Twitter, I choose you!

As of today, I think most people have a presence on an array of social media platforms. Some use many daily, or even have a preference. In my case, I hop between platforms daily between work and personal interest. Do I have a preferred platform ? Definitely, and I choose Twitter. Here’s why:

Live tweeting through shows/events
If you’re active on Twitter, you may have noticed that on the day of special events, new episode release, etc. Twitter uses tweet through it. Hashtags are created for the respective events and people live tweet and share comments/thoughts/opinions. Often times the official account of the show or even cast members will join in on the live tweeting, and that’s always a good time. That means if you can tune in on time, enjoy the show and if you’re late beware of the potential spoilers! The live tweeting experience is often seen as watching a show/event as a family, seriously.

Screenshot of respective hashtags for premieres/trending topics

News and Explore Tab
I like that Twitter is usually one of the first platforms to get the details on a story. Lots of politicians and journalists use the platform and that results in real-time content. For example, you will find journalists attending a court session live tweet the session before they may even have the time to update the article online. I also like that on the Explore tab, you’ll find categories of content.

Screenshot of the Twitter “Explore” tab

I like that my timeline consists more of text, and an overall variety of (often funny) content. If I were to compare my Twitter experience to when I use Instagram for example, I can say that I don’t feel like it’s influencer centered. You scroll through conversations, polls, videos, and some photos on an array of topics. With the ability to retweet and “quote retweet”, you can fill your own timeline with content you want all while sharing it with your followers. 

Overall, the same way different platforms can bring value on a professional level, they can also be just as valuable on a personal level. Despite having a preference for Twitter, I will still be a serial media user, a term I decided to illustrate someone that’s on multiple platforms at once.

If you’re active on social media, what’s your go-to platform?

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Traveling during a Pandemic, maybe?

It feels like just a few months ago we were hearing about a virus spreading overseas, and now we’re almost one year in what is now a global pandemic – crazy! 2020 feels like a blur, but one thing I definitely didn’t forget is the travel cancellations. I’ve never been a much of a traveler, but in the past two years, I’ve warmed up to the idea of exploring the world a little more. 

As the year went by, travel restrictions got tighter and definitely discouraging. After having to postpone my trip in April, I was disappointed but felt hopeful for new dates in October – boy was I wrong! The closer we got to October, the more I felt it was best to cancel altogether. Bittersweet, losing a trip but receiving a full refund. 

Fast forward to this week, I found myself looking for a potential trip in the next 6-7 months, just for fun. Traveling, COVID-19, Canadians. Those keywords were enough to get me everything I needed to know. In a CTV News article, they mentioned Kashlee Kucheran’s Travel off Path blog post that lists places with little to no travel restrictions (if you’re curious, it doesn’t hurt to take a look!). I started piecing together a reasonable itinerary, and idealizing the memorable times ahead.

Here’s an accurate representation of how I felt during my research:

“Do I book my flight? Are the dates far enough from now?” So many questions.

Despite my back and forth, I’ve decided to stay on the safe side and keep the plans as a solid maybe. 

Have you considered making travel plans for 2021 yet?

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Instant Gratification: a reflection

Have you heard of the term Instant Gratification before? If you haven’t, stick around for a quick lesson on this normal human behaviour.

What does Instant Gratification mean?
In my own words, it means choosing instant happiness/pleasure over patiently earned happiness/pleasure. However, a more elaborate meaning was provided by Reece Robertson. They describe it as “… the immediate attainability of satisfaction and happiness. It is a way of experiencing pleasure and fulfillment without delay or patience because it provides a spike in dopamine without effort or discipline.”

I took a few minutes to reflect on this theory and found two different instances where I apply it:

Online Shopping
I love online shopping, especially on Amazon, because what do I love more than shopping itself? A speedy delivery. Generally for other online stores, I have to wait a couple of days before receiving a tracking number, then play the waiting game until delivery. With Amazon, there’s no need to be that patient, I have the option to receive my package the very next day! I think that definitely feeds into my instant gratification behaviour

Resisting a Cinnabon

I have to admit that I have a serious sweet tooth – candy, chocolate, pastries, bring it on any time. That being said, I will (more times than I should) go for that Cinnabon at the mall instead of waiting to get home to have a full meal. It makes me happy in the moment, but then later on I acknowledge that it wasn’t necessarily the best choice.

All in all, I think our society has become used to getting things fast (a service, a response, etc.) and so we find it hard to wait for things. There is definitely a lot more interesting things to learn about instant gratification, beyond my blog. I’ll spare you the wait and give you the link to an article I enjoyed reading on the topic (and that’s on instant gratification!).

Can you think of instant gratification “driven” moments you’ve had or have? Let me know, we’re only human after all!

Good things come to those who wait? Instant gratification thinks not!

Instant Gratification: a behaviour to explore now. Your future self will thank you.

Lovecraft Country, check!

With working from home, one thing I’ve definitely had more time to do is discover new shows – the binge watching has been real. For over year or so, i’ve been keeping tabs on the shows that I enjoyed watching, and recently I came across Lovecraft Country on HBO, created by Misha Green and Jordan Peele.

(Source: Lovecraft HBO, Twitter page)

What’s the show about?
Funny thing is about this question is that 1) I have trouble explaining it and 2) fans of the show find it just as hard to explain.

Fan unable to explain #1:

Check out the trailer and let me know what you think! (Don’t worry, the trailer won’t spoil a thing. One thing it’ll do though, is leave you wondering “What am I about to watch?”, which is good.)

But what is the show really about?
In my own words, the show follows Atticus’ “Tic” Freeman’s journey to discovering and taking back what belongs to his family. Along that journey, he has multiple life changing supernatural encounters. The show is set it the Jim Crow era in America, a time when racial segregation was normal, legal. 

Hmm, okay and why did you enjoy watching it?
I enjoyed watching this show for multiple reasons, but here are four:

  • Their use of historical events to move the plot (Jim Crow Era, Emmett Till’s murder, the Telsa Massacre)
  • The plot twists
  • The sci-fi/horror genre originality
  • and the fact that it’s a layered storyline

Lovecraft Country is the type of show you can watch twice and still learn something new, and it’s intentional. The creators purposely layered the show to have you wanting to figure out what this or that means, why was that item placed there? Luckily, they released an official podcast, Lovecraft Country Radio to help you understand each episode. The podcast’s description states that it’s where the writers “share their thoughts on the ties between the horror genre and Black culture and explore how the show’s themes connect to contemporary social issues.” 

Overall, definitely a show worth watching. Do you have a show of the moment, or a show you enjoyed and recommend? Let me know, i’m always looking for more shows to binge watch!

Looking for a new binge watch worthy show? Let me introduce you to #LovecraftCountry. (inset header image from blog)

Sci-fi, horror, drama, triumph and a sprinkle of history. The recipe for HBO’s latest show, Lovecraft Country. Check out what makes it a hit! (insert header image from blog)