COM0011- (521): Blog post 5: The difference in terms of good or bad content

The difference in terms of good or bad content various one person to another. Something that may seem good one person, maybe seem bad to another person.

According to WP Reads:

A good content is defined as a website that talks to your audience and can solve their problems, and answer questions and provide information to those who need.

An Public Relations professor here at Algonquin College defined good content, as content that can convey your message to your reader in less than 1 minute, this because people nowadays, don’t have enough time to sit and read something, they mostly skim through things that relate to their interest, then come back to it at later time.

A bad or not so good content is defined as:  content that is just for search engine use…that basically leads to good content. Or it is content that does not convey the right purpose of your message to your audience or takes time for the reader to understand what message is trying to say.

Also there are 5 types of contents that make attribute to a content being evaluated as a good content they are:

– Fan Content
– Behind- the- Scenes Content
– Share-able Content
– Exclusive Content
– Participatory Content






– Saber Nawaz

P.S: This posted maybe furthered edited.

COM0011 – (521): Blog 6: What types of content do you see as being most effective for company, personal brand, or organization

As of May 2011, I own a small business, and what offer to my clients who are currently family and friends are media related services such as: Photography (mostly), basic web design, basic graphic design, Film production, script-writing, and creative advertisement. Now when we talk about the types of content that I would believe be the most effective for my company, personal brand, and/or organization, its hard to say.

I believe the type of content that would be most effective or someone what the ones that could be relevant to the top 5 contents listed by Caroline Capern who is the author of The 5 Essential Types of Social Media Content for CW Magazine.

Out of Caroline’s list of social media content(s) the ones that would suit my business or personal brand would be:

– Awareness content
– Engagement content
– Evaluation content
– Decision content
– Purchase content

All these contents are important and effective way to draw people to me too sell my services to them.  All of the above content are connected, if you don’t have one or the other then your social media is offering a complete content to the audience.

I hope that once all these contents are applied to my business that I’ll be able to get more customers, should I decide to make this a full- time career.


– Saber Nawaz


COM0011 (521): Blog Post – 3

 Q: How is social media being used in your industry? Find both good and not-so-good examples of social media use.

Being a student who wants to be a part of the media industry, I find that social media is used everyday and every hour…in fact I think I’d be better off saying that the media industry uses social media 24/7, either you’re a journalist, a DJ, a Freelancer – your always on a social media site such as: Facebook or Twitter look for something to convey to your audience.

A good example of social media use would be: If someone goes on twitter and follows people who share a common interest let it be a professional or personal. For example: On my twitter, I follow journalists like: Stuntman Stu, Lianne Laing, CTV Ottawa and other types of journalists because I know that if I follow them, I can stay up to date on whats going on in your community or internationally, without having to be in front of a television or at a computer.


A bad or not so good example of social media use would be: If company  use social media such as twitter or Facebook to their advantage to spy on/ monitor their employee’s activities. For example: Person A working for lets say Cisco has a bad day, and vents his frustration on Facebook, then Person B from the company anonymously reports that, and the Cisco fires that employee. Then there is somewhat of an invasion of  Person A’s privacy.

Not sure if my examples are accurate enough, but this what I understood from what was being asked.


– Saber Nawaz

COM0011 (521): Blog Post 4: Facebook VS Twitter

For this week, I chose to my blog on Facebook VS Twitter, because both are social media tools that we use whether it is for business or personal use. However this comparison would generally be for someone that doesn’t use social media or believes that certain social media can be of dangerous in terms  of privacy.

It seems that the line that separates business from personal is becoming blurred by how it is being used.


– Facebook is a social networking site used to connect people and was launched in 2004
– Facebook has important features, such as: Friends, Fan Pages, the wall, Photos, Status updates and many more…
– Founded by Mark Zuckerberg
– Has the ability to Private Message other users
– Advertising in the form of banner ads
– Require to register
– Currently has 1.15 billion users as of September 2013
– Current estimated value is @ $ 104 billion



– Twitter is basically like Facebook, in that its a social networking site that used to connecting people around the world. It was launched in 2006. And its about get your thought out within 140 characters
– Twitter post are known as “Tweets”
– Twitter has important features such as: Direct Messaging, Follow people, Trending topics, Photos, Link, Retweet and many more…
– Founded by Jack Dorsey
– Advertising in form of promotional tweets
– Require to register to use twitter
– Has over 500 million users and counting
– Current estimated value is @ $ 10 Billion


After comparing both Facebook and Twitter, I found that both social media sites can be used for business, but that Twitter would probably be the better of two because you can target people much more easily by simply doing a promotional tweet or get your product or service to trend….for example:

Bell Let’s Talk initiative – a way of talking to someone and for away to stop bullying, it had a more successful run on Twitter than it had on Facebook.

I also noticed that I have friends that use both Facebook and Twitter, but ultimately they use twitter more because they can get their message across much more efficiently. For example based on the number of post made by a friend on twitter was @ 3,450 as of 4:30 PM, however he had Facebook longer than me and has about 50-60 post on Facebook.

However, there is opposite side to this argument which is that Facebook is more appropriate for business or personal use, but I will get into that on a later date.


Source: – There are few other components that is used to make the comparison of Facebook VS Twitter that has not been written here. Go ahead check it out!



– Saber Nawaz ( COMM0011-521: Introduction to Social Media)

COM0011 (521): Blog Post 2

Q: What are some things you’ve discovered about online communities since you’ve started listening to online conversations?

Since the beginning of this course based on what I learned or discovered about the online community, most people use it to keep in touch with their families and friends and for staying in contact with whatever is going on in their community such as: The bus and train accident that took place last Wednesday.  And then we have those who used it for entertain purposes, such as: following a celebrities life. But using social media is not just about using for personal use, businesses also use social media to promote their products or service.

Based on listening to what others have stated about their knowledge of social media, I found that their ideas of social media is quite the same to mine.

When it comes to talking about my observations of today’s online community, I believe that the online community is becoming a vast tool for social media (may have repeated my self) .  I also learned that everything that we do is in one form or another on the web – whether we like it or not…


– Saber Nawaz

COM0011 – Blog Post 1 – My Favourite Social Media Tools

Hi there! Hope you enjoy my blog posts,

My favourite social media tool is Twitter, why? It is my favourite social media tool because I can say what I want to say in 140 characters.  Also Twitter is a social media tool, where I can get the latest news on almost everything right at the palm of my hand. I found that people can have educational discussion based on topics or news that pops up. Twitter is also a tool one can use to that you can use to get closer to a celebrity and follow them to see when they’re releasing a product or making a public appearance.

That’s all for now…

– Saber Nawaz