits. One of my favourite social media apps is LinkedIn. I have been on LinkedIn for about 8 years and I check it multiple time’s throughout the day. I do take a break every now and then). I follow a variety of leaders in different industries, designers and company’s that post articles of my interest.

When I first joined, to fully grasp the concept and the functions I once spent 3/4 of the day at a workshop to gain knowledge on how to use the app. I did what they told me. I had set up my profile, built my contacts and shared articles that I found to be informative. My previous manager told me I need to have a minimum of 500 followers for recruiters to contact me. It sort of worked. Recruiters did reach out to me regarding opportunities. I reached out to some of my contacts and asked for information interviews. I sent out 50 messages and 9 responded from various cities including a designer visiting China, researching for her next collection ( that was exciting). They were all very helpful. But, until reading the article ” There are tremendous opportunities on LinkedIn, especially if you know how to build your personal brand and leverage it.” I now realize I haven’t been using it to it’s full potential.

During the lockdown, for the first time I found myself more engaged with my contacts from different parts of the world, New York, Vancouver and more. Reading comments and adding my own comments. To my surprise, my comments were acknowledged and it increased my confidence to be more engaged.

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Before this course I never thought of myself as a brand. I followed the old standard rules of building a resume and created my LinkedIn page as such without any creative flare to it. More work to do! Exciting work cleaning up my LinkedIn page, marketing myself as a brand.

Linkedin Logo Made Out Of People - Linkedin Ipo Transparent PNG - 704x345 -  Free Download on NicePNG

Which social media platforms do you spend the most time on?

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Fall / Winter 2020 / Leather!

Whether it’s a jacket, skirt (3/4 length preferably), dress or romper, leather was definitely a favorite on the runway at the Salvatore Ferragamo fall/winter 2020 fashion show. Each season it’s always exciting to watch videos and look through magazine’s to see the collection designers have created for their ready to wear or haute couture presentations.

If you’re not in the mood or inspired to splurge on a unique piece or two, it’s understandable, considering the current climate of the world. Living through a pandemic, the racial anguish that have stirred up world wide protests, the sudden upheaval of the worlds economy to the current broken economy caused by the pandemic, have you feeling anxious or uninspired and glued to many different news outlets, you are not alone. Self – care is more important now than it has ever been.

I hope you will find ways of getting inspired. Whether it’s glancing at some of the pieces I have posted or reflecting on your favourite things to do, or even imagining on what post pandemic will look like for you. I have also included the color palette for fall / winter 2020 if you decide to venture on a little guilt free online shopping.

What were some of your favourite things to do pre pandemic?

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Haute Couture – The Art Of Dressmaking

Dressmaking at its finest!

Haute Couture translated, means High Fashion. Originated in Paris, France by an English designer, Charles Fredrick Worth. He was recognized historically to have created the concept of Haute Couture. In 1858, the first couture house was introduced to the world of fashion, House of Worth. It simply means, one of a kind garments are constructed by fashion designers and skilled couturiers (Haute Couture, BoF, Fashion -az).

Designers that exhibit a standard of excellence in the tradition of couture and creativity, are chosen by the Chambre Syndicale de la Haute Couture in Paris to become members of this esteem organization ( Haute Couture, BoF, Fashion-as). Some members include Amir’s, Alexander McQueen, Ann Demeulemeester, Balenciaga, Celine, Chanel, Dior, Ellie Saab, Giambattista Valli, Giorgio Armani and Givenchy (

Delicate, exquisite and luxurious fabrics are used to create beautiful one of a kind pieces. It’s time consuming due to the intricate details that can be part of each creation. Ideas are illustrated in a fashion sketch (Haute Couture, Wikipedia).

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