COM0015 Blog Post #1 – Social Media

My favorite form of social media is currently Facebook.  One of the main reasons for this is because I am familiar and comfortable with Facebook.  I have yet to try the likes of Twitter and Instagram, etc.  I enjoy the world of high performance boating and facebbok allows me to stay up to date with the performance world.  The majority of the industry utilize Facebook as their primary social media source.  I can go on Facebook and view photo’s of recent events, video’s, industry news, upcoming event information, etc.  Everything is right there in one single platform for me to view at a glance via my smartphone.  That convenience is a major factor in why I still consider Facebook to be my favorite form of social media.  As a yacht broker, I can follow different brokerage firms and see which boats are selling and which are not.  It gives me a better understanding of the current market conditions which I can then apply to my own inventory. 

Youtube is my second favorite form of social media.  More often than not, when a video is posted on Facebook it is a Youtube link.  I go on Youtube for a mixture of professional and personal reasons.  As I plan on making a career out of the performance boating industry, the more information and knowledge I obtain, the better.  I can do so by watching reviews on different boat, poker run and race footage, as well as multiple how to video’s.  Last year I attended a yacht brokerage conference where the use of social media was a hot topic.  Many of the other brokerage firms there were already taking full video’s of their listings and posting them on Youtube.  This is something I look to do in the future as it will increase exposure.  Again, Youtube works for me because it is easily viewable on my smartphone so the convenience factor is there. 

Following the trend of using my phone, my favorite way of following news is an app called Zite.  Zite is a news app that is entirely user friendly, allowing you to customize and select the categories that interest you the most, whether it’s fitness, auto’s, finance, sports, etc.  I find the content is incredibly diversified and there is an over-abundance of information to read through.  Everything is layed out in an efficient format and the articles have solid content. 

Bloomberg is my second favorite news source as I enjoy finance and investing.  Again, I use the smartphone app for the convenience of it.  Bloomberg allows me to select through different markets, whether it’s worldwide, Canada, commodities, currencies, etc.  When I search for a company, the key financial information is readily available and important fundamental analysis is provided including a graph of past performance.  I find that Bloomberg often has better and more relevant information regarding the markets I deal with.