Blog # 7 – COM0014 – Personal Branding – Emily Clarke

Storytelling plays an important part on creating a great digital content and builds a better connection. Being able to provide people with a story with good detail and meaning tends to attract them wanting more. You want to build that type of connection that foresees them coming back and sharing to others in that amazing positive way that everyone is looking for.

The few things that I have learned from this course is learning my own voice when writing blogs, how to deal with criticism and different communication styles/skills. I personally always love telling my friends loving, joyful and outgoing stories to bring them the same feeling that I did to see how they react. I am a very energetic person and love building connection with people. Being able to share stories or feelings is something I truly love but I also struggle with on a personal level.

Other things I gained –

  • Got to know other students.
  • Wrote many different blogs.
  • Gain knowledge.
  • Know more about my writing skills.

Blog # 6 – John Jantsch – Do people know your story – COM0014 – Emily Clarke

what is your greatest achievements/disappointments?

Achievements –

  • Fully finishing a complete checklist.
  • Receiving compliments // good reviews.
  • Doing extra tasks. (More than expected).
  • Make people smile.
  • Try to go above and beyond.

True Story – My Manager at the Holiday Inn had assigned me different tasks to do based on saying the rooms that I clean are actually cleaned properly.

Disappointments –

  • Distractions = Movements and Sounds.
  • Not having the end result that I am hoping for.
  • Not starting or finishing on time.

True story – Having a constant buzzing sound well trying to work. (Trying to clean a hotel room for 20-30 minutes).

Blog # 5 – Personal Brand – COM0014 – Emily Clarke

What are some Personal qualities or characteristics that see you a part from your competitors?

Recently: What you have done lately to make yourself stand out?

  • Currently I took on another job meaning I am now working three jobs: Cleaning for my moms Company Peachy Keen Cleaners, Sobeys in the Bakery and now at the Holiday Inn Express for Housekeeping.

Past Year or Two: What was done to stand out?

  • Community Event = Music in the park.
  • Virtual Aerobics Class.
  • Community Easter Event = Host Home.

Best Trait: My Organization Skills.

Most proud of: Helping out others whenever it is needed!


  • Smart Serve.
  • Safe Check Advanced Food Safety.
  • Worker Heath and Safety.
  • Building an Integrated Online Marketing Plan.

Blog # 4 – B2C Case Study – COM0014

Example of a B2C – Business who engages with it’s audience: Amazon.

Amazon is a very popular company that is commonly known world wide for all of the different products that they sell that range from different clothing to accessories and so much more. This company is primary making profit off of sales from the online world based off the amazing creations they have developed and the Social Media advertisements on different platforms that they us to help lead customers in. Most of the time we see ads for Amazon on social media platforms like TikTok, Facebook or Instagram. Personally I feel that I have seen Amazon ads on Facebook the most based on not having Instagram anymore and only using three main Social Media platforms on my spare time.

A few points below:

Things Amazon does to engage with it’s audience online:

  • On Instagram they post about stuff like coupons or what is currently trending.
  • Responds to comments.
  • Provide links on different Social Media platforms about contacting customer service if needed.
  • They post both pictures and videos to try in build customer engagement.

Importance on audience online engagement:

  • Helps improve experience for a business and it’s customer.
  • Gain more knowledge.
  • Can improve customer respect.

Blog # 3 – Target Audiences – COM0014 – Emily Clarke

Personal Interest or Hobby = Colouring.

Ever since I was a little girl I really enjoyed coloring and I am now twenty years old with the same love feeling of joy for colouring. Maybe I love it even more now that I’m older. It was always something that kept me busy such as colouring when I was being babysat, waiting for appointments, free-time in classes/periods when I was in elementary school and so much more. Overall I truly love colouring in my free time to this day based on the stress-free feeling it gives me, the enjoyment that it gives my heart and the way different colours in a finished product looks very beautiful to my human eyes. 

In my personal point of view the audience of colouring books/pages ranges from different ages. I feel at first colouring was very common for children and over the years a lot of people started to create colouring books for adults. Recently on Amazon I ordered myself two Colouring books that I honestly love, one was an adult Disney and the other one was different kinds of swear words.

An example on how colouring can be beneficial as a helpful tool in someone’s personal life is how it can release stress from someone dealing with a traumatic experience or any personal problem. It helps relax the brain/body and gives you a chance to flow away from real life in a creative way.


Helps with… (For personal experience). 

  • Anxiety, Depression and Stress.
  • Express feelings with creativity.
  • Feel out different skills.
  • Easy relaxation.
  • Good sleep.

Personal Reflection

Reflection is not a sign of failure, nor does it mean unsuccessful, in fact, reflection is also another kind of success.

Two people solved the same difficult mathematical problem, they encountered the same difficulties and both asked the teacher for help. One person quickly understood it and felt very satisfied, while the other person did not understand it very well and began to reflect on their own understanding, and found a lot of examples to practice, and finally understood very thoroughly. And also learned a lot of problem solving skills from it.

When two people encountered a difficult problem again, the one who understood it first did not understand it as well as the one who understood it through self-reflection.

In fact, the distance between failure and success lies in introspection, which is also another kind of success. There are two climbers who have agreed to go mountaineering together. Through years of experience in climbing, climber A believes that there is no shortcut to the summit, but to climb up step by step, and as long as there is enough physical strength to persevere, he can reach the summit. And B, he felt that climbing only rely on physical strength is not possible, but also need skills. Then he began to reflect on whether the skills of climbing they have not fully comprehended, or mountaineering also need to consider some environmental factors of the relationship between the remaining factors of their own.
Through introspection, climber B realized that environmental factors also affect their own factors, the two should be coordinated and complementary, so that the benefits to unexpected results.
Sure enough, when the two climbers were climbing, climber B reached the summit first and saw the “most beautiful” view at the top of the mountain.

Success is not without shortcuts, we just need to find it in the reflection.

Reflection in the well is not a weak person who is afraid of difficulties, but in the silent accumulation of strength, in search of their own shortcomings, in an open-minded review of their own, in search of their own deficiencies, and finally will explode out of their own small universe. People who know how to reflect, in fact, there is another kind of success.

What about your childhood shaped you for this moment?

Happy people spend their childhoods healing for life, and unhappy people spend theirs healing for life.

The best gift to a child’s childhood is a sense of security. My mother added warmth to my childhood, and this gave me a sense of security that has lasted a lifetime.

From the simplest of things, I woke up every day with a warm kiss from my mother, a hot breakfast, and her company on the way to school. On the way home from school, she would also ask me about the strange and interesting things that happened at school every day. On weekends my mother and father would often take me to the supermarket with them. Pulling me with one hand and pushing the shopping cart with the other, we would walk through the market and buy what we needed for the next week. The sound of hawkers, the aroma of fresh vegetables and food mixed together, constituted my childhood memories of that market. To this day, even when my parents are not with me, every time I go to the supermarket, I can feel the warmth of home, so I know that no matter what, my parents will be by my side, silently supporting me.

Beating is not kissing, and scolding is not loving. Only when parents are calm and peaceful can children feel secure. This is the best love for the child.

COM0014- Blog #6- What makes me Unique

As a social media strategist and virtual assistant, I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve that set me apart from others in the industry. My focus is on small businesses and ‘mompreneurs’ who need a helping hand with social media and business management, especially those with little ones under the age of five.

Photo Credit: Sarah Douglas, 2022

What makes me unique in the industry is my niche expertise and diverse skill set. With years of experience as a virtual assistant and mother, I know how to keep track of multiple clients and prioritize tasks like a pro. I can create a social media strategy that’s not only sustainable but also realistic for busy entrepreneurs who are also parents.

In addition to my virtual assistant skills, I’ve been creating content since 2010 on various platforms like YouTube, Facebook, and Instagram. Whether it’s beauty, crafting, green living, or social media, I’ve got a diverse range of knowledge and expertise. As a dance teacher, I also know how to teach and pass on my knowledge to others effectively to provide my clients with the confidence to continue on their own. Being able to teach my clients how to sustain plans themselves is key.

As a virtual assistant and social media strategist, my goal is to help small businesses and mompreneurs grow their online presence and achieve their business goals. I take a proactive approach to networking and building relationships with potential clients. By taking the time to understand their business and unique needs, I establish trust and long-lasting relationships. This goes far beyond generic DM’s and salesy pitches made by others in the industry.

Overall, my unique perspective, niche expertise, organizational skills, and creativity make me stand out from the crowd. If you’re a small business owner or a mompreneur looking for social media or administrative help, I’m your gal! Let’s work together to make your business shine. Whether it’s creating a social media strategy or managing your daily tasks, I’m here to help make magic happen. So don’t hesitate to reach out and let’s get started.

What tasks do you struggle with the most? Let me know in the comments.