Get The Kids To Decorate!

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Are your kids bored ?

 The Covid-19 pandemic has kept us inside, but it has not stopped our artistic and creative side. All over Social media you can scroll through feeds after feeds of how parents are passing the time with their kids. Some are baking, cooking meals, gardening but how about redecorating? That’s right! How about getting your kids involved with sprucing up their own rooms?

Spring is the perfect time to spruce up your children’s room. Whether a nursey or a tween’s room. Ask your kids what they think? Do they like their current bedspread? Do they like their dresser? Get the conversation started and get creating. What makes the perfect kid room to you?

If you need some inspiration and help. I have put together my favourite room ideas for Spring 2020. Check them out below!

Colour and more colour! Be bold this spring!

Use as much pastel as you wish. This simple light blue paint brings pop to all the pink and purple accents. Try a bright throw pillow as a start!

Flower power!

This is a great idea for the tween in your home. The mix of light and bold colors brings a pop to any space. Try this style by adding a floral prints to great area rug.

Let’s talk about the colour green. It is the must have colour for spring 2020. From the gorgeous mint green to forest green. It adds pop to any multi-colored or pastel room. It’s gender neutral and perfect for any nursery because it adds a bit of calm to the room.

 Got a superhero in the making? You will be the coolest parents on the whole block by adding a his or her favourite comic heroes to their room. Create this look by adding wall paper comic book stripes. This superhero themed fits any kind of space.

 Storage solutions!

Kids and toys go hand in hand but that doesn’t mean you need to compromise space. Adding simple totes and roll away storages underneath the bed leaves ample amount of room for imagination.

Get creative with these ideas and spring into a new look! Share these ideas on Social media. Use this hashtag  #KIDSDECORTETOO

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Self distancing and Falling in Love with Your Home.

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Stuck at home? Feeling restless? To much COVID-19 talk on your brain?
Self distancing has given us a unique opportunity to Fall back in love with our home.
Remember when you first got your home, everything was new and fresh but now the lust has gone. For whatever reason you’re just not into that pillowcase you once loved. That huge mirror you bought has lost its shine.  It’s time to bring back the spark into your home.  have made a list of the essentials tools to get your grove back.
            One sure fire way to spruce up your home is with a fresh coat of paint. You would be pleasantly surprised at what a bit of color or even a fresh gloss paint of white will bring to your home. It makes all of your furniture and wall pieces stand out more and give it that added touch you so desperately needed.
            Is your bedroom looking a little drab? Breakup with your plain comforter and fall in love with some bold colors. Bold monochromatic are all the latest rage for this season trends for 2020. The only thing better than clean sheets is new sheets.
Windows! Windows! Windows!
            Window treatments can make or break your home. It’s the first thing your guest, family and friends notice in your home. Whether you don’t have enough light coming in, or if they are too dark, a great window treatment can make your home feel cozy. Try a modern shade to brighten the place up.
            One way to make room in your home is to purge. That’s right!  Get ride of anything that is causing you to fall out of love with your home. Donate to your local community center. Donate to a local garage sale or sell items online. Go through everything you haven’t used or worn it in the last 5 months – it has to go! Be very brave when going through old belongings. The great part of this is it’s FREE.
Remember ever DIY projects needs a little self care. Turn your down time in to relaxing time. Make the most of your time at home.

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Home Decor Trends 2020.

            “Trends” is a term we hear a lot lately from magazines to social media. Typically at the end of every year is when the trendsetters cast their predictions of what will be in for the upcoming year. While most of us are familiar with the term, let us explain what it really means. A trend is usually what is in style at certain time – this can be from fashion to décor and all the way to entertainment. As a lover of everything interior related, I love to stay up on new trends and styles in the décor world.

            We are halfway through March! This is the perfect time reinvent your home for Spring. One-way to do this is to start is checking out the latest home trends.

According to Benjamin Moore this year’s colour for 2020 is First light a rosy pink.

“Benjamin Moore & Co. has revealed its Color of the Year 2020 as a warm, rosy pink named First Light. It’s the company’s first time choosing a pink hue for Color of the Year, and symbolizes an upbeat and hopeful start to the next ten years”

One way to incorporate this trend is to update yourbedroom with new beddings in simple pink hues.

Bold monochromatic anyone? This is not a joke! According to ELLE DECOR   bold is in and the latest trend taking over for 2020.

“Monochromatic does not have to be pale. Colors like Cobalt Blue, Kelly Green, or even Aubergine can evoke monochromatic in a daring way, that’s full of personality and elegance.” — Jonathan Rachman of Decorist

Easy way to use this trend is to start with using a small space with already lots of light. For example a office space or bathroom. The dark contrast will give a much-needed pop to any small room.

Another great edition from Apartment Therapy for 2020 is bold mismatched prints.

“Mismatched minimalism”. 
Minimalism, of course, has been big for a long time, but this is a different kind of minimalism, a look that mixes new and old elements, and maybe a little bit of texture, for a clean but inviting space.”-

For a simple way of making this trend your own why not start with some throw pillows of different designs. It will bring your living room that added touch it needs. Try places like Ikea or Homesense for those one of kind deals that wont break the bank.

When it comes to trends for 2020 its simplicity at its finest with a added touch of colour. Impress your friends and family with these cool ideas and don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone. Your home should be your favourite place to be!

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