Is Facebook hiding # of likes too?

First Instagram, now Facebook? Yes, the rumors are true. Facebook will follow in Instagram steps by hiding the number of likes on users’ posts. Facebook mentioned that removing the number of likes from users view is an attempt to reduce social pressure among users.

Facebook officially started hiding likes in Australia on Friday, September 27, 2019 and are possibly looking at expanding in to other Countries. Only the post’s author will be able to see how many likes and reactions they have received.

Users can still see that people have reacted to the post along with a few names who have liked it. The number of comments will be displayed and visible as well as shown below.

Facebook like test
Facebook’s new hidden like feature

Wait a second, this is a very similar to Instagram’s format.

hidden likes instagram
Instagram’s new like feature

For Facebook and Instagram, the goal is to evaluate the quality of the content posted, rather than view how many likes the user received. This is a step in the right direction for both accounts because this will allow users to stop comparing themselves to one another and possibly eliminate insecurities if their posts don’t get as many likes. Also, this might eliminate users from deleting posts if they don’t get as many likes.

Facebook follows Instagram and removes the # of like feature.. Here’s why

Facebook removes the # of like feature.. #facebookremoveslikes #whyfacebook

Instagram’s Following Activity Tab Disappears

Did you notice that Instagram removed its “following” activity tab last week? I did! Instagram announced that they are going to be removing the “following” activity tab last week and then that same day the tab was removed from the Instagram App.

You can no longer see your friend’s activity on Instagram!

The “following” activity tab was implemented to see your followers activity and this would allow you to grow your network. Now, you will notice that the “NEW” version of the heart tab will only show your activity.  

Image result for old and new instagram following activity

Vishal Shah, Instagram’s head of product, told BuzzFeed News that, “It wasn’t a feature people used frequently and that the company suspected many users didn’t know it existed. And for those that did, it was often a source of unwelcome surprises.”

Shah continued, “People didn’t always know that their activity is surfacing. So you have a case where it’s not serving the use case you built it for, but it’s also causing people to be surprised when their activity is showing up.”

However, the main reason behind the removal of the tab feature is not to do with discomforting Instagramers around the world, but it has to do with simplicity. They wanted to make the App more simple for users.

What other changes is Instagram making?

In the upcoming years, Instagram users can expect more changes for the platform, including a separate Instagram Direct Message App called Threads.

In addition, Facebook is looking at integrating the messaging services of Facebook Messenger, Instagram, and WhatsApp.

Messaging is the fastest growing method of online communication and businesses are coming up with ideas to grow with this industry.  

Instagram’s activity feed vanishes, here’s why #instagramchange #whyinstagram
Instagram deletes followers activity feed #instagramchange #whyinstagram #followersactivityfeed

How to have a healthy relationship with social media

How to have a healthy relationship with social media

How to have a healthy relationship with social media

Social media has become a big part of everybody’s lives; sometime we don’t realize how much time we spend on each platforms. You can be scrolling through certain social media platforms and before you know you have spent hours of your day scrolling through varies sites. Have you we ever thought that social media can hurt your mental health?

Some would argue that social media is fundamentally bad for our health. This study published in the Journal of Mental examined the relationship between SNS use and depression and anxiety. Ultimately, the study indicated that social media does affect people’s mental health. Whether it’s a positive or negative effect it is determined by how the individual uses of each platform. People must find a balance and develop healthy habits when using social media because it is essential for making sure it has a positive presence in your life.

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Here are 5 steps that you can take to develop a healthy relationship with social media:

Put your mental health first – Always allow time for yourself! Stepping back from social media can be hard, but it is a good way for you to reconnect to reality. It is important to find time to do the things that you enjoy. Find time in your schedule to spend more time with family and friends. It’s important to live in the moment rather than through your phone.

Reduce your screen time – There is an app that monitors your screen time. It will indicate on how much time you have been on your phone for that day and then will fire off a weekly report for you. If you feel like you are spending too much time on your phone, this will help you track your screen time and then you will be able to monitor your time better. Tip: Try setting up certain time periods that you would be on social media accounts during the day and set a time limit.  

Take note of what you share – Always evaluate what you are going to be sharing before posting it. You can ask yourself, if this coming from a reliable source and is this information credible? Think about whether the information is helpful or harmful to others.

Unfollow unhealthy accounts – It’s important that the accounts that you connect with on social media platforms hold value to you in a positive way. Any account that bring negativity to you – unfollow, delete, or block. This will make sure that you are viewing content that you want to view and allow you view positive material.

Use other people’s posts as inspiration rather than comparisons – when an individual is posting content of them perhaps, winning a prize or just became millionaire from a startup company that they have created. It is important that you view these post as inspiration and use this to focus on your own goals and achievements to work towards. You have to remember that each individual post is a small capture of that person’s life and you do not know what other items that the person could be struggling with. Remember, people only share information that they want you to see.

Is social media hurting your mental health?

Steps you need to take to have a healthy relationship with social media
Steps on how to have a have a healthy relationship with social media #socialmedia #mentalhealth

Analyzing Risk of Social Media

Social media allows us to connect with audiences from across the world; it allows us to view individual’s thoughts, ideas, and share amongst each other a certain topic. There are many positives and negatives to social media. Some of the negative risks associated with social media are privacy risks and content posting that can be misinterpreted to the audience, which may lead to cyberbullying.

Some of the risks that I have named have huge risks to individuals. When you are creating an account for a particular social mediate site, you are revealing a lot of personal and private information about yourself. You are putting a lot of trust in companies to protect your information. It is important to be careful on what websites and platforms that you share information to. If you share your private information to the wrong source, they can use it and can negatively impact you. People can use your information and create false accounts and misrepresent your image.

Another point mentioned is that certain content you post can be misinterpreted by an audience in a positive or negative way. Individuals will build confidence and post whatever they feel. Than later, they may not realize what they have posted impacted someone. People don’t realize that their words do hurt others. It is important that before you post to evaluate the content that you are posting.

Organizations can mitigate these risks by ensuring that the audience does their research about the social media platform ahead of time. Reading the fine print within the terms of conditions will allow individuals to make a better decision based on the information that they’ve reviewed; however, very few will actually read the fine print. If you do not read all information, you may be not fully aware of all the risks.

Also, it is important that before you post you must view the content to ensure that you will not negatively impact an individual and encourage others to do the same. We can do a lot of good with social media and it is better to create more positive vibes than negative. It is a group effort in order for this to happen.

When posting on personal and business social media accounts, I believe you must separate the two by posting different content on each. Myself, I use LinkedIn for business use and only post professional content that I think the audience would view as acceptable. For Facebook, I limit my friend group and settings and tend to post more personal content. But than again, I am very careful on what is shared on all social media platforms because it can be easily shared among others.