comm0015 blog post#1

For myself experience I always use RSS to listening and monitoring tools. And the two best sources of news and updates are Twitter and Weibo.

RSS It’s a format for describing and synchronizing website content. You can think of it as a service for customizing personalized push information. It can solve the problem of browsing the web aimlessly. It will not be out of date, and the more information is surplus, the more obvious its significance is.

I think everybody know Twitter. Twitter does not like Instagram. In Twitter most post like break news and some important things. Also have a lot of government account or company account in Twitter. So you can easy get some news and updates. In Instagram most post like people share their mood, some new cloths, today food. Weibo like Twitter Chinese version. In some reason Twitter can not use in China. The positioning of Weibo is the same as that of Twitter, also have a lot of official account. Due to efficiency of social media and smartphone penetration. If want to get some breaking news and some news updates, Weibo and Twitter are the best way.

COMM0014 Blog Post#6

Why did I start my business?

This is my first time to talk about this question. Why did I start my business? Maybe all company funders have been asked this question. Why did you start your business? What the reason to start your company? Sometimes they will tell you just that moment have some extraordinary ideas come out, sometime they will explain to you. For my company, the reason I start it is lazy. Think about this, after a tiring day when you came back home. Do you still want to cook your dinner? Or just order food and delivery to you. I took university in Buffalo, in there don’t have a food delivery service. Also, at that time, Uber not legal in New York state. That is why I want to start this business. Help people save time for cooking and help them make a comfortable life. You do not need to worry about cooking what, and after dinner, you need to wash plate. Just use your phone to open our app; choose your favourite food. Then you just need to waiting around 30mins to 45mins, fresh food delivery to you.

COMM0014 Blog post #5 Personal Brand

Everyone has a different and unique personal brand. My personal brand is charisma and sincerity. Charm and sincerity make me successful now. Also, make me meet a couple of best friends and business partners. Most proud of me is I found a company during university time, and I found a new one right now. Set up a new company is so tricky. If you have a good job, never try to set up your own business. It’s a short way to lose your hair.
These qualities me have helped me a lot in my entrepreneurial journey. Everyone’s success is inseparable from his personal brand. When you find your own personal brand, you need to show your own personal brand to everyone, and use your personal brand as your own advertising, your own unique means of publicity. You still have to work hard to maintain your personal brand, because your personal brand represents you, and there may be many people working with you because of your personal brand.
When I was in college, I created a company that mainly deals in the import and export of automobiles. And established a branch in China. Now I am working on my second startup project, food delivery company. I hope this project will run steadily in the coming year.

COMM0015 Blog post#2 Strong and Weak

In my opinion, two organizations that would fit into the category of impressive social media strategy are NASA and Nike.

In recent years, Nike has proven that it understands how to impressive social media strategy. With # Breaking2, Nike gained authenticity at the product launch. Its Zoom Superfly Elite shoes helped Eliud Kipchoge finish the marathon in less than two hours. The entire process was streamed live on Facebook and Twitter, putting the brand and shoes in front of running fans for two full and exciting hours.

Nasa may be a big fan for social media, and they almost have all kind of social media account, Yes, although it does not perform well on every social platform, it does show determination. Eighteen million Twitter followers, 15 million Instagram followers, and so on. The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is also a prolific organization that publishes many various posts, which are usually shared several times

I think the government needs to adopt a social media strategy. All government departments in social media strategy are a weakness. Government departments always give an old-fashioned impression. They need to adopt a social media strategy to impressive, also get closer to people.

COMM0014 Blog Post#4

B2C case study

In September 2014, Alibaba became the world’s largest IPO headline. Today, the company’s market value has ranked among the top ten worldwide, its global sales have surpassed Wal-Mart, and it has expanded to all major markets worldwide. Founder Jack Ma has become a household name. Alibaba today is more than just an online trading company. You’ll get all the features related to retail and coordinate them online into a vast, data-driven network of sellers, marketers, service providers, logistics companies and manufacturers, and that’s what you get. In other words, with the help of the health of financial services, Alibaba can do what Amazon, eBay, PayPal, Google, FedEx, wholesalers and many manufacturers do in the United States. The company encourages users to join special interest groups based on their buying patterns analyzed by millions of data points. In these groups, users can participate in discussions. Users can share product information and recommendations. They can also engage in live streaming or test and share skills with each other. Experts believe that these features are fascinating for young consumers who want to create a social experience in shopping and attract more visitors and spend more time on the app every day. According to Alibaba, users launch Taobao applications on average seven times a day. This is a massive number for any App. The company has been able to provide Chinese shoppers with their preferred offline social buying experience on the online market, which has kept them engaged and returned them to Alibaba’s e-commerce application multiple times a day.

COMM0014 Blog Post #3

I am researching about Durex company online campaigns. Durex is a creative company, they always has fantasies advertising. Durex was born in 1929. The name comes from a combination of three English words: durability, reliability, and excellence. After more than 90 years of time test,
Durex condoms are sold in more than 150 countries in the world and occupy a leading position in more than 40 markets. Durex brand occupies 26% of the world’s 4 billion condom market share. It produces about one billion condoms a year, about a quarter of the world’s total.

In my researching, I am focus on analyzing Durex’s social media marketing in the Chinese market. As we all know, China is one of the markets in the world. All companies want to win the Chinese market. Durex is no exception. As the situation in China is different, their social media marketing in China focuses more on Weibo and Wechat. More in line with China’s market situation. They take Weibo as the main content creation base and then combine other social media and mainstream e-commerce platforms for marketing promotion.

From Durex’s Weibo copywriting content, it can be roughly divided into the following categories:
Festival, holiday class
1. Durex can be said to have never missed any festival.
2. With current events/breaking news.
3. Use entertainment stars to include movies, stars.
4. Teaching, science knowledge, communication.
5. Poetry, art, classic adaptation.

In Durex’s Weibo, they used much-copywriting techniques to make people use social media to attract their attention. Borrowing the shape, related features and attributes of the product, the shape of the product is graphically related/associated, the ingenious processing of static or dynamic graphics, grafting, association and other image descriptions, the spoof and re-creation of emoji expression packs, digital evolution, changes in text symbols, symbolic numbers, homophonic or homophonic connections.

Blog post #2

Keep it short and go straight to the central theme
What do you want to convey most? What do you want readers to remember most? Put this first, then make it clear and explain why it matters.
When you want to know what you want to express, writing it becomes very easy. You need to have a holistic framework in your mind first, so that it will be clearer how you should write it and read it more easily.

When reading newspapers, we often notice that the most important information is often placed at the beginning of the article. For example, “What happened?”, This answer is often highlighted at the beginning of the article, followed by the details of the expansion, the old editors call it spiral writing. No one thinks that the reader will read the article from beginning to end, so the event, people, time, place, and the reason for it will be explained at the beginning of the article.

Be substantive
What is our point of view? New facts? Interesting data? Images not seen by others? Or is it from an authority? Let readers know as early as possible what substantial content we have to show them, so as to arouse their interest.

Finding materials to support a point of view is often a time-consuming and laborious task, but the selection of materials must be carefully screened, and never use everything, especially online materials.

When I write something myself, I always try to get rid of the extra words. If you delete a word without changing the meaning, the word is obviously redundant.

Many people are very shy when writing. This may be with me. We are in school and count articles by words when writing articles. Try to write every sentence you write as a Weibo. If you want to include as much information as possible in the Weibo, delete the extra words. Also, “Okay, I guess, I will consider …” Everyone on the Internet often uses this careless tone. They will affect your expression, and delete all these uncertain words.

Delete all the words that do not affect the expression and try to be as concise as possible. That way others can emotionally know what you’re talking about.

Social Anxiety

When interacting with people, people sometimes feel fear, nervous, and even feel anxious. Many people blame this performance on their shyness, but this performance is Social Anxiety. From a cognitive therapy perspective, there is a significant difference between shyness and social anxiety. Shyness is a short-term psychological problem. After overcoming the initial shyness, you will not experience social anxiety anymore. And social anxiety makes people think that they will do something that is degrading or embarrassing, and that other people are pointing at themselves, so people become pessimistic and cynical. In stressful situations, daily activities such as talking to strangers or calling with relatives and friends are significant obstacles for people with social anxiety. Three main ways to overcome social anxiety. Overcoming social anxiety not only allows people to better demonstrate their strengths but also makes people more enjoyable than afraid of social processes. First, reduce self-focus. When people pay too much attention to themselves, it is difficult to pay attention to other things accurately. “You can only get less information, such as what others say, the expression on your face, and their reaction to you.” Based on this information, you will quickly. If you know that others can understand your inner activities, you will be pointed at you. Self-concern is the core level of social anxiety and needs to be prioritized. A few suggestions to help you expand your attention: One is to remove your attention from yourself. You can try to do exercise. In a calm environment, focus on yourself, keep it for two or three minutes, and then turn your attention to the outside world for another two or three minutes. Another suggestion is to make up your mind not to think about the experiences that make you unhappy and to focus on what is happening around you. “The more curious you are to others, the more interested you are, the more you will pay attention to what others are talking about, and the less you care about your own symptoms and fears.” She also suggests that you should fully mobilize your curiosity. You can think of yourself as an expert in social studies. For example, you can observe the way people say goodbye at the airport gate, observe people’s age, familiarity, mood, people accompanying them, and so on. This simple observation will make social anxiety people understand that there is no such thing as a “right” way of social behavior, and you don’t need to feel uncomfortable with your behavioral patterns. Second, change the direction of thinking. The fear of social anxiety comes mainly from the opinions of others. For example, in some social situations, social anxiety people generally have a hunch to be criticized. Ideas can affect your feelings.

Conversely, feelings can also affect your thinking. Changing your mindset can make you feel better. How to change the mindset? Two strategies: First, learn to recognize the thoughts in your brain and figure out what you think when you feel anxious. Many social anxiety people have their negative habits. For example, when someone leaves when they speak, they believe that this is specifically for themselves. For example, the heart will habitually assume some responsibility that is not their own. If you can identify these negative conjectures by recording, questioning, and reflecting, then the change will be easy. Another strategy is to find a useful mindset. Good thinking patterns can generally be expressed in fairer and milder language; they can alleviate your stress and help you look at things in a more balanced and flexible way. For example, when you want to monitor your progress, don’t use compulsive vocabulary such as “must” or “should”, but use “if I…will be better” to motivate yourself. Third, change the behavior pattern. Trying new behavior patterns will help you explore more practical and beneficial mindsets. For example, you will be more open, ask more questions, and make more friends. Changing behavior patterns requires you to abandon your safety behavior. Safe behavior is what you do to protect yourself in social interactions, such as looking down at others to look away from others. Safe practice will reduce your confidence and “effectively” help you escape the attention of others. You can put your security behaviors into a list and then gradually discard them. Changing the behavioral pattern also requires you to face reality. Social anxious people can identify what they want to avoid, clarify their ideas and the connections between them, and then change their usual practices in action, that is, “face to fear instead of avoidance,” and finally evaluate the consequences. Know if your expectations of the results are correct. Does social media make you happier or more worried?

The emergence of social media makes people’s lives more convenient, but also makes people more anxious. Too much attention to the things brushed out in the circle of friends will make people lose happiness. What does social media mean for you? In contemporary society, social media has become a part of everyday life, and people are used to communicating with others, opening up their horizons, and relieving the pressure of reality. It seems that technological advancement is pushing people in a better and better direction. But the facts may not stop there. The role of social media is quite complicated. There are also some negative effects behind the seemingly enjoyable brushing of Weibo and friends. Through a series of “China Social Media Impact Reports” released by consulting agency Kantar in recent years, we can more fully examine the role of social media in life.

Six bad habits using social media

Social media has become an essential platform for interaction between modern people, friends, and colleagues. But some bad habits of using social media can affect your relationships. Take a look at the bad habits of using social media below. Are you recruiting?

Play on your mobile phone and ignored others.

When your friends or loved ones want you to watch something on TV or want to play a piece of music for you, they may be interested in getting into the experience instead of focusing on their phones and tablets. When you find that you are still browsing the web to aggregate content or emails without giving them full attention, they will feel a little annoyed and frustrated. If you are not so interested, want to see something else or do something else, then you can clearly say it. Focus on one thing, not on one-mindedness and superficial things.

Share “Love Three and a Half Months” on social media

Social media breeds a false belief: all your friends and fans care about every moment of your life. In the past, we only shared content with some people, and now it can be seen by hundreds of people. But not everyone cares about updates like “67th day after the wedding” and “three and a half days of love”. Even your partner may not be able to evoke enthusiasm for this negligible “important event”. When sharing such things, the amount is less and better.

Send a “cheeky work sticker”

Listen, we are paying attention to you on Facebook, and because you like them and are very interested in interacting with you. In other words: we are your friends and not customers. Promoting your plan on your social page is cheeky and unnoticed. It’s okay to send a post to invite your friends to like your work page, but be sure to make a clear distinction. Don’t use your account to use your friends to benefit your work.

Post everything you eat

Many years ago, people prayed before meals. Today, they take pictures of food. They discussed what filters to display the scones better, and then they wondered why the scones were already cold. Just eat it.

In the social media “show muscles”, send fitness photos.

Although I am not a fitness expert, I am sure that you should use all your energy for exercise at the gym, not on the Instagram with our muscles, or the hips that are not quite upright. Imagine if you spend all your time and energy on lifting a 24kg barbell instead of taking a picture of a barbell, your body will become great. Even if no one knows you, your efforts to go to the gym will not be wasted.

Add unfamiliar “friends.”

The older generation, as a latecomer to Facebook, tends to add people they know but who have not encountered in their lives as friends. The younger generation believes that it is a big deal to receive requests from other people’s friends, which will create a sense of alertness, because privacy may be violated. People of all ages need to make the right choices. A good rule of thumb is never to add people who have not seen in real life to friends.