Social Media Has Become Toxic.

In the online world, social media creates a platform for everyone to engage with one another, comment on content, and share their own opinion. People on social media can choose to be who ever they want, all with the power of being anonymous. People on the internet can choose to be toxic and hurtful without any consequences.

In the online world, people can be anonymous just by creating a fake account, but most people choose to us there own identity. over the years the number of people that create fake account for the purpose of being toxic has risen significantly. Toxic accounts are mainly used to bash a specific person, religion, race, culture etc..

Social media platforms needs to tackle this issue, many people are creating fake accounts just to use for toxic reasons. I believe that we need to report every toxic comment we see on the internet.

how do you think suppressing peoples negative opinion on the internet would effect social media?

Facebook: How Social Media Has Become Toxic.

Twitter : How Social Media Has Become Toxic.

How has social media influenced business?

Over 10 years ago when the internet developed and began to gain foothold in our culture, Social media was established and started influencing our daily lives. Since the establishment of the internet and social media, many forward-thinking companies established their online presence which was followed by almost all major corporations and companies from around the world to survive in todays world of business. 

Social media have created a platform for everyone around the world to connect and share their interest and engage with one another. Social media corporations were quick to realise that all the information collected about individuals can be used to target them with specific advertising to services and products that a certain individual is interested in. this information collected can be used for multiple ways to create revenue. 

Social media is the best form of advertising because it appeals to a global audience. This appeals to businesses because social media is the best platform to advertise their product/service. Social media gives the opportunity for business to establish an online platform, gain followers, conduct primary research, and offer their product/service. 

Do you believe its all right that everything we do on our social media is monitored and collected as information to be used creating revenue streams?

What steps should we take to insure the privacy of our information is not used against or to harm a person?

Side Effects of Using Too Much Social Media.

The power of social media have significantly impacted our day-to-day life, of course it has made everything easier and more convienient by having access to it at all time with the palm of our hand. Over the years we have grew an addiction to social media specifically with the younger generation who seem to depend on it.

Social media has brought the world together to share and engage with one another, It’s addictive because it can be an escape from reality. Over the years, studies have shown there are many side effects from being addicted to social media. those side effects are, anti-social face-to-face, anxiety, stress, overwhelmed by normal routines, and avoidance of real life responsibilities such as chores and homework. Another study shows 66% of parent have complained that their kids spend too much time on social media and are completely dependant on their smartphones.

social media has also increase the number of mental health illnesses due to the rise of addiction to social media and the online world.

Do you believe social media is bad and do you think you’re addicted to you phone?