Developing A Professional Network

My parent strategy for developing a professional network online is LinkedIn. I use LinkedIn to build my professional network and connect with users. My goal is to build my network out in the industry that I am in, which is the human resources field. Whether that being employees who work at my organization and/or work in that same industry as me. LinkedIn is a great tool to easily connect with users quickly on a global scale.   

Other online networks that I use is Facebook, I would say that this is more of a personal connection than LinkedIn and I tend to limit my followers more on this platform than LinkedIn because I will share more personal posts about myself. I will share and engage more on this platform than any other social media platform.

LinkedIn and Facebook are great platforms to expand your network online, I just feel that each platform is used in a different way. LinkedIn is a resume database for recruiters and Facebook is used for connecting with family and friends.  

To develop my professional network in person is focusing on in person events such as attending job fairs to build out my professional network and work-related events. At my work during my lunch break, I tend to try and network with as many different staff members on site to build out my network.

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My goal in the next 6 to 12 months is to focus on attending in person events. Expand my network by continuing to make those in person connections. In the last 2 years we’ve been restricted to only online events, and we have missed out on those face-to-face interactions, that are so crucial to build those deeper connections. I will continue to attend work related events and job fairs to build those in person connections.  

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