How to Find Your Social Media Target Audience

How to Find Your Social Media Target Audience

Knowing your target audience is a crucial part to create your brand’s voice and tone online. It also allows you to focus your precious time, effort, and energy on marketing to the right community. You can foster strong, rooted relationships with your consumers by consistently servicing their needs and wants. Keep reading if you would like to learn how to identify your target audience and market to the right crowd!

What is Your Audience Interested in?

When figuring out what your audience is interested in, ask yourself these questions – Who does my audience follow on social media? What are some hobbies my audience is passionate about? What do they like? What do they not like? How do they spend their free-time?

Answering these questions and doing research online will give you a general idea of who your customers will be and how they will value your service/product.

What is Their Demographic?

After answering the questions above, you’ll find a pattern in the age ranges. Maybe you are selling unique supplements for weak and brittle joints and bones, or you are offering exercise programs for those with arthritis. After doing some quick research, you could determine that your target demographic would be any individual between 50-70. Knowing that information, you could decide how, when, and where to effectively promote your services/products.

What Social Media Platforms Does Your Audience Use?

Does your audience primarily use Twitter and Facebook? If so, it’s time to elevate your writing and communication skills so you have the ability to shorten your captions and create engaging CTA’s (Call-To-Actions). Does your audience frequent TikTok and Instagram? I recommend using your phone to shoot some videos and take eye-catching photos so your content gets noticed on various platforms and their algorithms.

Benefits of Knowing Your Audience

There are various benefits to knowing your audience, such as saving time on social media campaigns so they are targeted for the right consumer, building loyal customer relationships, driving high sales and increase brand recognition, and creating a unique and valuable voice online.

The Secret to Successful Hashtags

The Secret to Successful Hashtags

Location-Based Hashtags

Location based hashtags are highly searchable and specific; using them generates more successful leads and attraction to your content on your social media accounts. People love to support local, so if you are promoting a product that was made in Canada, ensure that you use hashtags relating to the province or city is was manufactured in, or where your company is located.

Niched Hashtags in Your Industry

Are you trying to reach a specific audience using hashtags? If so, niched hashtags are essential. Niched hashtags offers a direct interaction with consumers who are interested in the hashtag’s topif/meaning/purpose, driving more legitimate leads to your campaigns/ads/posts.

BONUS: Use hashtags that your ideal audience follows and uses. Analyzing hashtags that are relevant to your consumers’ interests will result in a higher chance of having your content featured on their discovery feed.

Hashtags Describing What Your Company Offers

Using hashtags that relate to promotions, offers, or services your brand/company provides engages your potential audience to follow your accounts, interact on your social media platforms and posts, and purchase products/services from your business.

AVOID Overused Hashtags

DON’T get lost in the stream of posts with a hashtag that has been used 3 million times, DO research hashtags that are unique and have a low to moderate number of uses. This authentically increases reach and impressions made from you social media posts, which results in increased interactions on your profiles and clicks to your website. The result of using overused hashtags is having your content become flooded and unseen due to thousands over other posts using the same hashtags. Below you’ll find the result of a quick search I made to show the difference between ”good” and ”bad” hashtags for your Instagram posts.

What Are Your Thoughts?

3 Effective Social Media Marketing Tips – COM0011

3 Effective Social Media Marketing Tips – COM0011

Engage With Your Audience

Responding to questions and comments allows you to better understand your key demographic and their expectations. This also shows your personality and compassion towards your followers/supporters – creating a loyal and communicative community.

Consistency, Consistency, Consistency!

Schedule your content in advance with captions, location tags, and hashtags using a social media calendar. There are plenty of sites and free downloads to choose from when creating a calendar, such as Sprout Social, HubSpot, and many more. Facebook offers a scheduling software called Meta Business Suite, which allows you to create posts and schedule them in advance. Business Suite also provides you with information regarding your audience, such as optimal times to post and stats on published posts.

TIP: Batch your content – this will help you immensely when you are scheduling your content. You can focus on creating engaging captions and posts, without the stressor of planning photoshoots or searching for royalty-free images/videos.


Use your resources, save time, and get your content noticed by posting exact or similar content on all of your social media accounts. Reach your demographic across all social media networks to ensure optimal results from campaigns and posts. You can bulk-post content on every platform and customize captions, tags, and hashtags with Hootsuite.


Are you Ready to Level Up Your Marketing Skills?

Hootsuite has so many features to play with and implement into content creating and planning. Have you ever used Hootsuite before? If so, what are you favourite, go-to features?

3 Must-Have Content Creating Tools – COM0011

3 Must-Have Content Creating Tools – COM0011

Did you know social media content with photos and videos gain more traffic and are more appealing than content without multimedia? Well, it makes sense! Humans are highly visual beings, and as we have evolved our attention span has lowered significantly. A study from SocialMediaToday has found that it takes our brains only 1/10 of second to understand an image, while it takes more than 60 seconds to understand a large paragraph. Now that you know multimedia results in more successful social media posts, let me show you the best tools to create thriving content.

Pexels – Free Photos and Videos

Pexels has always provided a wide range of royalty-free videos and photos made by creators just like you. Thinking about creating a pin on Pinterest but you don’t have any pictures left in your camera roll? No worries, because with Pexels you can access thousands of high-quality photos and videos for your social media content – just don’t forget to credit the artists!

Canva – Photo Editing Software

Do you want to create cohesive, consistent, and professional looking content without the stress of learning overwhelming editing software? Canva has your back with hundreds of fonts, overlays, and free branding templates at your finger tips. It can be so time consuming when creating content for social media, that’s why Canva allows creators to customize templates easily and stress-free. Now, you can have more time making the content you love, and less time hitting undo.

Splice – Video Editing Software

Splice is a user friendly app that is perfect for beginners or in a time crunch and need some inspiration for your videos. This free editing software comes with royalty free music to use in your videos, along with transitions, effects, and customizable fonts! You can even create GIFs and size your videos depending on what platform you want to post on. When you’re finished editing your content, you can either save your creation to your camera roll or post it directly to any social media platform.

Have Fun Creating!

What apps, tools, tips or tricks do you use when creating your social media content? If you haven’t made any posts yet, what tool out of the three I mentioned catches your eye the most?