COM0015 – Blog # 2 – Strong & Weak Organizations – Emily Clarke

Organization (Strong) – Urban Planet

What makes them good?

  • Uses popular apps = TikTok, Instagram and Facebook).
  • Always have good deals. (For example; buy one get one a Dollar).
  • Sparks the common trends of many.
  • Sells different things; clothing, accessories and even room décor.
  • Have popular influencers showcase outfits.

Personally based on the development of this amazing company that I have seen over the years I find Urban Planet is doing a lot better compared to other companies in todays society. I find they do decent research on the common trends around the world that pull in more customers that want more, and overall has done a fairly good job with the Social Media side of building a strategy for good future development.

Reason for drawing me in?

  • Truly I have always adored this company since the day I got my first few cute outfits for the summer. Both me and my mom love all the different styles, colours an amazing deals that they tend to always have which leads us always coming back for more. Urban Planet is the top company I see manly on most of my Social Media platforms, meaning it is a simple reminder to check out new arrivals or the good deals that I love! My main thought as to why Urban Planet has drawn me in is based off of sparking my interesting online and in person compared to other companies.

Organization (Weak) – Dollar Tree

What makes them weak?

  • Lack of sharing the different items they actual have on Social Media.
  • Need to build more on Social Media and include having more Social Media department.

I honestly find Dollar Tree has all of these amazing items for a good price that lack to showcase to the public eye leaving a lot of people not truly knowing what they carry in stock. Using Social Media to help showcase products can help bring in more business, meaning being weak on Social Media creates this giant lack of development.

What they should start//try:

  • Better research.
  • Include more visuals.
  • Customer intractions.
  • More comments, posts and hashtags.

Why tools and tech is important?

A few examples….

  • Helps stand out.
  • Gain customers overall respect.
  • Helps build a good client base.

Blog # 7 – COM0014 – Personal Branding – Emily Clarke

Storytelling plays an important part on creating a great digital content and builds a better connection. Being able to provide people with a story with good detail and meaning tends to attract them wanting more. You want to build that type of connection that foresees them coming back and sharing to others in that amazing positive way that everyone is looking for.

The few things that I have learned from this course is learning my own voice when writing blogs, how to deal with criticism and different communication styles/skills. I personally always love telling my friends loving, joyful and outgoing stories to bring them the same feeling that I did to see how they react. I am a very energetic person and love building connection with people. Being able to share stories or feelings is something I truly love but I also struggle with on a personal level.

Other things I gained –

  • Got to know other students.
  • Wrote many different blogs.
  • Gain knowledge.
  • Know more about my writing skills.

Blog # 6 – John Jantsch – Do people know your story – COM0014 – Emily Clarke

what is your greatest achievements/disappointments?

Achievements –

  • Fully finishing a complete checklist.
  • Receiving compliments // good reviews.
  • Doing extra tasks. (More than expected).
  • Make people smile.
  • Try to go above and beyond.

True Story – My Manager at the Holiday Inn had assigned me different tasks to do based on saying the rooms that I clean are actually cleaned properly.

Disappointments –

  • Distractions = Movements and Sounds.
  • Not having the end result that I am hoping for.
  • Not starting or finishing on time.

True story – Having a constant buzzing sound well trying to work. (Trying to clean a hotel room for 20-30 minutes).

Blog # 5 – Personal Brand – COM0014 – Emily Clarke

What are some Personal qualities or characteristics that see you a part from your competitors?

Recently: What you have done lately to make yourself stand out?

  • Currently I took on another job meaning I am now working three jobs: Cleaning for my moms Company Peachy Keen Cleaners, Sobeys in the Bakery and now at the Holiday Inn Express for Housekeeping.

Past Year or Two: What was done to stand out?

  • Community Event = Music in the park.
  • Virtual Aerobics Class.
  • Community Easter Event = Host Home.

Best Trait: My Organization Skills.

Most proud of: Helping out others whenever it is needed!


  • Smart Serve.
  • Safe Check Advanced Food Safety.
  • Worker Heath and Safety.
  • Building an Integrated Online Marketing Plan.

Blog # 4 – B2C Case Study – COM0014

Example of a B2C – Business who engages with it’s audience: Amazon.

Amazon is a very popular company that is commonly known world wide for all of the different products that they sell that range from different clothing to accessories and so much more. This company is primary making profit off of sales from the online world based off the amazing creations they have developed and the Social Media advertisements on different platforms that they us to help lead customers in. Most of the time we see ads for Amazon on social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook or Instagram. Personally I feel that I have seen Amazon ads on Facebook the most based on not having Instagram anymore and only using three main Social Media platforms on my spare time.

A few points below:

Things Amazon does to engage with it’s audience online:

  • On Instagram they post about stuff like coupons or what is currently trending.
  • Responds to comments.
  • Provide links on different Social Media platforms about contacting customer service if needed.
  • They post both pictures and videos to try in build customer engagement.

Importance on audience online engagement:

  • Helps improve experience for a business and it’s customer.
  • Gain more knowledge.
  • Can improve customer respect.

Blog # 3 – Target Audiences – COM0014 – Emily Clarke

Personal Interest or Hobby = Colouring.

Ever since I was a little girl I really enjoyed coloring and I am now twenty years old with the same love feeling of joy for colouring. Maybe I love it even more now that I’m older. It was always something that kept me busy such as colouring when I was being babysat, waiting for appointments, free-time in classes/periods when I was in elementary school and so much more. Overall I truly love colouring in my free time to this day based on the stress-free feeling it gives me, the enjoyment that it gives my heart and the way different colours in a finished product looks very beautiful to my human eyes. 

In my personal point of view the audience of colouring books/pages ranges from different ages. I feel at first colouring was very common for children and over the years a lot of people started to create colouring books for adults. Recently on Amazon I ordered myself two Colouring books that I honestly love, one was an adult Disney and the other one was different kinds of swear words.

An example on how colouring can be beneficial as a helpful tool in someone’s personal life is how it can release stress from someone dealing with a traumatic experience or any personal problem. It helps relax the brain/body and gives you a chance to flow away from real life in a creative way.


Helps with… (For personal experience). 

  • Anxiety, Depression and Stress.
  • Express feelings with creativity.
  • Feel out different skills.
  • Easy relaxation.
  • Good sleep.

COM0014 – Blog 2 – Emily Clarke – Storytelling and Communication Styles.

We story tell our experiences to allow others to create an idea/image of what it could feel or look like, helping to build a better understanding of what really happened. Without people storytelling we would not connect with one another in a more easy and fun way, it would lead us to keeping things to our self’s not getting the chance to hear different things from other people. Telling a story helps others develop the ideal person you are and helps you develop a writing voice. Interacting with people who comment on your post helps provide knowledge, engagement and a lot more of an insight on the audiences opinion.

I’ve learned that I will need to do a lot more blogs in order to be able to develop what feels right as my storytelling voice. This class is also reminding me about a few communication styles that I have forgotten about such as passive or manipulation when it comes to writing. I feel that I tend to give off a fun, creative but also simple vibe in-person and when it comes to my storytelling.

A few points of Sotrytelling:

  • Information//Knowledge.
  • Connections.
  • Build a magical like feeling.
  • Creates different emotions.

COM0014 – Assignment/Blog 1 – Emily Clarke – United States Trip: What I did on vacation?

About two weeks ago in the middle of February me and my boyfriend Jamie took a weekend trip to Las Vegas, Nevada for a Pokémon event at this amazing park near the airport. We wanted a weekend getaway to enjoy decent weather rather than snow, stay in a hotel near the strip and get to enjoy an in person Event plus I now can finally say to people that I have been to Vegas baby!

Our trip started off early on a Friday morning with our first plane sadly having a delay due to the bad weather leading us to leave the airport over an hour late which caused us to miss our second flight leaving us stuck in Montreal looking for a different flight to make it to Vegas. Instead of it being two flights to get to Vegas it lead to us having to take an extra flight. We flew from Toronto to Montreal to Denver to finally arrive in Vegas at 9pm instead of being there at 3pm when we were supposed to.

After the first day of traveling we both were very tried and hungry, knowing we had a Pokémon Event that next morning/day was very hard on both of our bodies. Saturday and Sunday were the days of the Event at Sunset Park from 10am – 6pm. This giant park was filled with thousands of people playing Pokémon and even had a few Youtubers that attended. They had different stuff around the park from things such as food trucks, pop-up Pokémon for picture taking, water stations, t-shirt stands, tents and much more. We had the tickets for both days of the Event and each night afterwards we took a little time to walk down a bit of the strip just to get an overall feeling of the area with all the pretty lights.

Each night we only went out exploring for an around an hour, sadly we did not stay out very long based on walking all day at the park meaning we did not have much time to explore or get to try different foods along the strip as much as we wanted. Next time we will make sure we have more time to enjoy the overall feeling of Vegas and hopefully have a more time to relax.

Would you ever travel somewhere for an Event? What for and where would you go?

Pictures Taken By Me:

-Emily Clarke

Social Media Is Our Use Of Distraction

Thursday 20, 2022.

By: Emily Clarke

Social Media has develop over time to become a distraction in our world from real life containing both the good and bad. We use it as a distraction from the negative we have in the world but do not realize that sometime it can be a very negative impact on our lives’. Without even realizing most people tend to have that one app that distracts them and some people can have more than one always bugging them in a way they feel it is normal, do not get me wrong I have that one app that attracts my attention without even trying.

A few points to how it can be distracting:

  • Many use Social Media based on boredom.
  • People use it as a distraction for themselves from personal issues such as a break up.
  • Stories where people post pictures or videos for family and friends to see that last 24hrs.
  • Videos can include different knowledge or meanings based on interests.
  • Having the alert sound for notifications on will provide an increase for people getting distracted based on knowing when to check something.
  • Dating apps get prompted on Social Media platforms to try and influence people with the distraction of other people.

Positive Vs Negative – A few examples for each:

Positive –

  • Keeps our minds off of the negative.
  • Share and find common interests.
  • Gain new knowledge.
  • Easy help for finding jobs.

Negative –

  • Loss of focus. (Not paying attention).
  • Intrupting.
  • Can cause depression or anxiety.
  • Becomes an addiction.

My biggest distraction as of right now would be TikTok. What is a Social Media app that tends to be a big distraction in your life? and is there a platform you find others around you get really distracted by?

Social Media Posts –

Facebook Post By: Me (Emily Clarke).
Twitter Post By: Me (Emily Clarke).

References –

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Smile From Building Connections


Emily Clarke

The important role that social media tends to play a good part in is how much it embraces happiness in many different ways.

A few examples:

-Allows people to keep in contact with one another even across the world.

-Many platforms allows picture for people to share amazing memoirs.

-Social media helps give you that chance to get your own voice by creating a spot for you in the chain.

-Helps provide people who are unable to do certain things such as work in-person jobs. Online platforms will help give them an opportunity.

Based on the few points stated above this list can carry on for a while and in other people’s eyes with their own opinions it will give different point of views on happiness within social media. Social media started off to be good to than start growing to only be better each day that past and the future will create an even greater development. Although all this happiness that social media tends to provide it still contains that idea of giving us a “blessing with a cruse”. People use social media to help build themselves as well as other people up but many people on the other hand use it to harm people’s feelings causing it to sometimes effect a person’s mental health or reputation. Our beautiful world should not ever be used as a dark and nasty place but sadly I find that is how it has slowly become that way over the time. I’ve noticed recently more dead animals, the bus stop glasses are often getting smashed, littering is still common and so much more. I’m not saying crime has not been around I just find we should have at least learned to almost control it to be less even though I know it can truly be hard.

Personally my go to social media platform would most likely be TikTok right now due to the different dances, craft ideas plus food ideas and a platform I stay away from would be Instagram based on the ads. What is your go to social media platform that tends to make you smile? and what is a platform you tend to stay away from?

Facebook post by Me: Emily Clarke
Twitter post by Me: Emily Clarke

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