I need a backyard fence – where do I start?

  • What is the main purpose of the fence?
  • Is it for your children?
  • Is it for protection, privacy, beauty?
  • How long do you plan on living where you are now?
  • Is it for a swimming pool or hot tub?
  • Do you simply want to keep your dog in the yard?
  • Is it simply to define a boundary between you and your neighbours?
  • Does my neighbourhood have by-law restrictions?

These are only a few of the many questions you may have before making a final decision.


In a time where fencing material comes in several forms, sizes and price points, there are bound to be questions about it. Frequently asked questions about fences, fencing material and the processes involved in the fence design and construction are answered here by the experts at Ideal Fence. PVC/Vinyl, wood, iron, chain link fencing, what to consider, how to hire a professional at Ideal Fence.

pvc - vinyl (3)

Dark Brown PVC w/topper

aluminum fence - commercial gate

Elegant residential gate

aluminum fence - cedar (8)

Cedar horizontal boards

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be exploring different blogging techniques in an effort to improve the brand of our fence installation company. I’ll be including pictures of product, buying tips, pitfalls to avoid, and other information related to the industry of residential fencing. I look forward to receiving feedback and answering questions.

The Starbucks Conspiracy

Starbucks Signboard

Photo by Pexels

As anyone with a slightly unusual name will tell you, having it misspelled happens quite frequently. Rest assured, if your name is John or Jane Doe, at some point a Starbucks barista will have you suffer the same fate. You may be tempted to complain, but instead you’ll take the high road and bask in the magnificent zest and opulence of your Chestnut Praline Latte, while wondering how this person who wrote your name finds their way to work every morning. Oh, and because you have a sense of humour, you’ll take a picture … and publish it on Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook. Cha-ching!


Starbucks Disposable Cup Beside Iphone 5s

Photo by Pexels

You may not even have noticed, but your misspelled name is clearly printed right next to the iconic Starbucks logo. While not exactly positive, this tactic isn’t going to offend anyone, so the fact that people are inclined to share images of their orders when this occurs means Starbucks’ is getting a social media boost from their patronage without even a whisper.

Hand with marker writing the word ROI - Return on Investment

Photo by Adobe stock

The Brandwatch React team delved into the data to find out how well this marketing ploy has worked out, and they were eventually able to determine ROI analytics to support the coffee giant’s gamble. This colossal win can inspire all of us small business owners to wield the power of social media to our own benefit. If you own any type of service-based business, you should be looking at this as an example of what great social media marketing is capable of.

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Social Media Videos Rule!

Film camera chalkboard and roll

Photos: google stock images

Video is the most important content marketing strategy available to Social Media, and nothing remotely comes close. It doesn’t matter what you do or what you’re selling, videos are the most important engagement tool! The landscape has settled in recent years, with Facebook now getting more minutes watched than YouTube. Not far behind stands Snapchat with daily views now in the billions, and Twitter videos taking listening and branding to a whole new level.

I'm a Youtuber!

Photo: google stock images

The YouTube revolution.

YouTube, once the pinnacle of online video production, still carries significant clout with over 300 hours’ worth of video content pushed every minute worldwide. But the downward trend can be linked to limited platform exposure and data availability. The site still gets the traffic because of its billion plus users, but the limitations coupled with the colossal competition struggling to get exposure have contributed to the rise of other, more exclusive social media sites for marketers.

Facebook Scrabble Tiles on Brown Surface

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Facebook … again.

Facebook is good at everything: smart, shareable, personal. If you’re posting a video on YouTube, you’re also posting it on Facebook – and not vice versa. The relevant data available on the Facebook platform has created the greatest marketing resource for companies, of all-time. Consider also their new video ad products for sales and direct response, and nothing even comes close … for now.

Social media hashtag on blackboard with chalk

Photos google stock images

Twitter gaining ground.

Three years ago, Twitter released its new video product to compete directly with YouTube, and eventually Facebook. The platform focuses on the “social” aspect of Social Media by connecting and engaging, rather than simply pushing. It’s become a perennial listening platform for encouraging more serious discussion because of real time engagement between brands and consumers.

Competition breeds innovation, and video is king right now. It’s evolving and changing rapidly. Get online and start experimenting!

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Social Media for Small Business – Why It’s So Important!

Person Holding Iphone Showing Social Networks Folder

Learning to navigate the web to promote your business isn’t easy, and it can be very daunting if you’ve never done it before. The landscape of options is constantly changing, and revolutionary products can render today’s go-to medium obsolete in the blink of an eye. No need to panic however, we all have to start somewhere. Using some form of Social Media for your business is still better than not using any at all.

Although old-school traditional media advertising may still exist, recent advances in technology over the last 20 years have reduced their impact on consumers significantly. How many of us don’t yet use PVR to record our favourite television programs? Do you skip the commercials? How about satellite radio promoted as being “free of advertisement?” Does anybody really care about the recent postal strike? Magazine newsstands are in distress as their sales have plummeted close to 60% since 2007. Remember the yellow pages?

Three Person Holding Smartphones

The internet changed everything! And Social Media was soon to follow. The role of marketing has completely changed, and Social Media has played a major role. More strategic consumers can be reached at a much lower cost. Digital Marketing ROI can often be measured daily as brands target specific ideal buyers, while having the ability to engage current or prospective clients instantly, thus fostering trust.

“Traditional marketing is not dying – it’s dead!” (Zynman 1999).

If you’re not sold on the benefits of using Social Media for your business yet, consider these facts about consumerism. Social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter offer consumers the opportunity to buy directly through their app. And giants such as Ikea are beginning to dabble in virtual reality and augmented reality experiences as well.

The future of commerce is online. But perhaps a bit surprisingly, all signs point to the future of commerce being on Social Media. Not sure where to start? Check out this list of top 10 Social Media platforms for Small Business. 

Have you made an online purchase from a Social Media platform? Please share.

Hey you! Yes you. You’re awesome!

via Hey you! Yes you. You’re awesome!

Well done CCVERBRUGH! My personal criteria for movie watching:

– David Fincher always works
– Avoid Cameron Diaz and Liam Hemsworth like the plague (there are others)
– Amy Adams and Sean Penn are Jedi knights of acting (there are others too)
– Aaron Sorkin is the DaVinci of script writing

I love Aaron Sorkin! From his Newsroom intro to The Social Network (directed by Fincher) to his most recent Molly’s Game. I make a point of watching his works more than once … because of subtlety and entertainment value.

In the spirit of your blog … I think you’ll like this video.

Thank you for this!


What YOU should know before hiring a contractor!

HOW TO CHOSE A CONTRACTOR – Let’s talk about competing estimates for the same scope of project. They all seem to include most of the same information, therefore you go straight to final costs. All things being equal (or seemingly so) you choose the contractor with the lowest bid. Makes sense, or does it?

BEFORE YOU MAKE A DECISION, MAKE SURE YOU ASK LOTS OF QUESTIONS. A good contractor will be happy to answer your questions:

How long have you been in business?
What are the materials being used?
What is the warranty?
Has your company received favourable reviews? (Google, HomeStars )
Are the workers properly trained?
Does the company have insurance?
Will the contractor be subcontracting any part of the project?

And if the contractor says: “I can waive the HST,” your next question should be “at what cost to me?” No HST means no paper trail – and no paper trail means no warranty. And if service is required after the installation, how will this be addressed?

Also consider asking for referrals from:
– Homeowners in your area
– Material suppliers
– Commercial partners and/or property managers

In any industry where material costs are fixed, you must question why some contractors are charging so much less than others. Generally, those who charge significantly less can afford to do so because they cut corners:

– less time spent on your project (and less attention to detail)
– less material, or wrong material used
– Poor follow-up on customer service

Regarding fence work, you may be getting sub-par materials. For instance, not all PVC/Aluminum/Iron/Chain Link are made the same. Even the quality of finished lumber will vary from supplier. If your contractor says: “I can get you a similar product from another supplier,” you should be questioning just how similar the two products really are. The bottom line? Question the lowest price as much as you question the highest price … if not more.

AT IDEAL FENCE, WE TAKE GREAT PRIDE IN WHAT WE DO! No company is perfect, and we certainly don’t profess to be perfect. However, we strive to be as upfront and transparent as possible. Cutting corners is not what we do, and it’s not what you want. We are homeowners as well, and there is nothing more frustrating than learning of customers who thought they were getting one thing but ended up getting something completely different. Unfortunately, this happens more often than people realize.

Thank you for taking the time to read through our suggestions on how to find the right contractor. Check us out on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Have you had a bad experience with a contractor in the past? Maybe you know someone who has. Please share your experience.