3 Reasons: Facebook should be integrated into High School Classrooms

High school students procrastinate more than six hours a day on Facebook (Tsukayama, 2015). For some students, it ends up costly toward their final grades. Facebook has become part of their daily life. It is almost impossible to stop them from using it. High schools can change the use of Facebook for these students by making it part of the curriculum- make it more positive. Therefore, Facebook should be integrated into the high school classroom because of following reasonable reasons; first, it is an effective way to connect students around the world. Second, students can use it for educational purposes.Third, it is a tool to engage students in the learning process.

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1. Facebook is a great way to connect students around the world.

Facebook creates an effective platform for students to build International communication between each other. Students in a various way can share their ideas by posting on their Facebook wall and comment on each other’s posts. For example, they can create a short survey research with five to ten questions. They can collect data from all over the world, by sharing it in their Facebook walls. Moreover, Facebook makes Group collaboration easily accessible for students internationally. They can work in a singular assignment or a group project by connecting and collaborating with each other through Facebook. Recently, in 2016, Finland ranked as a top education system in the world by the world economic Forum. Let’s say students are assigned to do a group project about “high school education system in Finland”. They can create a Facebook group chat and add students from Finland for collecting raw data from students. Most important of all, Facebook is a free online social network. Usually, other websites need a bank account or other information to have access to their data. Facebook is a network that most of the students are already a member of it, so they do not need to start everything all over again.

2. Students will learn to use facebook for educational purposes.

Since most of the high school students are already a member of Facebook and they know how to use it. They only thing can be school’s responsibility is to teach them how to use it for education purposes. In Facebook, students can create groups for each of their classes. For example; They can have a separate Facebook group pages for mathematics. They can share all of the related documents and discusses the related topic in separated pages so that they don’t get messed up with their school work. Another interesting way to use Facebook for education purpose is to follow academically informative pages on Facebook. For example, I am following a Facebook page that regularly posts mathematics formula including funny memes about math. All of the posts of these page appears first in my newsfeed. To be honest, I have learned and have always been refreshed about mathematics topic by following these particulate academically informative pages. Students can easily find related pages to their own subjects of interest in Facebook and follow them for gaining further information. Once of my favorite way of using Facebook for education, the purpose is to post school related blog on Facebook with my friends. I took social media for entrepreneur online class this semester. Most of our Assignments was to post blogs in word press. And most of our grades were based on those blogs. If students get used to posting blogs on Facebook with their friends by using Facebook, they basically learn new skills.

3. Facebook is a tool to engage students in the learning process.


Facebook encourages students to improve their writing skills. For example, Facebook has improved my writing skills. Every time I want to post something on Facebook –I want it to be grammatically correct –Because my friends are going to see it. Same with other students, they can express their ideas in Facebook. It might not be as academic as school teachers, but at least they get motivated to write and get creative with it. This leads to another crucial point, Facebook makes learning more fun. For example, students can make memes about what they learn in class and share it with friends on Facebook. Memes make learning more fun. Most important of all, students who use Facebook regularly, they have a great knowledge of computer. They get to explore computers themselves. Then there will be no need for computer class.

All in All, Facebook provides the opportunity for students to connect with other students globally. Students will learn that what they are using for procrastinating can be used for learning too. In addition to that Facebook is an exciting tool that can encourage students in learning process. With considering the above reasons Facebook should become part of high school classroom curriculum. Integration of Facebook in High school classrooms will bring a massive change in the traditional learning system. The high school will become a fun learning institution.




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7 Reasons you should go to Algonquin College

  1. It Promotes Green: go environmentalists!!!
  2. You make international friends: You can friend zone them all
  3. The tuition is cheaper: 2.900 in a year, school supports students in need.
  4. Attendance is not mandatory: You doesn’t have to go to school every day. you get a full mark as long as you do the assignments.
  5. Easily +A: Tutoring is provided
  6. Prof are AWESOME! They are always there to help.
  7. Free dancing Club:  Building A

COM0014 – Blog # 7 – Personal Reflection

Blog # 7 – Personal Reflection

  • Why is storytelling important to creating great digital content?

Storytelling is important to create digital content because it easily builds connection with the audience. In today’s world, everyone has access in digital and everyone can build content. People have thousands of options. It is hard to get the attention of audience easily with any kind of content in the world of the network. Since people are emotional driven and historically are willing to listen to stories. Once people build and see the connection with one story, then they are willing to know more about that specific content. The power of similarity and connections is very important in digital content. This the reason that people with similar nationality and culture usually end up being together because they see themselves in each other.

  • How will your content be guided by the story?

I think my content of story will be guided by sharing my background story. Since I know the power of storytelling, I will try to add some of my international experiences too. In this way, I can have an international audience, besides the one that I have a similar background.

  • What kind of stories do you want to tell?

I want to tell my audiences to see their weakness as a tool to make themselves stronger. I want to tell my audiences how to have control of their thoughts. When one master on controlling their thoughts, then they have mastered at controlling the world.



COM0014 – Blog # 5 – Personal Branding


Some of the personal qualities or characteristics that set me apart from my competitors are my hard work, warmth hearted, sense of humor and organization skills. I have always realized that I am pretty good at handling stress and pressures. If I have lots of things to do I would start doing it ahead of time than leaving it for the last moments. In addition, I have realized that I get lots of positive feedback from friends that they feel comfortable around me. I sometimes think it’s because of my weird sense of humor or my kind attitude that came to me from my mom.

At age 15 I start living by my own, Independent girl! I know it sounds cool to say the word independent, but it is not easy at all. I traveled to Canada to peruse my education. At the beginning It was hard to integrate to totally new cultural and everything. Lately, I have sort of found myself and my goals. Things are working in a way that I want them to work. I am becoming a real independent person and taking all of my responsibilities. Not to brag, I got good grades at my previews ‘semester. I am basically saying, being from totally different culture, learning a new language and standing on my own feet really make me be proud of myself.

My friends have told me that I trust people easily or am easy going on some occasions. I don’t know if it’s a good quality or my weakness. This trait makes people feel connected and comfortable around me, sometimes. I personally think that I should be more aware of my surrounding and still be nice and kind to people. Kindness and a good personality are what makes you stand out.

I have said this previously, I am really proud that I am full-time student at Algonquin college and challenging myself to learn new skills and new things.





COM0014- Blog # 4 Case study- Amazon

            B2C: I think a great example for online Business 2 Consumer company is Amazon.com. This company was founded on July 5, 1994, by Jeff Bezos. Amazon sales different kinds of products including electronic products. Amazon has separate retail website for some countries. Besides amazon does international shipping. In 2016 amazon had around 300,000 employees worldwide, which is a massive job production.

Using social Media:

Amazon uses social media as a great tool for marketing. For example, Amazon has 27 million likes on its Facebook page. Its Facebook page is a great way to communicate with its customer and listen to their concerns. In addition to that, amazon market its most recent product on its Facebook page.


Largest online shopping:

Amazon became the world’s largest online shopping retailer. And the biggest bookstore in the world. Some of the reason for its success, which I thought are amazing, are the following.



  • Amazon has the fastest shipping system: Customers can choose their selective product and have it anywhere at any time. I think this is one of the major reason that amazon has 270 million active buyers and eBay 157 million.


  • Amazon has built outstanding customers interactions: Availability, self-service and search made amazon satisfying for customers.


  • Amazon has built trust with its customers: Amazon would not raise the price of its product all of sudden. Because it will cause disinterest of customers.


These are the reasons made amazon own 10 percent of North American E-commerce. I think, by far, Amazon has done a great job. By the way, I am planning to buy summer dresses from Amazon.com.

COMM0014 Blog # 3 Starting my own YouTube Channel



Let’s say I am confident enough and start my own YouTube channel. In my YouTube channel, I will be playing Ukulele, with the basic skill that I have. I will try to self-thought myself more about Ukulele and learn new skills.

  • Let’s say my goal for the first 2 months is:
  • Get 50 subscriber
  • Play 2 songs with ukulele
  • Respond to comments- find out what attracted viewers
  • Build good relationship with viewers

Characteristics of my audience:

I should have this in mind that my audiences are international and diverse since everyone is going to have access to my channel on YouTube.

Demographics: My audience will include all kinds of people, different age, different gender, and different ethnicity.  Mostly teenagers, who want to learn basic skills of the ukulele. I don’t have professional skills at Ukulele, older people might not be much interested.

Psychographic: I think that my audience will mostly be the outgoing kind of teenagers, who are interested in learning new things. Or people who are interested in music and have never had the chance to learn. My channel will be a great opportunity for them to learn basic skills of Ukulele.

Effective ways to communicate with the audiences:

  • Tools: The comment section and leaving questions at the end of my videos.

  • Strategies: In YouTube, there is a comment section, where I can communicate with my audience. Answering to their questions is an effective way to communicate with the audience.

An example of successful YouTubers:

When I researched on YouTube I found so many successful YouTubers on YouTube. Most of them have used different kinds strategies to communicate with their audience. One of them that I liked is called “ Doddleoddle”. It looks that she might be around the age of 19th. In most of her Videos, she plays Ukulele or has the ukulele as her background music. She used the comments sections to communicate with her fans or audience. Most important of all she uses comedy and jokes to keep her audience energetic and interested.


Link to YouTuber: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKVfKr96Ifr3Dnhb6mhDAdw