Back to the future with Social Media!

Let’s Look Back…

All or most of the above social media platforms were being used for interactions between friends, family that are living a distance away.

Those were the good old days…RIGHT?

Loss of Human Interaction

When social media became a “HIT”. I think we lost all face-to-face interaction with our family, friends, clients, and many more.

I did not really enjoy this part, I like talking to people face to face. You get see facial expressions for both happy and sad moments.

We lost all of human interactions.

As we know social media has changed from communicating with long lost family and friends to something that is literally attached to us…it is like WE NEED IT TO SURVIVE…. I guess.

Postive VS. Negative

Does it help us improve our everyday lifestyle? our memory? MAYBE. I know for me I will look at pictures of a friend on Instagram, in their pictures maybe they have a friend or cousin who I see walking in the mall or down the street and a light bulb goes off. Hmm… I think I may know that person… or is it just my memory.

A little stalkerish…. don’t you think? aha

Addicted yet?

I think I am… ARE YOU?

It is an addiction I think. I love seeing what is going on and who is posting what.

I know it is my way of being a private investigator.

I also enjoy seeing when people click on “LIKE” photo, gives you a sense that people are part of your life. Or if someone does not comment on your IG video story or doe not like your picture.. doesn’t that angry you? because you know for sure they saw it.

This all messes with your head.. like an addiction. It is rotting your brain according to Alan Scarpa.

Y’all addicted yet? No judgment here.

Social Media to The Future

Maybe we all need a break from social media before we enter the future of social media.

Or maybe the future of social media will be different?

More privacy and less fake.

Those are things that I hope for. It is exhausting seeing individuals looking so perfect when LIFE is not perfect.

How is social media affecting you, are you addicted. Copy and paste to find out if I am…

Twitter: #addictedtosocialmedia#socialmedia#tothefuture.

How to keep on top of your customers/followers through social media.

Know Your Audience – Interaction Is KEY!

The 5 W’s
Here is a video on youtube I found interesting. It talks about how marketing changed from the 4 P’s to the 5 W’s by Randall-Reilly.

Let me know if he is on point in relation to how marketing has transitioned.

1. WHO- who are your followers, who are their followers. This allows you not only to see who is saying what about your brand but how far the message in going. Communication and conversation is important.

2. WHAT- what are people saying. This I feel is most important. You may think one thing but others may think something else. Here is where you need to correct anything that may be misleading or untrue, again communication and conversation is key.

3. WHERE- where are the conversations taking place. On what social networks ?

4. WHEN- when are these conversations taking place. When are your followers online. Keep track.

4. WHY- why are you showing the things you are showing.

I am stuck on they WHY? anyone else? HELP!

Engage With Your Followers

Engage, engage, engage!

Dependant on what your brand is ensure you are always engaging with your followers on a regular basis.

If your brand allows you to have contests, HAVE THEM! You will not only profit by them but you will get more exposure and you will attract a lot more individuals. Also, who does not like getting rewarded with prizes?. Doing this will motivate your followers and have them support you more. Have give-aways, if your brand allows you to it will get you the exposure you want as well.

Although, I do think some might just follow you for that reason.. the give-away and then they just don’t care anymore.

How can we change that? IDEAS?

Educate your followers.

Let your followers see HOW you do things. For me I love cooking and doing DIY’s, especially for kids birthdays.

Maybe I can post some recipes? and some DIY’s that I loved doing.

Have your followers ASK YOU questions. This all goes back to communication, conversations, and engagement.

Photo by ME! Homemade Pasta!
1. 400 Grams -Flour (I use a little Semolina)
2. 4 Eggs
Click here for the instructions.

Click here to see why we should interact, communicate, and educate our audience.

staying on top of your followers. #5w’s#communicate#engage#contesttime

How To Gain Clients Through Social Media Platforms For Your Law Firm.

Through social media law firms are able to connect with the industry while also connecting with clients and prospective clients.  Click on the link and take a look at how each unique firm uses a social network platform to market their firm.

Photo by Mconnors from Morguefile

What Social Media Platforms To Use?


Twitter is one of many social networks platforms you can use as a means of marketing. You need to ensure the law firm is tweeting every couple hours or 3 to 10 times per day to engage in communication with your followers, clients, and prospective clients.


Facebook is another social network platform that is good way to promote your law firm and to get all the content you want our there. Ensure you are posting 1 to 2 times per day and make sure you follow Facebook protocol for example adding links. 


LinkedIn is also another social network platform. It is more designed for career opportunities. A place where you can connect with people who can be helpful to you maybe in job searching or to advance yourself in your career. You should be posting 1 to 2 times per week. 

Can you guys help me think of any other platforms that may work well for a law firm that I may have missed? 

How To Ensure All Your Social Media Platforms Being Used Are Appealing?

Ensure you keep content always up to date and have a strategic plan in place, such a content calendar. Use different types of media, images, GIFS, polls, videos, podcasts, and live videos. I think by using all the aforementioned will get you the followers you want and which will lead you to gaining business with your law firm. 

You guys think that there is one better than the other? Or all forms are equally good?  

Why is Facebook and twitter both appropriate social network platforms for law firms. Click her to find out why.

Social media and law firms #law#lawfirmmarketing.

Social Media and Reality

As I click on many Instagram Profiles of Social Media influencers, I feel envious of their life, their perfect body and perfect relationships.

Anyone else feel the same?

Photo by Adrienn from Pexels

How It Affects Us, The Good And The Bad

Social media allows us to connect with people on a personal level or a business level. It allows for individuals to teach us things maybe we don’t know. An example can be learning about a disease that we never knew about or maybe getting ideas for DIYS. I love social media because it fills in the blanks for what I am searching for. 

Individuals can also use it as a way to escape from their real-life problems and live in utopia world, a world where everything looks so perfect, what they want, posting places maybe they want to be but are not able to travel due to health or financial problems. 

But reality is, social media has some negative effects on us too. The picture-perfect photos, and videos are mentally affecting us. We want what maybe we can’t have or maybe it isn’t possible because it is not real. 

The Truth Behind The Perfect Picture

We need to see more of the real and not that picture-perfect photo. I hope we begin to see more flaws, more unusual pictures, things that are not so put together properly. Not everyone is perfect, we all do not have the perfect size lips, long luscious hair, and the perfect type of body. But each of us is perfect in our own special way. Take a look at this article Picture-Perfect by Karen Sullivan.

We can look at all of these pictures as an INSPO, but I think that it all we should look at it as. 

I know it affected me earlier this year after having my daughter. I would see women get their pre-baby body back the next day they had their child. That is not reality and the TRUTH is that it takes time and everyone is different. 

Picture via Pinterest


We need to start posting not only the good but the bad. If we continue to only post positive, we are painting a picture that life has no faults and everything will go smoothly. Reality is, IT IS NOT THAT. If we post the good through Social Media, we need to make sure we post the BAD. 

Just like the above picture the two children seem to be siblings and in the left picture they are loving, hugging each other portraying a picture that it is that easy for to children to take a picture. But the reality behind this picture is in the right is they are fighting, can’t get them to stay still. I can relate to the picture on the left. #instavsreality 

Why is social media getting to our heads? Time to separate real vs. fake. Watch this link to see the real vs. fake.

Why is social media messing with our head…#instavsreality.