COM0014 – Blog#6 – Do People Know Your Story?

What is your industry’s greatest flaw?

My industry’s greatest flaw is something that is very prevalent at the moment – lack of diversity. Predominately dominated by older Caucasian men from the beginning of its inception, there has been little change. While diversity has been increasing over recent years with more women and immigrants joining the industry, the majority remains to be an abundance is men.

As a female, many industry events can feel uncomfortable and the same opinion has been voiced by others, yet how do we change this dynamic?


Increasing the amount of women CEO’s and positions of power. According to this provocative article by Harvard Business Review, “Only 6.4% of Fortune 500 companies are run by female CEOs.” Having women in positions of power would also attract more women to apply as they’d feel like they’d have a chance to be in their position one day. Ensuring guest speakers that are females who are educated and accomplished would also help to change the existing stereotypes of male dominance.

Having equivalent wages for women and minorities in the same position. Sometimes women don’t feel supported in the workplace so having programs in place to ensure that their opinion matters and they feel safe.

Focusing on educating people of the importance of women in the workplace and why it shouldn’t be so segregated will change many industry’s greatest flaw’s – not just my own.


COM0014 – Blog #3: Target Audiences

Have you been making the most of your social media platforms these days? Using social media as a tool to engage with your audience has never been more prevalent, but if used the wrong way, your efforts could fall flat.

In my current line of work, the target audience will range anywhere from fresh out of high school to 60+ within Ontario. The range is very diverse. Because of that, the material we share needs to be tailored to all ages and genders. The industry that I work in is male dominated, but over recent years we’ve seen a spike in females. There are many people in the industry that have immigrated to Canada.

This makes tailoring content difficult as we need to cater to a wide spectrum of people as someone in their 20s will respond to things much differently than the older generation who are new to using social media platforms. Therefore, we take a more serious approach to our posts and keep them as more informative with a twist of nice visuals to catch the eye.


Photo by Austin Distel on Unsplash

When I check our social media analytics, Toronto ranks as the top location by 24% and Ottawa next at 4%. This leaves an opportunity to ensure Ontario as a whole is being targeted as it’s just as important.

Engaging with your audience is important in building followers, but showing them you care and appreciating the effort that goes into their posts or engagement with your page is paramount.

As stated in the article, Tips for Multicultural Social Media Success, “Providing virtual access to your organization in a way that facilitates social exchange and interaction will go a long way to fostering trust and credibility.”

What has been your most successful social media campaign to date? What about your least successful and why?


Photo by CJ Dayrit on Unsplash