COM0014- Blog # 4 Case study- Amazon

            B2C: I think a great example for online Business 2 Consumer company is This company was founded on July 5, 1994, by Jeff Bezos. Amazon sales different kinds of products including electronic products. Amazon has separate retail website for some countries. Besides amazon does international shipping. In 2016 amazon had around 300,000 employees worldwide, which is a massive job production.

Using social Media:

Amazon uses social media as a great tool for marketing. For example, Amazon has 27 million likes on its Facebook page. Its Facebook page is a great way to communicate with its customer and listen to their concerns. In addition to that, amazon market its most recent product on its Facebook page.


Largest online shopping:

Amazon became the world’s largest online shopping retailer. And the biggest bookstore in the world. Some of the reason for its success, which I thought are amazing, are the following.



  • Amazon has the fastest shipping system: Customers can choose their selective product and have it anywhere at any time. I think this is one of the major reason that amazon has 270 million active buyers and eBay 157 million.


  • Amazon has built outstanding customers interactions: Availability, self-service and search made amazon satisfying for customers.


  • Amazon has built trust with its customers: Amazon would not raise the price of its product all of sudden. Because it will cause disinterest of customers.


These are the reasons made amazon own 10 percent of North American E-commerce. I think, by far, Amazon has done a great job. By the way, I am planning to buy summer dresses from


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