Welcome to my first attempt at writing a blog. I have recently opened an online store and

plan to use social media to find customers. One of the strategies that other online

retailers are using effectively is blogging.

When I read Tom Peters’ article about how careers are going to be completely non-

linear, I thought that really fit my situation because my whole life is non-linear. I work

for myself and I have the flexibility to do what I want, when I want. Usually, it all regular

stuff,  but if I want to spend time on a whole new business idea I  can, if I feel like

catching up on my accounting I can do that; if I feel like redesigning my website I can do

that. I’m definitely outside the 9 to 5 work-box. But life can be pretty normal, too, with

getting stuff done that has to get done. Like handing in assignments on time.


So I guess my primary area of specialization is balance. I have to be great at balancing

every aspect of my life.  In my life, children, health, work, relationships, fun, and

networking, can all happen when they must, at any time of day. So it’s really important

for me to find a way to balance all of that to really enjoy my life.

My primary career area of specialization is quickly becoming online retailing. e-

Commerce companies like Shopify and Wish have created platforms that are incredible

opportunities for people who want to sell online. Technology has brought the costs of

pursuing this as a career, way down. Now it’s like a big brass ring for anyone to grab.

The common goal of every website, especially e-commerce sites, is to differentiate with

quality, selection, price, return policy, etc. The list has evolved into a set of expectations

that threatens the viability of anyone who falls short. My plan is to stand out by fitting in.

Social media offers the ability to target market to large groups of potential clients who

self-identify as sharing specific interests and concerns. I will develop sites / offers, that

are sympathetic to those interests and appeal to their sense of wanting to support a

kindred spirit. Adopting the high standards noted above is a given.

New parents, environmental activists, hypochondriacs, single moms, millennials, etc.,

are all examples of the groups I am talking about. Reaching out to these groups of people

has been made so easy. Here are just a few of those groups I could access on twitter;

@SuccessfullSingleMoms, @SnglMomsRock. @tantooC. @NobelPrize.

My justification relates to my point about differentiating from competitive retailers by

fitting in with the groups – being one of them and proving it by what I write.

These communities will support one of their own – plain and simple (all other things

equal in terms of the high bar set and explained in point number one)

My strategy is entirely about leveraging Social Media’s massive reach and target

marketing capabilities. The reward side of easy access to customers is the risk of a

negative message quickly spreading through all the channels and putting you into crisis

mode, or worse, maybe even destroying your business. One of the advantages of only

being online, is the ability to create multiple sites as separate entities . This will help

offset the risk of Internet trolls targeting one of your properties.