Likes: The Virtual Addiction

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Gotta get those likes!

There’s just something about that feeling when sharing a selfie on social media and your followers start clicking on that Like button!

Maybe you felt great in that selfie and wanted others to validate your feelings. Maybe you felt crummy and were looking for that little confidence boost. Why do likes give us that high?

It’s a scientific fact!

Our brains reaction to the likes we receive creates a feeling that can be compared to something as exciting as winning the lottery!! Isn’t that insane?

Just because one of my pictures on social media gets a lot of likes (to my standards) my brain sends a chemical messenger called dopamine, usually associated to love, sex, drugs…and then keeps me coming back for more! There’s science behind it, and they talk all about it here. It’s wild to think that we feel amazing, happy, accomplished just because we get likes?!?!

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That’s me!

Am I an addict?

A few weeks ago I posted a selfie because I felt good about myself, I felt beautiful (which is extremely hard for me to say and something I’m working on) and wanted to spread a positive self-love message. Once the likes and comments started rolling in, I don’t think I had ever checked in on my social media account that much before. It was addicting, I couldn’t wait to see the new likes every time. Ok, it wasn’t a Kylie Jenner amount of likes and comments, or even what some of you might be used to getting on a daily basis, but I could definitely feel the love and could definitely feel that dopamine hit!

It’s an uncontrollable feeling, have you fallen victim to it?

Once those #likes start coming in…ohhh baby, what a high! Are likes a #virtualaddiction? Learn all about my addiction here

The #virtualaddiction. Likes are like a drug and you can’t help but feel the high. But why is that? Read all about it here

The Evolution of Social Media: Then and Now

The Evolution of Social Media: Then and Now

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I had this great idea to compare how I used social media when I was a teen, to how my teen uses social media…but I realized that back then, I didn’t even use social media! 

Let’s just say that social media has come a long way! From non computer-based ways to share our ideas, and thoughts, like written correspondence delivered by hand, the telephone, the radio, to computer-based technology used today. Social media sure has evolved and has its own history.

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What’s your history with social media?

Social media has changed since I started using MSN Messenger and Outaouais Web (which I used like it was Facebook, but didn’t realize it was truly a dating site for the Outaouais region in Quebec). I joined Facebook in 2007 at 25 years old because, well everyone else was doing it! Did you also cave to the peer pressure?! Facebook was a way for me to share with all my friends and family what I was up to, which I now I find silly since I was sharing with the same people that actually lived these moments with me! I then joined Instagram in 2013 and it is my favourite network because it’s the most visually appealing to me and I think pictures say a thousand words.

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Prior to Facebook, I remember taking my camera with me everywhere. Kids these days will never know the feeling of waiting a few days to get the film developed to see what memories where captured. I would “post” pictures on my bedroom walls, made collages or put them in a photo album. Nowadays, everything is instant and can be shared as it happens, we all carry ”cameras” with us. I’m kind of relieved that there’s little to no proof of the ridiculous things I did in my youth since those pictures are at the bottom of a box is someone’s parents basement instead of online. Now I just share the ridiculous things I do as an adult! 

I say that I have used Facebook and Instagram to stay in touch with friends and family because I have moved out of province, but I honestly don’t know if that’s the reason I stay on social media. Do I even have a reason to be on social media? What’s your reason?

From paper to pen, from keyboard to screen, the ways we communicate and share our thoughts and information sure have changed! The evolution of #socialmedia…and mine too! Read more here: #notwhatitusedtobe

Social media sure isn’t #whatitusedtobe! It has evolved and so have you. See how #socialmedia has changed and how I have grown (or not) with it #theevolutionofsocialmedia

They become celebrities, online celebrities: The Influencers.

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Nowadays, everyone’s an influencer! Normal people, like you and I, can become overnight sensations by sharing their lives on social media. Good for them for creating an empire for themselves, some of them making it really big (like multi million dollar biz big!), they become online celebrities! Playing a role and the lives of their followers and sometimes getting recognized when they go out. I will never forget the time I met this guy, he’s kind of a local superstar:

There’s an influencer type (click here to learn all about them) for everyone out there; from blogs to vlogs, to podcasts, to photographers and writers, the list goes on. Influencers often become role models for so many communities on the World Wide Web.  You’re into RC cars? There’s influencers for that. You’re into food? Influencers for that. Camping? Influencers for that. Pottery? You know it; influencers for that. If there’s something you can think about, I’m sure there’s someone out there who has a large following that’s talking about it!

Influencers become the online experts in their field and share their experiences for the world to see, sometimes cooperating with other influencers to grow their follower-ship and credibility. Some of my favourite influencers are Megs Braap (dirt bikes), Elyse Myers (ADHD funny gal) and Dope Kitchen (she cooks while she’s high…makes for hilarious content!). I also have some honorable mentions (that bring in the big bucks) that REALLY annoy me, but play in my house thanks to my 9 year old: Unspeakable, Preston and Mr. Beast. (I won’t even provide you a link to their accounts because I want to protect you from them! lol)

How long can you watch this for before you lose your mind?!!??!

Video from Unspeakable

Personally, I couldn’t put myself out there and be an influencer, even though I think I’m hilarious! I wouldn’t be able to handle the online critiques and the hate, plus consistently creating content for my followers makes me tired just thinking about it!

Is there an influencer that has inspired you? Is there one that you just can’t stand? Have you ever tried being an influencer? 


They are idolized, they are loved, they are followed by millions; Influencers sharing it all online. Could you do it? #onlinecelebs #toinfluenceornot

They share it all for the world to see, we follow their lives, we idolize them; Influencers share it all online. Who’s your favourite? #influencers #toinfluenceornot

I see them Trollin’, they Hatin’: Trolls, not the ones you find under a bridge, the Internet kind.

I see them Trollin’, they Hatin’: Trolls, not the ones you find under a bridge, the Internet kind.

Some people out there need a quick lesson in Internet etiquette or a virtual slap across the face! What makes people feel so damn powerful when they’re hiding behind a screen?! 

Social media has created an online world where people can broadcast their opinions, in as little as 280 characters or less, for the world to see. It has given anyone with a keyboard power unlike any other, at the tip of their fingers, to ruin anyone’s day! They can comment and spread hate as they please. No one is safe! Hide your children!

Have you ever been victim to an Internet troll incident? I have. Let’s just say I need to work on getting thicker skin and to let online comments be like water off a ducks back. Easier said than done!

Just an every day regular post…so I thought.

I created a post for my work social media accounts (I work for the Canadian Army’s 5th Canadian Division) using a graphic made at the provincial level in celebration of Nova Scotia African Heritage Month. Let’s just say, things took a turn for the worse and the trolls came out to play. I was now apparently a communist and Meme pages were thrilled about being able to create new content thanks to me!

Here’s one example, amongst the many that were created:

Image from dressedinrelish Instagram account

Let’s just say I promptly replaced the graphic on my post. But you can’t truly delete anything on the internet and people don’t forget. I shed many tears (spoiler alert, I cry a lot!), feeling personally attacked and like I had failed to be a good communicator. It was a very quick lesson in what being the star of satire pages was like. For a moment I was the talk of the town! All press is good press, no? 

Happy 1 year anniversary!

Fast forward to a year later, on the 1st anniversary of my troll attack, people had not forgotten. Shortly after posting about Nova Scotia Heritage Month, this troll showed up, uninvited, how rude?!?!

Image from 5canadiandiv_5divcanada Instagram account

I‘m a real person, with real feelings man!

The trolls were going to continue being bullies, but I managed to stay professional (probably because I need the paycheck), although I was fuming inside. I hoped that showing a human side, which apparently doesn’t exist much on the ”Interwebs”, would stop this troll, because I was tired of crying (I warned you!).

This is the comment I made that stopped them in their tracks (Trust that there were plenty of F-Bombs and choice words I would have rather used):

Image from 5canadiandiv_5divcanada Instagram account

By some miracle, the social media Gods answered my prayers and I won and shut these trolls down! I’m so happy that this is behind me now and totally can’t wait for the next time I cross paths with a troll. *starts preemptively crying

What I’ve learned about this troll interaction:

  1. Don’t stoop down to their level
  2. Stay professional
  3. Sometimes ignoring is the best solution
  4. Move on, this troll probably lives in their parents basement

Would you have handled this differently? Would you have let your emotions get the best of you, like I did?

If you have been victim to a troll incident please share your story! 


Internet Trolls, coming out from under their bridge and lurking the Internet: How I survived.

They lurk in the dark spaces of social media, they are relentless and have no shame: Internet Trolls!

How I survived an Internet Troll attack! Ok, I cried a bunch and handled it really badly, but did I die?